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LEA Selects Intellon HomePlug(R) ICs to Enable Whole-House IPTV Service for Major French Telecom Operator; Reliable Self-Install 85Mbps Adapters Provide Robust Entertainment Backbone for Telco IPTV.

HANNOVER, Germany -- LEA S.A.S. (Affiliated to HF group of companies), French corporation and world-wide leader of broadband xDSL and PLC, together with Intellon Corporation, the leading global provider of HomePlug(R)-compatible integrated circuits Integrated circuits

Miniature electronic circuits produced within and upon a single semiconductor crystal, usually silicon. Integrated circuits range in complexity from simple logic circuits and amplifiers, about 1/20 in. (1.
 (ICs) for whole-house connectivity, entertainment networking and triple-play enablement, announced that LEA has designed an 85Mbps HomePlug product to address the emerging market of Internet Protocol See Internet and TCP/IP.

(networking) Internet Protocol - (IP) The network layer for the TCP/IP protocol suite widely used on Ethernet networks, defined in STD 5, RFC 791. IP is a connectionless, best-effort packet switching protocol.
 Television (IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) Also called "TV over IP," IPTV delivers scheduled TV programs and video-on-demand (VOD) via the IP protocol and digital streaming techniques used to watch video on the Internet. ) for Neuf Cegetel Neuf Cegetel is a French telecommunication group founded on 11 May 2005 from Cegetel and Neuf Telecom merging. See also
  • Wengo
  • OpenWengo
  • WengoPhone
External links
  • Neuf
  • Neuf Cegetel entreprise
  • Groupe Neuf Cegetel
, a leading alternative French operator.

In recent years, telecom service providers have introduced innovative new services for delivering TV over ADSL See DSL.

ADSL - Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
 networks. As customers subscribe to Verb 1. subscribe to - receive or obtain regularly; "We take the Times every day"
subscribe, take

buy, purchase - obtain by purchase; acquire by means of a financial transaction; "The family purchased a new car"; "The conglomerate acquired a new company";
 these services, reliable, uninterrupted network connectivity between the access modem and the IPTV set-top-box becomes essential. For that reason, wireless is less than optimal for services such as IPTV. Though Ethernet cable The most common form of Ethernet cable is the telephone-like RJ-45 cable (see Ethernet). Using a "crossover cable," two machines can be plugged together using their Ethernet ports. The crossover cable is designed for direct connection between two Ethernet devices (PCs, peripherals, etc.  offers reliability, many customers prefer not to run visible cabling through their homes.

LEA's NetPlug adapters leverage HomePlug-based technology, allowing IPTV subscribers of Neuf Cegetel to achieve connectivity between their Neuf Box (the broadband modem) and their Neuf TV decoder (the IPTV set-top-box) using the existing power lines in their homes. Based on Intellon Corporation's advanced 85Mbps HomePlug 1.0 with Turbo technology, customers can solve the inconvenience of connecting via Ethernet and the reliability concerns of wireless. After successfully testing the HomePlug 1.0 with Turbo adapters with the Neuf IPTV services, Neuf Cegetel decided to partner with LEA S.A.S. to co-brand adapters for its subscribers.

"The service-provider industry has recognized that HomePlug technology is the enabling solution of choice for whole-house networking and customer satisfaction," said Olivier Exelmans, LEA's PLC Business Line Manager. "The technology and support we received from Intellon enabled us to step in and fill the need for this growing market. Both the subscribers and service provider are delighted with the elegance and simplicity of our HomePlug adapter solution -- no need for technical assistance or the installation of new wiring, it's a self-install proposition that works."

"We are seeing a rapid rise in demand for our HomePlug products because they enable the best available solutions for fast, secure and reliable whole-house networking," stated Cameron McCaskill, vice president of business development for Intellon. "Intellon Corporation's No New Wires(R) HomePlug-based integrated circuits are being chosen by manufacturers and service providers worldwide to meet the technical demands of whole-house service deployment and media distribution. We are proud to have a supporting role supporting role nsecond rĂ´le m

supporting role nruolo non protagonista 
 in LEA's success."

HomePlug PLC adapters from LEA and many other manufacturers are on display at CeBIT in the Intellon Booth, Hall 14, Stand H13. Intellon is also demonstrating streaming high-definition video This article is about high-definition video technology. For television systems, see High-definition television. For the tape format, see HDV. For compression and prerecorded media, see High-definition pre-recorded media and compression.  using the new HomePlug AV See HomePlug.  200Mbps powerline communications technology.

About LEA S.A.S.

LEA S.A.S., affiliated to the group of HF Company, conceives, develops and markets filters xDSL for Central Office and Customer Premise as well as gateways and PLC modems (Power Line Connection) for the distribution of the services, high speed Internet access (Internet, Telephony on IP, TV on ADSL) in a premise. LEA is situated in Paris La Defense Paris La Defense - Une Ville En Concert was a concert held by musician Jean Michel Jarre on the district of La Defense Paris on Bastille Day, July 14, 1990. About 2,5 million people standing in front of the pyramidical stage all the way down to the Arc de Triomphe witnessed this  and also has its commercial and operational offices in cessonsevigne, Belgium, Great Britain and in China. For more of information, please go to

About Intellon Corporation

Intellon is the world leader in powerline communications, providing HomePlug(R) compliant and other powerline integrated circuits for home networking, networked entertainment, BPL See broadband over power lines.  access and commercial applications. Intellon created and patented the baseline technology for HomePlug 1.0, and is a major contributor to the baseline technology for the new HomePlug AV powerline standard. With over four million HomePlug ICs sold, Intellon holds the dominant market share of the rapidly growing HomePlug market. The company was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Ocala, Florida, with offices in San Jose and Toronto. For additional information, visit

About the HomePlug Powerline Alliance HomePlug is an industry trade group for power line communication. This organization of about 50 companies defines power line communication specifications. HomePlug 1.0 and AV are the two versions of the specification for home networking technology that connects devices to each :

Founded in 2000 and backed 65 members worldwide, the HomePlug Powerline Alliance, Inc. is the leading open-standards organization developing global interoperable powerline communications specifications. HomePlug sponsor companies include Comcast, EarthLink, GE Security, Inc., an affiliate of General Electric Co., Intel Corporation, Linksys, a division of Cisco Systems, Inc., Motorola, RadioShack Corporation, Samsung, Sharp Laboratories of America, and Sony. For additional information, please visit

Intellon and No New Wires are registered trademarks of Intellon Corporation. HomePlug is a registered trademark of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance, Inc. All other trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.
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