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LAW DEBENTURE CORP PLC - Net Asset Value and Portfolio Update.

Net Asset Value

The Board of The Law Debenture debenture (dəbĕn`chər), document acknowledging indebtedness. In Great Britain a debenture is practically the same as a bond, and debenture stock is similar to preferred stock.  Corporation p.l.c. announces that its Net Asset Value (NAV See navigation system and navigation bar.  Ex Income) at 31 May 2012 was 332.01 pence per share and NAV Cum Income was 337.66 pence per share. The mid-market price at the close of business that day was 361.40 pence per share.

In accordance with listing rule 15.6.8, The Law Debenture Corporation p.l.c. announces that it has no investments in other UK listed investment companies that require to be disclosed. Its top ten holdings, including all holdings with a value greater than 5% of the Corporation's gross assets as at 31 May 2012 are set out below

Top 10 Holdings

The top 10 holdings in the portfolio as at 31 May 2012 were:

Released by The Law Debenture Corporation p.l.c., Fifth Floor, 100 Wood Street, London, EC2V 7EX (contact Ian Bowden, Company Secretariat Secretariat, 1970–89, thoroughbred race horse. Trained by Lucien Laurin and ridden by Ron Turcotte, Secretariat won the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont Stakes to capture the Triple Crown in 1973.

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, 020 7696 5285).
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Date:Jun 1, 2012
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