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Byline: blue chip

Property sales in the county during October.

Residential improved ($35,000 or more)

Roehl Thomas H & Linda S, to Laird David B; 2316 Park View Dr, Eugene 97408; $810,000.

Breen Timothy J & Christina J, to Jang Hyun Chae & Byun Ji Hye; 2886 Edgewater Dr, Eugene 97401; $575,000.

Monnette Christopher T & Holly A, to Harrington Mark R & Patricia J W; 2625 Suncrest Ave, Eugene 97405; $559,000.

Tate Robert W & Sharon L, to Li Shiwei & Lin Yuzhong; 3391 Murry Dr, Eugene 97405; $545,000.

Morris William R & Cynthia, to Peterson Ralph; 1951 Lakeview Dr, Eugene 97408; $540,000.

Shou Ken M, to Brown John H & Cathy J; 2941 Flintlock flintlock

Ignition system for firearms developed in the early 16th century. It superseded the matchlock and the wheel lock and remained in use until the mid-19th century. The most successful version, the true flintlock, was invented in France in the 17th century.
 St, Eugene 97408; $532,000.

Fortmann James N & Marian E, to Lieberman Family Trust; 3311 Lakeside Dr, Eugene 97401; $530,000.

Oregon Community Credit Union, to Quiring Jason M; 895 Pine Forest Pine forest may refer to:
  1. A forest of pine trees; see temperate coniferous forest
  2. The town of Pine Forest, Texas
 Dr, Eugene 97405; $528,168.

Zientara David B & Carol A, to Okief James M & Nancy S; 3153 Tanner Park Tanner Park is a public park in Copiague, Long Island, New York.

This park has become one of the corner stones of Copiague. Located on Long Island’s Great South Bay, this diverse park is home to many different athletic fields and other forms of amusements.
 Dr, Eugene 97405; $525,000.

Collins Dwight T & Margaret A, to Scheibe Matt & Mccann Amy; 1600 Orchard St, Eugene 97403; $520,000.

Ditomasso John P, to Scott Brian E & Laura E; 3845 Monroe St, Eugene 97405; $488,000.

Buntel Christopher J & Lai, to Louie Manouchehr; 286 Rockridge Crt, Eugene 97405; $462,500.

Curcio Claudia J, to Rather Roger S & Tammy J; 4878 Sedona Dr, Eugene 97404; $443,900.

Regional Trustee Services Corporation, to Federal National Mortgage Associatio; 3158 Northridge Way, Eugene 97408; $426,919.

Premier Homes of Lane Co LLC (Logical Link Control) See "LANs" under data link protocol.

LLC - Logical Link Control
, to Johnson Robert A & Sondee M; 1712 Provincial Way, Eugene 97401; $415,000.

Mulder Living Trust, to Gold Ari & Katz Anni R; 2775 Emerald St, Eugene 97403; $399,900.

Liske Debra L & Peter A, to Burke Patrick G & Laurelann; 653 Brookside Drive, Eugene 97405; $390,000.

Katherine M England Revocable Trust Revocable Trust

A trust whereby provisions can be altered or cancelled dependent on the grantor. During the life of the trust, income earned is distributed to the grantor, and only after death does property transfer to the beneficiaries.
, to Hoffman Scot R & Mary Kay Mary Kay is a brand of skin care and color cosmetics sold by Mary Kay Inc. Mary Kay World Headquarters is located in the Dallas suburb of Addison, Texas. Mary Kay Ash (d. November 22, 2001) founded Mary Kay Inc. on Friday, September 13, 1963. ; 2525 W 23rd Ave, Eugene 97405; $384,000.

Menge Beverly J, to Fitzgerald Everett J & Sharon A; 87792 Limpit Ln, Florence 97439; $383,000.

Northwest Trustee Services Inc, to Cmlti 2007-Amc3; 1625 Adkins St, Eugene 97401; $365,088.

Peterson Carl V, to Ohern Matthew S & Wolf-Ohern Astrid; 2527 Agate St, Eugene 97403; $360,000.

Wayland John W Jr & Sarah C, to Morris William R; 1290 Little John Ln, Eugene 97401; $359,000.

Haidar Haissam G & Mary J, to Monnette Holly A; 2596 Park Forest Dr, Eugene 97405; $357,500.

Steven W Johnson Construction Inc, to Brown Michael & Lindsay; 1447 Norkenzie Rd, Eugene 97401; $355,000.

Ross Gerald J & Lois Angela, to Perez Kialing P & Swofford Sarah J; 2740 Onyx St, Eugene 97403; $350,000.

Trano William R & Gwendolyn J, to Coble co·ble  
1. Nautical A small flatbottom fishing boat with a lugsail on a raking mast.

2. Scots A kind of flatbottom rowboat.
 John K & Katherine M; 2280 Cal Young Rd, Eugene 97401; $349,000.

Holvey George J, to Gregory Mark A & Bessie E; 3010 Wintercreek Dr, Eugene 97405; $342,000.

Relocation Advantage LLC, to Obannon Kathleen A & Gerald W; 1722 Russet rus·set  
1. A moderate to strong brown.

2. A coarse reddish-brown to brown homespun cloth.

3. A winter apple with a rough reddish-brown skin.

4. A russet Burbank.

 Dr, Eugene 97401; $337,000.

James-Long Penny B, to Grilley Virginia; 900 Sunnyside Dr, Eugene 97404; $330,000.

Iverson & Company Inc, to Muir Terry A & Susan L; 3429 Cabernet Ln, Eugene 97404; $329,700.

Roberts Martha Lane, to Bao Zhaozhen & Zhang Luo; 3249 Kentwood Dr, Eugene 97401; $328,000.

CJ Cable LLC, to Finzel David J; 75 Harbor St Apt 204, Florence 97439; $327,000.

Beebe Kevin G & Cindy A, to Hizon-Smith Frances A & Smith Aaron; 3330 Bentley Ave, Eugene 97405; $327,000.

Regional Trustee Services Corporation, to Morgan Stanley To comply with Wikipedia's , the introduction of this article needs a complete rewrite.  Mortgage Loan Trust; 416 Salty Way, Eugene 97404; $325,125.

Elaine B Weiss Revocable Trust & Pot, to Harris Tod R & Barbara Z; 1093 E 25th Ave, Eugene 97405; $325,000.

Zalenski Frank J & Susan A, to Vangundy Donald Wayne & Gail Lynn; 251 Chimney Rock Chimney Rock can refer to one of the following sites in the United States:
  • a 325-foot geological formation in Chimney Rock National Historic Site, Nebraska
  • a 315-foot granite monolith in Chimney Rock Park near Chimney Rock, North Carolina
 Ln, Eugene 97404; $325,000.

Peterson Ralph G, to Shreve Timothy S; 2148 Jeppesen Acres Rd, Eugene 97401; $324,700.

Cynthia H Ramsey Trust & Sergio F Gu, to Wagner Todd H & Christine L; 3585 Emerald St, Eugene 97405; $322,000.

Rakoczy Paul, to Cowan Chris P; 3496 Ambleside Dr, Springfield 97477; $319,000.

First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust, to Trinh Peter & Jennifer; 2907 Summit Sky Blvd, Eugene 97405; $315,000.

Meili Gary & Donna A, to Morgan David A & Roberta D; 3040 Duck Horn Dr, Eugene 97404; $315,000.

First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust, to First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust; 2907 Summit Sky Blvd, Eugene 97405; $315,000.

Mark Adkins Legacy Homes Inc, to Wire John L; 510 Honeysuckle honeysuckle, common name for some members of the Caprifoliaceae, a family comprised mostly of vines and shrubs of the Northern Hemisphere, especially abundant in E Asia and E North America.  Ln, Eugene 97401; $312,000.

Nelson James G & Stephanie L, to Taylor Deanne; 2966 Gilham Rd, Eugene 97408; $312,000.

O'Kief James M & Nancy Stearns, to Streisfeld Matthew A & Esther C; 545 Kingswood Ave, Eugene 97405; $310,000.

Hansen Jasen D, to Monticelli Michael A & Daisy O; 736 E 22nd Aly, Eugene 97405; $310,000.

Wray Keith A & Laura M, to Fortier Carrie L & Paul M; 213 Naismith Blvd, Eugene 97404; $310,000.

Borton Thomas, to Londahl Kris; 190 W 15th Ave, Eugene 97401; $307,000.

Blotzer Kennette L, to Guske William E & Beth Ann; 3481 Falcon Dr, Springfield 97477; $305,000.

Broadley Catherine A & Jennings Rick, to Kinports Kevin R & Katherine; 2432 Borders Dr, Eugene 97404; $302,000.

Bingham Kenneth D & Betty L, to Rambeck Angela S; 1212 S 40th Pl, Springfield 97478; $300,000.

Steiner James Logan James Logan is the name of:
  • James Logan (statesman) (1674–1751), colonial American statesman.
  • James Logan (author), Scottish author, wrote Scottish Gael (1831), list of clan tartans
 II & Kindrah, to Holton Mary W; 3639 Countryside Ln, Eugene 97404; $300,000.

Chapman Anthony V & Marcine F, to Murphy Angela C; 671 62nd St, Springfield 97478; $295,000.

Murphy Adrian & Shanti
Shanti (from Sanskrit शािन्‍त śāntiḥ) can mean:
  • Inner peace
  • Ksanti, is one of the paramitas of Buddhism
, to Heinke Robert A & Corianne A; 1342 Manzana St St, Eugene 97404; $292,000.

Leinbach Kevin A & Russell Cathryn M, to Shaw Barbara H; 5 W 37th Ave, Eugene 97405; $290,000.

Frantzeskos Dimos G & Ann R, to Fuller Charles A & Kathy D; 60 E 37th Ave, Eugene 97405; $285,000.

Davis Joan D, to Rear Charles D & Macbeth-Rear Elayne; 1320 Skyline Park Loop, Eugene 97405; $285,000.

Amen James and Sherrie, to Frison Linda; 578 Covey Ln, Eugene 97401; $282,300.

Shinn Judith A, to Combs Riley W; 1675 Fircrest Dr, Eugene 97403; $280,000.

Clawson William Gary & Carole J & Da, to Hasson David W; 1712 16th St, Florence 97439; $280,000.

Scheibe Matthew K, to Breen Christina; 2175 Eastwood Ln, Eugene 97401; $280,000.

Gibson Priscilla M, to Keeney Grant S & Kristina J; 3473 Van Buren Ave, Eugene 97405; $279,900.

Galceran Ronald, to Nunez Lorenzo G & Estella M; 952 S 56th St, Springfield 97478; $279,000.

Andrews Arnold L, to Boes Frederick H & Linda D; 3520 Regent Ave, Eugene 97401; $278,000.

Bass Steven R & Debra L, to Ranyard Redge W & Janet R; 2770 Fillmore St, Eugene 97405; $275,000.

Mermis Patricia J, to Muilenburg Pete & Tracy; 3251 Twin Elms Dr, Eugene 97408; $275,000.

Sader Nevada Trust, to Zong Hui & Jiang Ying; 2529 Riverview St, Eugene 97403; $275,000.

Mason Margaret L, to Foutz Harold O & Susan C; 1585 Flintridge Ave, Eugene 97401; $275,000.

Indymac Federal Bank FSB (FrontSide Bus) See system bus.

FSB - front side bus
, to Patterson Scott H & Kelly M; 1359 Chardonnay Ln, Eugene 97404; $271,900.

Gault n. 1. (Geol.) A series of beds of clay and marl in the South of England, between the upper and lower greensand of the Cretaceous period.  David S & Patricia, to Delean Robert Owen & Beverly Jean; 1411 Oksanna St, Springfield 97477; $270,000.

Northwest Trustee Services Inc, to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporati; 1828 Ridgley Blvd, Eugene 97401; $270,000.

Reader Geoffrey G & Launee G, to Hilkene Christopher R; 4110 Pearl St, Eugene 97405; $269,500.

MFI MFI Microfinance Institution
MFI Money Flow Index
MFI Melt Flow Index
MFI Median Family Income
MFI Malaria Foundation International
MFI Massachusetts Family Institute
MFI Multi-port Fuel Injection (automobile) 
 Group LLC, to Kenney Martin & Tavares-Kenney Susan; 3570 Stark St, Eugene 97404; $265,000.

Sanchez Olga J, Jonas Charles A, Jon, to Therrell Robert J; 2561 Alder St, Eugene 97405; $263,000.

Kehrein Daniel L & Carrie A, to Johns Michael Allmond; 1161 Adams St, Eugene 97402; $262,000.

Hammett Donald L & Mildred P, to Furgason J Michael & Amy Renee; 279 Santa Clara Ave, Eugene 97404; $257,000.

LSI LSI: see integrated circuit.

(Large Scale Integration) Between 3,000 and 100,000 transistors on a chip. See SSI, MSI, VLSI and ULSI.
 Title Company Of Oregon LLC, to Aurora Loan Services LLC; 172 Norman Ave, Eugene 97404; $251,835.

LSI Title Company Of Oregon LLC, to Pooling & Servicing Agreemt; 3964 Onyx St, Eugene 97405; $250,000.

Barker F Marolyn, to Bullock B Grace M; 559 Fulvue Dr, Eugene 97405; $250,000.

Castenholz Damon R & Diania S, to Axtens Stephen F & Rosemarie Gunther; 871 Corvette corvette, small warship, classed between a frigate and a sloop-of-war. Corvettes usually were flush-decked and carried fewer than 28 guns. They were widely employed in escorting convoys and attacking merchant ships during the great naval wars of the late 18th and  Ln, Eugene 97404; $250,000.

Lamont-Rose Bonnie bon·ny also bon·nie  
adj. bon·ni·er, bon·ni·est Scots
1. Physically attractive or appealing; pretty.

2. Excellent.
, to Daly Michael Kevin; 1690 Leatherwood Dr, Eugene 97405; $250,000.

Pray Elaine V, to Heddinger Kimberly T & Stokes Lynell; 410 Lochmoor Pl, Eugene 97405; $249,100.

Clady Michael & Gayle, to Shoys Peter Killian & Christine Mari; 87836 Sandrift St, Florence 97439; $249,000.

Wheeler Ladawn M, to Davidson Jill E & John R; 3650 Harlow Rd, Eugene 97401; $247,000.

Regional Trustee Services Corporatio, to Indymac Indx Mortgage Loan Trust; 22 Carthage Ave, Eugene 97404; $245,124.

Elise T Willingham Living Trust, to Sproul Kristin M & Kenneth A; 1484 Yolanda Ave, Springfield 97477; $245,000.

SSD See solid state disk.  LLC, to Forsman Chris; 4015 Scottdale St, Eugene 97404; $245,000.

Ace Securities Corp Home Equity, to Huynh Nhu; 1138 Heathman Dr, Eugene 97402; $245,000.

Terry Sherman D, to Hutchins Jeremy A; 2885 High St, Eugene 97405; $242,500.

Zarzycki David M, to Wobbe Christopher R; 1247 Hayden Bridge Rd,Springfield; $239,400.

Blumer Curtis A, to Rivers Eldon L Ii; 557 W 16th Ave, Eugene 97401; $239,090.

CSAB CSAB Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages
CSAB Computer Sciences Accreditation Board
CSAB Computing Sciences Accreditation Board, Inc. (ACM)
CSAB Combat Support Aviation Battalion
CSAB Community Services Advisory Board
 Mortgage-Backed Pass-Through Ce, to Sweet Aaron D; 777 S 47 Pl, Springfield 97478; $239,000.

Brown Michael A, to Tranquilli John V; 2439 Devon Ave, Eugene 97408; $235,000.

Dorothy Axman ax·man  
1. One who wields an ax.

2. Slang One assigned to perform a task involving ruthless reduction, as of a work force or budget.

 Loving Trust, to Pupke Ronald I & Gladeus E; 113 Village Dr, Cottage Grove Cottage Grove, village (1990 pop. 22,935), Washington co., SE Minn., near the St. Croix River; inc. 1965. There is farming (cattle, sheep, corn, and soybeans) and manufacturing (chemicals and machinery).  97424; $234,900.

Foster Melanie K, to Miller Scott; 2307 Churchill St, Eugene 97405; $234,000.

Jenkins Jeff W & Kristine L, to Reinitz John & Rambo-Reinitz Kimberl; 2760 Elysium Ave, Eugene 97401; $232,000.

Babcock Rebecca L & Olson Craig R, to Vanmeter John E; 6081 Landmark Ln, Eugene 97402; $231,500.

Regional Trustee Services Corporatio, to Federal National Mortgage Associatio; 526 N Danebo Ave, Eugene 97402; $230,979.

Holvey Ann, to Wilson Gerald D & Nina F; 755 S 47th Pl, Springfield 97478; $229,000.

Poor Andrew R, to Haschemeyer Andrew Otis; 930 W 11th Ave, Eugene 97402; $229,000.

Jackson Mark & Margarita Margarita (märgärē`tä), island, 444 sq mi (1,150 sq km), in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Venezuela. With many smaller islands it constitutes the Venezuelan state of Nueva Esparta (1990 pop. 263,748). , to Wilsey Miriam Clarice; 1171 Welcome Way, Eugene 97402; $228,000.

Surcamp Eldon L & Jo Anne, to Aflleje Desiree J; 4020 Pearl St, Eugene 97405; $227,500.

Rambeck Angela S, to Wright Peter S & Karen S; 3355 Walton Ln, Eugene 97408; $227,000.

Ronald Philip Bush Revocable rev·o·ca·ble   also re·vok·a·ble
That can be revoked: a revocable order; a revocable vote.

Adj. 1.
 Living Trust, to Clark Jeffrey Edward; 1494 Goodpasture Island Rd,Eugene; $226,000.

Marion E Copping Revocable Living Trust, to Hardwick Claudia; 1585 Copping St, Eugene 97404; $225,000.

Moniz Brandon P & Bethany D, to Maher Brent A; 1716 Balboa St, Eugene 97408; $225,000.

Smith Jeffrey A & Jessica M, to Tran Dieu X; 5461 Charles Way Charles Way (born December 27, 1972 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is a former professional American football running back in the NFL for five seasons for the New York Giants. , Eugene 97402; $225,000.

Poust Michael J, to Poor Andrew R; 4655 Larkwood St, Eugene 97405; $225,000.

Bell Robert E & Mary L, to Barrett Thomas D; 5466 Pranz Pl, Eugene 97402; $225,000.

Malone Fischer Meredith, to Bates Bates   , Katherine Lee 1859-1929.

American educator and writer best known for her poem "America the Beautiful," written in 1893 and revised in 1904 and 1911.
 Melissa Anne; 5305 Nectar Way, Eugene 97405; $225,000.

Piazza Donald V, to Famularo Lee J; 671 River Loop 1, Eugene 97404; $222,450.

Grace M Littrell Trust, to Mason Annie E; 1675 Larkspur Larkspur, city, United States
Larkspur, city (1990 pop. 11,070), Marin co., W Calif., a prestigious residential suburb of San Francisco near Mt. Tamalpais; inc. 1908. The region's scenic beauty and excellent beaches attract many visitors.
 Loop, Eugene 97401; $220,000.

Smejkal Robert A, to Watson Jonny B; 2092 Primrose primrose, common name for the genus Primula of the Primulaceae, a family of low perennial herbs with species found on all continents, most frequently in north temperate regions.  St, Eugene 97402; $220,000.

Lemelin Steven Paul, to Choate Laura Jane; 2721 Kalmia Kalmia

genus of North American trees in the family Ericaceae; contains the poisonous tetracyclic polyol, andromedotoxin; causes vomiting, incoordination, paralysis and hyperexcitability. Includes K. angustifolia (dwarf laurel), K.
 St, Eugene 97404; $219,900.

Jackson David W, to Goss James A; 746 River Loop 2, Eugene 97404; $219,600.

Carlson Stephen Wayne, to Monroe Samantha R; 2080 Cosmoledo St, Eugene 97402; $218,000.

Higgins Barbara S, to Weiland Nicole; 2935 Charnelton St, Eugene 97405; $217,900.

Regional Trustee Services Corporation, to Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc Tru; 882 Van Duyn St, Eugene 97401; $217,525.

Kachina kachina (kəchē`nə), spirit of the invisible life forces of the Pueblo of North America. The kachinas, or kachinam, are impersonated by elaborately costumed masked male members of the tribes who visit Pueblo villages the first half of the  Properties Inc, to Rupp Dawn; 374 Camrin Loop, Creswell 97426; $217,000.

Cordell Brandi N, to Brolsma Jane K; 1228 Taylor St, Eugene 97402; $216,600.

Ruhoff Chad D, to Soden John G; 2154 Willona Dr, Eugene 97408; $215,000.

Akins Gifford & Tiffany, to Wilson Debbie Louise; 1878 Praslin St, Eugene 97402; $215,000.

Dolores Dolores (or Delores) was a common given name (until the 1960s in the USA); it is cognate with the English word "dolorous" (meaning sorrowful) and equivalent in meaning.  L Harley Revocable Trust, to Hulings Kreg K; 503 5th St, Springfield 97477; $215,000.

Lowery low·er·y   also lour·y
Overcast; threatening.
 Holdings Eugene LLC, to Maddock Colette & Hensel; 1425 W 24th Pl, Eugene 97405; $214,900.

Pap Investments LLC, to Riviere ri·vière  
A necklace of precious stones, generally set in one strand.

[French rivière (de diamants), river (of diamonds), from Old French rivere, from Vulgar Latin
 Pablo J; 1225 Hayes St, Eugene 97402; $213,000.

Jean A Karker Living Trust, to Molyneux-Brooks Kristina M; 1951 Monroe St, Eugene 97405; $212,500.

Casey Deborah A / Witte John C, to Witte Josephine; 3022 Onyx Pl, Eugene 97405; $212,000.

Denton Thomas W & Kathleen L, to Johnson Shannon R; 669 Oakwood Dr, Eugene 97402; $210,000.

Newman Karen, to Brown John H; 820 E 38th Ave, Eugene 97405; $210,000.

Murphy Virginia B, to Yu John K; 1316 Luella St, Eugene 97401; $210,000.

Galvin Family Trust, Sanda L Deboard, to Smith Douglas B & Ponso Angela L; 1298 Piper Ln, Eugene 97401; $210,000.

Trust Agreement Dated March 5 1990, to Carmichael Thomas Lorin; 500 Hunsaker Ln, Eugene 97404; $210,000.

Benedick Karen K, to Smoots Juanita & Voelker Darrell R; 583 S 69th Pl, Springfield 97478; $210,000.

Mlynczyk John Jr & Karen, to Wise Diana L & William C; 508 Langers Ln, Eugene 97402; $209,900.

Holvey George & Ann, to Asbury Karen; 323 Walnut St,Junction City, 97448; $209,000.

James Julie C & Stanley L, to Bruck Cindi; 201 Spyglass Dr, Eugene 97401; $209,000.

Renken Kay A, to Weber Loren A; 304 16th St, Springfield 97477; $209,000.

McCall Brian T & Ramona L, to Royer Adrienne P & Conner Jason; 898 Park Ave, Eugene 97404; $208,000.

Bohlin Family Trust, to Ableall Management Ltd; 1375 W 17th Ave, Eugene 97402; $207,000.

Brown Daren A & Tamara A, to Hetrick Cindy L; 169 Ferndale Dr, Eugene 97404; $207,000.

Duncan Steven G & Jennifer E, to Meisen-Vehrs Hannah V & Jacob J; 3097 Kentwood Dr, Eugene 97401; $207,000.

Home Equity Asset Trust 2004-8, to Zimmerman Kurt Raymond & Kelly S; 3475 Merryvale Rd, Eugene 97404; $205,000.

Thompson Michael S & Barbara G, to Gibson Priscilla; 455 W 16th Ave, Eugene 97401; $205,000.

Wiener Loving Trust, to Schifberg Neil Ira; 550 W 25th Pl, Eugene 97405; $205,000.

Hoyland Family Trust, to Womack Hugh E; 2499 Northampton Rd, Eugene 97404; $205,000.

Muller Dale W & Connie C, to Fitch Michael & Tamalyn; 2868 Game Farm Rd, Springfield 97477; $204,000.

Carlson Irene, to Baker Leland Wayne; 260 Blackfoot Ave, Eugene 97404; $204,000.

Seloover Robin E, to Elliott Sheryl L; 49 W 26th Ave, Eugene 97405; $203,000.

Marion E Copping Revocable Living Trust, to Hardwick Claudia; 170 E Howard Ave, Eugene 97404; $200,000.

Marion E Copping Revocable Living Trust, to Hardwick Claudia; 181 E Howard Ave, Eugene 97404; $200,000.

Jackson Caleb Rye, to Glyer Matthew Phillip; 2971 Madison, Eugene 97405; $200,000.

Marion E Copping Revocable Living Trust, to Simpson Jean M & Houchins Harry B; 195 E Howard Ave, Eugene 97404; $200,000.

Marion E Copping Revocable Living Trust, to Hardwick Claudia; 186 E Howard Ave, Eugene 97404; $200,000.

Mcpherson John C & Carolyn Lee, to Retzman Deanna M; 1010 Berntzen Rd, Eugene 97402; $200,000.

Carmack Rosalilnd E, to Porter Randi D & Norma A; 1451 Juniper Ln, Springfield 97477; $199,900.

Barr William T & Rosemary, to Bradford Danny E Jr & Yvonne M; 1523 Balboa St, Eugene 97408; $199,000.

Cowles Phillip R, to Rivera Ramon & Larece L; 2384 Sony Loop, Eugene 97404; $199,000.

Brockett David W & Sibgatullina Rena, to Vanderborght Barbara A; 1855 W 10th Ave, Eugene 97402; $198,800.

Smith James R & Linda Marya, to Bradley Mark L & Carla A; 1035 W 17th Ave,Junction City, 97448; $197,000.

Hewitt Ellen L, to Walker Julie; 1977 Grant St, Eugene 97405; $196,500.

Lillian E Shapitka Living Trust, to Smyth Ty R; 27 Lynnbrook Dr, Eugene 97404; $195,000.

Dunlap Richard R & Anna M, to Bradley Mark L & Carla A; 1432 W 13th Ave,Junction City, 97448; $195,000.

Maxwell Construction Inc, to Ramos David G; N/A; $194,900.

Johnson Linda, to Sklenar John J & Tacey L; 94 Sandalwood sandalwood, name for several fragrant tropical woods, especially for Santalum album, an evergreen partially parasitic tree either native to India or introduced there centuries ago.  Loop, Creswell 97426; $192,500.

Watters-Johnson Patricia C, to Toepke John J & Michaela M; 2265 Debra Dr, Springfield 97477; $190,738.

Relampagos Nicola S, to Enos Richard D & Marlene G; 1576 Iron Horse Rd, Eugene 97402; $190,000.

Nelson Rachelle R & Troy S, to Ruede Philip O; 1262 Waite St, Eugene 97402; $190,000.

Metcalfe Marlene K, to Middleton Alyssa Lauren; 594 Oakdale Ave, Springfield 97477; $190,000.

2865 W 19th Ave LLC, to Howard Gregory John Jr; 2865 W 19th Ave, Eugene 97405; $190,000.

SP Eugene LLC, to Soentpiet Che; 6199 Thurston Rd, Springfield 97478; $190,000.

Crow Brian D & Tamara L, to Elu Mani Mani (mä`nē): see Manichaeism.
 or Manes or Manichaeus

(born April 14, 216, southern Babylonia—died 274?, Gundeshapur) Persian founder of Manichaeism.
; 813 S 44th St, Springfield 97478; $190,000.

Carmichael Tim & Claudia, to Leonard Bradley J & Erika M; 5570 Andrea Ave, Eugene 97402; $188,800.

Lyon Elizabeth, to Rooney Becky; 962 6th St, Springfield 97477; $188,500.

Finch Michael & Janis, to Margiotta Janine; 4025 N Clarey St, Eugene 97402; $188,000.

Sarkissian Ruben P, to Haynes Patricia Smith Patricia Smith (1955) is a poet, spoken word performer, playwright, author, writing teacher, and former journalist.

She was born in Chicago and lives in Westchester County, New York.
; 2155 Lake Isle Ct, Eugene 97401; $187,000.

Mcfarland Donna Gielow & Scott R, to Cook Jeffrey J & Theodora J; 2776 Chambers St, Eugene 97405; $186,100.

Pulone Dan J, to Mcmillen Florence M; 1601 Rhododendron rhododendron (rō'dədĕn`drən) [Gr.,=rose tree], any plant of the genus Rhododendron, shrubs of the family Ericaceae (heath family) found chiefly in mountainous areas of the arctic and north temperate regions and also of the  Dr Space 598,Florence; $185,000.

Montgomery Justin J, to Green Brandon K & Karee; 5586 King Arthur King Arthur: see Arthurian legend.  Crt, Eugene 97402; $185,000.

Babston Bobby D, to Yang Yonghui; 671 W Quinalt St, Springfield 97477; $184,800.

Toso Nolan E & Leah T, to Burch Paul E; 586 Archie St, Eugene 97402; $183,000.

Kumm Tyler R, to Bulkey Ronald Scott & Lanae R; 2151 Devos St, Eugene 97402; $182,400.

Heinke Robert A, to Taft Donald R & Karren The Karren is a mountain in Bregenzerwald, part of the Northern Limestone Alps in Vorarlberg, Austria.

Karren is the terms used to describe the micro-solutional feature that form on exposed limestone surfaces.
 M; 566 Oakdale Ave, Springfield 97477; $182,000.

Howard & Betty Smith Betty Smith (b. Elisabeth Wehner on December 15 1896 - d. 1972), was an American author, born in Brooklyn, New York to German immigrants. She grew up poor in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Trust, to Phinney Megan A; 999 Laurelhurst Dr, Eugene 97402; $180,000.

Benson Vern, to Liu Xiaoxiang; 140 B St, Springfield 97477; $180,000.

Keeney Grant S, to Armstrong Mona; 2347 Willona Park, Eugene 97408; $180,000.

Melick Louis L III, to Teal Conor Campbell; 1775 Augusta St, Eugene 97403; $179,800.

Sanders James A & Tracy E, to Wallrich Michael; 2096 Grove St, Eugene 97404; $179,000.

Helen Jessie Matteson Revocable Trus, to Jones Michael E; 2750 Shirley St, Eugene 97404; $179,000.

Foy Joanne M, to Perez Megan N; 34127 El Manor Ave, Eugene 97405; $179,000.

Whitehead Harry J, to Capps Brenda C; 865 Maxwell Rd, Eugene 97404; $178,000.

Dame Michael & Kristen C, to Robertson Brian T; 1305 Adelman Loop, Eugene 97402; $177,600.

Pack Timothy, to Hansen Martin M & Sheri R; 88061 Natalie Ln, Veneta 97487; $177,500.

Vest Joanne D, to Bebb Brian; 505 Pine Crt, Creswell 97426; $177,500.

Prom Shane A & June A, to Prakash Dhram; 2888 Quiet Ln, Eugene 97404; $177,000.

Glass Imogene Hillery, to Goodrich Robert D & Donna J; 1645 Anthony Ave, Cottage Grove 97424; $177,000.

Sweet Aaron D, to Ditlefsen Nathan & Davis Stephanie; 4854 Beaver St, Springfield 97478; $175,500.

Christensen June E, to Hinton Jennifer R; 183 Westbrook Way, Eugene 97405; $175,000.

Daly Michael K, to Scarr Joyce A & Martin H; 2663 Potter St, Eugene 97405; $175,000.

Baro Rebekah J, to Smith Shelly J; 4685 Scenic Dr, Eugene 97404; $175,000.

Meador Chad M & Laura, to Knowlton Joshua Levi & Amanda A; 735 Arthur Ave, Cottage Grove 97424; $175,000.

Beecher Ben, to Baynes Jamie; 1898 King Henry Crt, Springfield 97477; $175,000.

Meadows Lisa, to Young Amber M; 3680 S Redwood Dr, Springfield 97478; $174,900.

Miller-Freihube Theresa L, to Wood Nancy E; 2564 Nova St, Springfield 97477; $174,900.

Miguez Renae, to Frederickson Casey L; 5898 G St, Springfield 97478; $174,482.

Home Savers LLC, to Peterson Susan R; 4871 Camellia camellia (kəmēl`yə) [for G. J. Kamel, a Moravian Jesuit missionary], any plant of the genus Camellia in the tea family, evergreen shrubs or small trees native to Asia but now cultivated extensively in warm climates and in  St, Springfield 97478; $173,400.

Rapp Genny M, to Kuykendall Margaret L; 359 S 72nd St, Springfield 97478; $171,000.

Smith Gloria / Mandel Eric, to Cheek Amy; 2976 High St, Eugene 97405; $171,000.

Trust Agreement Dated October 10, 20, to Orourke Marguerite; 2294 Donovan Dr, Eugene 97401; $171,000.

Homesales Inc, to Zacharek Amanda Danielle & Asa Josep; 87590 Placid St, Veneta 97487; $170,000.

Emerald Finance LLC, to Arnold Joseph H; 204 Copper Way, Creswell 97426; $170,000.

Leonard Theresa M & James L, to Baughman Jay H; 144 Jill Ave, Eugene 97404; $170,000.

Geren Brian L, to Willis Aaron J & Amanda G; 5995 F St, Springfield 97478; $168,700.

Hinson Judith M, to Aune Emily; 1372 Sunny Dr, Eugene 97404; $166,900.

Cal-Western Reconveyance The transfer of real property that takes place when a mortgage is fully paid off and the land is returned to the owner free from the former debt.

reconveyance n.
 Corporation, to First Franklin Financial Corp; 2385 Laurelhurst Dr, Eugene 97402; $165,913.

Hulsey Yevette, to Widmer Mindy; 1610 S 60th St, Springfield 97478; $165,600.

Stewart Katherine, to Zink Mark E; 86229 Blossom St, Eugene 97405; $165,000.

Francis Brandon & Renee, to Boehringer Chase A; 389 Mary Neal Mary Neal CBE (5 June 1860–22 June 1944), born Clara Sophia Neal, was an English social worker and collector of English folk dances.

She was born in Edgbaston, Birmingham to a prosperous family, but in 1888 began voluntary social work among the poor of Soho and
 Ln, Creswell 97426; $165,000.

Curran Gerald E, to Zado Brent J & Deanna Lee; 1415 N Yew Crt, Florence 97439; $165,000.

Huff Julie G, to Strand Angelynn; 3731 S E St, Springfield 97478; $165,000.

Spencer Ethan M, to Johnson Brian Forrest & Michelle Eva; 663 56th Pl, Springfield 97478; $164,000.

Hyland Geoffrey B, to Young Kimberly A; 664 Sw Coral St, Junction City, 97448; $163,000.

Vaughn Kelly L, to Bowers George K & Lisa M; 3825 Virginia Ave, Springfield 97478; $162,900.

Regional Trustee Services Corporation, to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporati; 2170 Westwood Ln, Eugene 97401; $162,000.

White Pete, to Green Richard A & Melita M; 40 N L St, Cottage Grove, 97424; $161,500.

Cal-Western Reconveyance Corporation, to Merrill Lynch Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc. (NYSE: MER TYO: 8675 ), through its subsidiaries and affiliates, provides capital markets services, investment banking and advisory services, wealth management, asset management, insurance, banking and related products and services on a global basis.  First Franklin Mtg Loa; 25201 Stellar Ave, Veneta 97487; $161,250.

Hutchinson Company Inc, to Patten Brenda L; 266 H St, Springfield 97477; $161,000.

Woods David A & Annette D, to Emmel Paul; 3656 Revell St, Eugene 97404; $160,000.

Sims Monty L & Tammie A, to Trotter Living Trust; 1740 Willow Lp, Florence 97439; $160,000.

Pacific Conifers LLC, to Currin Julie A; 445 Scott Ave, Creswell, 97426; $160,000.

Powell Charles, to Harper Carma L; 2362 L St, Springfield 97477; $159,900.

Rex C Williams Family Trust, to Engquist Kendra & Kristopher; 342 N 10th St, Cottage Grove, 97424; $159,000.

Allen Aaron D & Amanda Lynn, to Jacobs Rhianna; 233 S 51st St, Springfield 97478; $159,000.

Sven E & Anna C Klovstad Revocable T, to Ashford Jeffrey D; 4714 Scottdale St, Eugene 97404; $158,900.

Randall Jessie A, to Morris Anthony & Rodriguez Lucia; 1448 Kelly Blvd, Springfield 97477; $158,000.

Trust Dated 6/15/05, to Smith James R & Linda M; 1601 Rhododendron Dr Space 505,Florence; $158,000.

Schmitz Homeplace LLC, to Gattis Mira E; 1350 River Rd, Eugene 97404; $158,000.

Wendt Andrew W & Farwell Jill A, to Parsons Nancy L; 564 53rd Pl, Springfield 97478; $157,900.

Oregon Housing & Community Ser Dept, to Corvington Clint; 2082 Ohio St, Eugene 97402; $157,500.

Brisken-Beebe Donna, to Harrison Richard B & Elizabeth F; 588 S 44th St, Springfield 97478; $157,000.

Kinser Cary E, to Royalty Elizabeth Jasmine; 2312 W Irwin Way, Eugene 97402; $156,950.

LSI Title Company Of Oregon LLC, to Federal National Mortgage Associatio; 7309 B St, Springfield 97478; $156,917.

Hatton Ellen E, to Cruz Desirey Amber; 390 S 49th Pl, Springfield 97478; $156,600.

Barrett Kelly E, to Mendoza Olga R; 2251 Golden Gardens St, Eugene 97402; $156,400.

Thomas A Joyce, to Dillon Larry W & Guzman-Dillon Judy; 2588 Carbona St, Eugene 97404; $156,000.

Short Stephen R & Cynthia A, to Miller Daniel A & Crystal J; 794 55th Pl, Springfield 97478; $155,950.

Long Beach Mortgage Trust 2006-1, to Jones Daniel S; 3505 Douglas Dr, Springfield 97478; $155,500.

Sleeper Scott A & Shuree J, to Jones Richard L; 2535 Haig St, Eugene 97402; $155,000.

Wright Lonie E Sr & Judy K, to Francis Nicole M; 639 66th St, Springfield 97478; $155,000.

Buzzella James A & Janette C, to Larsen Angela; 1679 Riley Ln, Eugene 97402; $155,000.

Margaret E Malcolm Revocable Trust, to Erspamer Gregory D & Christine; 1218 N St, Springfield 97477; $155,000.

Motouji Satoko, to Statzer William J & Janice C; 1573 6th St, Springfield 97477; $154,250.

Federal National Mortgage Association, to Rowan Catherine A; 47 Honer Loop, Creswell 97426; $154,050.

Dodd Richard W & Marilyn S, to Blacksher Bill & Devra; 48340 Norquist Ln,Oakridge, 97463; $153,000.

Hooton Marilyn K, to Taubenkrau Jay; 1705 Rainbow Dr, Springfield 97477; $153,000.

Spangler Cyndy, to Vervics Linda K; 1410 Yew St, Florence 97439; $152,000.

Valley Dorothy A, to Newton Cristine S; 509 S 8th St, Cottage Grove 97424; $151,500.

Merrill Lynch First Franklin Mtg Loa, to Lopez Ignacio Rodriguez; 1404 M St, Springfield 97477; $150,900.

Vega Daniel & April L, to Warner Bradley W; 5547 Mehr Ave, Eugene 97402; $150,352.

Dias Michael A & Tina Marie, to Conley Kathleen M; 1919 S 8th St, Cottage Grove 97424; $150,000.

LSI Title Company of Oregon LLC, to Carrington Mortgage Loan Trust; 11825 Fir Ave,Mapleton, 97453; $150,000.

Tate David, to Matthies Jeremy J & Kelly K; 24715 Forest Crt, Veneta 97487; $146,700.

Syrios Trust, to Brown Quinn O; 156 Elkay Dr, Eugene 97404; $146,250.

Eugene Stewardship LLC, to Rule Rebecca J; 1110 S 6th St, Cottage Grove 97424; $145,900.

Steele Carrie A & Tyler J, to Dotson Yvonne I; 87778 Blek Dr, Veneta 97487; $145,000.

Lawson Donna Marie, to Renken Kay; 2455 Maia Loop, Springfield 97477; $145,000.

Northwest Trustee Services Inc, to Chaseflex Trust; 2022 2nd St, Springfield 97477; $144,000.

Manela Jodi E, to Gregory Emily J; 1231 Pleasant St, Springfield 97477; $143,500.

Walker Brian Eugene, to Bergstrom Living Trust; 68 Spring Creek A spring creek is a stream that flows from a spring. Spring Creek may refer to any of the following specific places:
  • Spring Creek, Arkansas
  • Spring Creek, California
  • Spring Creek (Colorado), a tributary of the Cache La Poudre River
  • Spring Creek, Florida
 Dr, Eugene 97404; $143,000.

Perham David A & Inga C & Lee Richar, to Falcon Margo E; 2019 E St, Springfield 97477; $141,000.

Lords Beverly & Courtney, to Gipple Jean; 1448 Quaker St, Eugene 97402; $140,000.

Backer Joy, to Loftin Charles R; 2297 Minnesota St, Eugene 97402; $139,500.

Eileen M Kidd Revocable Living Trust, to Wryn Justin; 1879 G St, Springfield 97477; $139,000.

Ronald L Klein & Valerie J Spear Liv, to Smitherman Todd A & Peggy A; 387 Leelo Crt, Florence 97439; $136,000.

Castaneda Wyatt P, to Powell Sara Mariene; 444 33rd St, Springfield 97478; $135,000.

Sewall Loren J & Elynore K, to Scarpelli Donald V & Rita E; 2038 Lake Isle Dr, Eugene 97401; $135,000.

Iwaniw Eva, to Gilchrist Della; 1670 E St, Springfield 97477; $135,000.

Sonnenfeld Monique & Strochlic Debo, to Ellebracht Sara M; 5140 C St, Springfield 97478; $134,500.

Kelley Judith E, to White Gary R & Kim I; 87555 Rhodowood Dr, Florence 97439; $134,000.

Eggo Kenneth C, to Paulson Kristin K; 1353 City View St, Eugene 97402; $133,000.

Lutz Donald A & Heather E, to Day Bess F; 3390 Bell Ave, Eugene 97402; $132,000.

Hill Patricia A, to Hyland David R; 505 S 41st Pl, Springfield 97478; $131,500.

Kubat David A, to First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust; 24904 Strike St, Veneta 97487; $131,250.

Northwest Trustee Services Inc, to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporati; 488 Deal St, Junction City, 97448; $131,070.

Hunter Jeremiah L, to Pancake Kayla R; 2050 Centennial Blvd, Springfield; $130,000.

Ackerman Donald L Te, to Surcamp Eldon L; 4055 Royal Ave Space 097, Eugene 97402; $130,000.

Smejkal Robert A, to Watson Jonny B; 1930 Van Buren St, Eugene 97405; $127,871.

Mcgillivary Marilee Anne, to Gillespie Kenneth C; 1500 Norkenzie Rd Apt 028, Eugene; $125,000.

Ziltener Karl N & Linda J, to Bonnell Scott; 1500 Norkenzie Rd Apt 11, Eugene 97401; $124,900.

Dye Katherine J, to Yandell Lloyd H & Joann; 3881 Shannon St, Eugene 97404; $122,297.

Northwest Trustee Services Inc, to Morgan Stanley Abs Capital I Inc Tru; 5971 A St, Springfield 97478; $120,700.

Ripoll Barbara, to Verwest Barbara J; 3845 Colony Oaks Dr, Eugene 97405; $120,000.

Lillian E Shapitka Living Trust, to Zibelman Steven J & Sherman Sharon R; 1452 W 11th Ave, Eugene 97402; $120,000.

Naylor Allen F, to Parmenter Michael R; 292 N Damon St,Lowell, 97452; $119,000.

Banta Jerald T, to Dickenson Jessica M & Steven T; 305 17th St, Springfield 97477; $117,000.

Northwest Trustee Services Inc, to Boutell Lee; 3150 W 14th Ave, Eugene 97402; $115,001.

Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust, to Young Alan & Mable; 5327 B St, Springfield 97478; $115,000.

Coats Darlene D, to Wayside Open Bible Chapel; 5266 Leota St, Springfield 97478; $115,000.

Grunewald Harriet, to Paull Bethany J; 643 Kalmia St, Junction City, 97448; $115,000.

Paetsch Erich M, to West Coast Bank; 2425 Lenore Dr, Eugene 97404; $114,390.

East River Development, to Sp Eugene LLC; 1173 Custom Way, Springfield 97477; $113,442.

Hudson William M Jr & Leah A, to Hudson William M Sr; 32791 E Lincoln Way, Coburg, 97408; $112,000.

Nero Shirley May, to Caya Jeffrey M; 3220 Crescent Ave Space 069, Eugene; $111,125.

Citifinancial, to Brancaccio Vincent F; 4510 Camellia St, Springfield 97478; $110,500.

Bankoff Mel, to Gray Gary & Sheila; 4035 Donald St Apt F, Eugene 97405; $110,500.

Satter Daniel P, to Davies Walter M & Marie E; 4596 Foulweather St, Florence 97439; $110,000.

Watson Jonny B, to Walsh John; 1518 S 8th St, Cottage Grove 97424; $110,000.

Scarr Joyce A, to Lee Jessica M & Hannah Matthew N; 4047 Donald St Apt G, Eugene 97405; $106,000.

Mulder Rhonda Sue & Gloria Valerie, to Dickey Connie R; 2051 Lake Isle Ter, Eugene 97401; $105,000.

Bak Ryan J, to Brittell Megen E; 1589 Garfield Pl, Eugene 97402; $99,900.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporati, to Gillett Properties LLC; 3941 Elmira Rd, Eugene 97402; $98,900.

Sutherland Kelly D, to Klm Capital Inc; 3835 E St, Springfield 97478; $97,751.

Hampton Geoff, to Azusa Properties LLC; 4129 Jessen Dr, Eugene 97402; $97,700.

Oregon Pacific Banking Co, to Holloway Gregory A; 10934 Hwy 36,Mapleton, 97453; $94,000.

Purvine Kathleen C, to Sutton William J & Prisbe-Sutton Bar; 1600 Rhododendron Dr Space 237, Florence; $90,000.

Mason Michael W & Sonia C, to Novastar Mortgage Funding Trust; 92191 Carson St, Marcola, 97454; $88,000.

Saunders Sandi E, to Furlong Helen R; 3750 Virginia Ave, Springfield 97478; $86,500.

Aumuller Calvin Chance, to Furlong Helen R; 3787 Virginia Ave, Springfield 97478; $85,000.

Saylor Joan L, to Hancock Ashley D; 4083 Donald St Apt J, Eugene 97405; $85,000.

Paetsch Erich M, to West Coast Bank; 2403 Lenore Dr, Eugene 97404; $84,630.

JPMC Specialty Mortgage LLC, to Gilbert Donald C; 2234 Silhouette St, Eugene 97402; $81,000.

Cramer Ronald R, to Ratashak Robert L; 3819 Alcona St, Springfield 97478; $80,000.

Bank of America
See also:  and

Bank of America (NYSE: BAC TYO: 8648 ) is the largest commercial bank in the United States in terms of deposits, and the largest company of its kind in the world.
, to Smith Gregory P; 480 N Douglas St, Cottage Grove 97424; $79,900.

Wolcott James B & Nancy G, to Ash Leota; 5660 Daisy St 039, Springfield 97478; $75,000.

Speaks Geraldine B, to McLelland Louis E & Donna R; 1600 Rhododendron Dr Space 078, Florence; $73,000.

Prater prate  
v. prat·ed, prat·ing, prates

To talk idly and at length; chatter.
To utter idly or to little purpose.

 Steven B, to Weddle John H & Christina G; 47573 Riverview St, Oakridge, 97463; $72,000.

Cwalt Inc Alternative Loan Trust, to Massey Matthew & Ashley A; 1150 Hemlock hemlock, any tree of the genus Tsuga, coniferous evergreens of the family Pinaceae (pine family) native to North America and Asia. The common hemlock of E North America is T.  St Unit A1, Florence 9743; $72,000.

Secretary Of Veterans Affairs Noun 1. Secretary of Veterans Affairs - the person who holds the secretaryship of the Department of Veterans Affairs; "Bush appointed Edward J. Derwinski as the first Secretary of Veterans Affairs" , to Cramer Ronald R; 3819 Alcona St, Springfield 97478; $70,000.

First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust, to Weybright Brogan; 1905 Harvey Rd, Cottage Grove 97424; $68,000.

Harris Joseph & Martine, to Benson Charles D & Christine; 87641 Parkside Dr, Florence 97439; $60,000.

Washington Federal Savings, to Mclennan Kyle G; 2611 Edison St, Eugene 97402; $58,000.

Lopez Stephen G & Mary Ann, to Eschliman Eugene R; 680 Walnut Ave, Eugene 97404; $55,000.

Osher James W & Janice L, to Gallo Family Trust; 37000 Parsons Creek Rd Space C19, Springfield; $54,000.

Fries Peter Eric, to Roesch Ryan Jeffery; 2603 Janelle Way, Eugene 97404; $48,995.

Read Jim & Sharyn, to Kuo Max C & Janet A; 49 Easy St, Florence 97439; $45,000.

Federal National Mortgage Associatio, to Straub James & Carlene; 1227 E St, Springfield 97477; $45,000.

Widman June C, to Wood Donald H; 3355 N Delta Hwy Space 005, Eugene; $44,376.

Vansickle Shanon Lynn, to West Charlene; 2350 N Terry St Space 088, Eugene; $44,000.

Creswell Court LLC, to Hunt Paula; 700 N Mill St Space 080, Creswell; $42,000.

Or Dept of Veterans Affairs Veterans Affairs is a term of the business that deals with the relation between a government and its veteran communities, usually administered by the designated government agency. , to Walling Gregory Stephen; 210 S 52nd St, Springfield 97478; $38,528.

Warren Virginia M, to Olson Wesley & Denise; 174 N 1st St, Creswell 97426; $36,000.

Prince Roger A, to Fagala Dorothy F; 1661 Hwy 99 Space 021, Cottage Grove; $35,000.

Creswell Court 2nd LLC, to Driscoll Dennis F; 700 N Mill St Space 103, Creswell 9742; $35,000.

Vanleuven Karen R, to Tandy Living Trust; 310 Pitney Ln Space 025, Junction City; $35,000.

Residential vacant ($30,000 or more)

Smith David E & Annette M, to Butterfield Guy M & Darlene K; 1324 Brickley Rd, Eugene 97401; $440,000.

Nordic Homes & Construction LLC, to Hedges Russell R; 1130 Swale swale  
1. A low tract of land, especially when moist or marshy.

2. A long, narrow, usually shallow trough between ridges on a beach, running parallel to the coastline.

 Ridge Loop, Creswell 97426; $308,056.

Bruce Wiechert Custom Homes Inc, to Becker Douglas J; 1216 S 41st St, Springfield 97478; $281,050.

Breeden Bros Inc, to Rodman Robert D; 931 Brenda Ave,Junction City, 97448; $269,500.

Horizon Construction Inc, to Eliasen Brandon D; 1297 Breckenridge Dr, Junction City; $267,900.

Bruce Wiechert Custom Homes Inc, to Harrison William R & Katelynn A; 1076 Ladd Ave, Junction City, 97448; $253,740.

Bruce Wiechert Custom Homes Inc, to Osuna Morgan T & Hanna L; 1083 Kaylee Ave, Junction City, 97448; $227,819.

Horizon Construction Inc, to Timmons Jon; 1148 Alderdale Dr, Junction City, 97448; $210,000.

Robertson William C & Rhonda L, to Pattee Scott G & Elizabeth Pamela; 1627 S St, Springfield 97477; $201,900.

Anslow & Degeneault Inc, to Carson Mark R & Amy J; N/A; $200,000.

G & R Building Concepts Inc, to Shaw Aaron J; 4429 Herman St, Eugene 97404; $199,000.

Hayden Homes LLC, to Kopki Tony D; 5908 Avalon St, Eugene 97402; $195,000.

Hayden Homes LLC, to Lecuyer Christopher M & Jonnie R; 5752 Mica St, Springfield 97478; $189,290.

Hayden Homes LLC, to Sonza Damian P; 5775 Mineral Way, Springfield 97478; $183,091.

Hayden Homes LLC, to Ascariz Thomas Ii; 87783 Oaks Orchard Rd, Veneta 97487; $180,310.

Hayden Homes LLC, to Rollins Miranda C & Charles P; 5783 Mineral Way, Springfield 97478; $164,925.

Hayden Homes LLC, to Dalton Michael Charles; 1979 S 58th St, Springfield 97478; $163,980.

Hayden Homes LLC, to Vejar Ledhis J; 2011 S 58th St, Springfield 97478; $162,990.

Hayden Homes LLC, to Bird Kristi; 163 River Walk Pl, Cottage Grove 97424; $160,000.

Hayden Homes LLC, to Wagner Samantha N; 1062 S 1st St, Cottage Grove 97424; $157,900.

Future B Homes, to Gault David S & Patricia L; N/A; $117,000.

Sands Cheryl F, to Smith Robert L & Christine M; 88022 Windleaf Way, Florence 97439; $92,500.

Schmidt Dean L, to Miller Rudolph T & Ardeena; N/A; $89,200.

Hickson Development Group Inc, to Maxwell Construction Inc; N/A; $81,000.

Hickson Development Group Inc, to Maxwell Construction Inc; N/A; $78,000.

Two J's Development Co, to Branch Engineering Inc; 48465 Roaring Rapids Way, Oakridge; $75,970.

Lemmon Paul M & Susan K, to Premier Enterprises LLC; 5623 Edna Way, Eugene 97402; $60,000.

Kaufman Dean S, to Breske Trust; N/A; $59,234.

Sorric Richard J, to Bruce Wiechert Custom Homes Inc; 1082 Prairie Meadows Ave, Junction City; $49,500.

Sorric Richard J, to Bruce Wiechert Custom Homes Inc; 1070 Prairie Meadows Ave, Junction City; $49,500.

Heceta Lake Joint Venture, to Burletson Family Trust; N/A; $45,000.

Stefanek Gary, to Watrud Daniel James The name Daniel James could refer to:
  • Daniel James (Gwyrosydd) (1847-1920), poet
  • Daniel "Chappie" James, Jr. (1920-1978), USAF general
  • Daniel James (game developer), President of Three Rings Design
  • Daniel James (historian), historian of Peronism
; N/A; $30,000.

Indymac Residential Mortgage-Backed, to Voronaeff Kent D; 6408 Forest Ridge Dr, Springfield; $30,000.

Commercial improved (all sales)

M&M Rentals LLC, to Jacksons Food Stores Inc.; 3375 Gateway St., Springfield, 97477; $3,642,522.

Hansen T Dean & Patricia S, to New Hope International Ministries; 1336 High Alley, Eugene, 97401; $350,000.

Douglas Donald D Donald D is a rapper originally from North Carolina. In New York, he started his career as a rapper, as part of The B-Boys, working with Afrika Islam and Grandmaster Flash.  & Carma JB, to Bella Rose LLC; 390 E. 18th Ave., Eugene, 97401; $330,000.

Beard Christopher P & Marcy L, to Davidson Kari L; 220 S. Second St., Springfield, 97477; $305,000.

Commercial vacant (all sales)

Jenova Land Company, to Simons Investment Properties LLC; 445 Willamette St., Eugene, 97401; $335,000.

Farm improved (all sales)

Recontrust Company Na, to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, commonly known as Freddie Mac, privately owned, government-sponsored organization that uses private capital to buy home mortgages as a means to help lower housing costs. ; 37155 Row River Road, Dorena, 97434; $445,234.

First American First American may refer to:
  • First American (comics), A superhero from America's Best Comics
  • First American, a division of the now-defunction Bank of Credit and Commerce International.
 Title Insurance Compa, to Witkin Angela; 40429 McKenzie Highway, Springfield, 97478; $95,003.

Forest improved (all sales)

Wade Lynda Faye, to Harry & Kathryn Mcintire Trust; 30596 Kenady Lane, Cottage Grove, 97424; $650,000.

Bruck Cindi, to Kovac Mary Alice Mary Alice Smith (born December 3, 1941 in Indianola, Mississippi, U.S.) is an Emmy Award and Tony Award winning actress. In 1987 she received a Tony for Best Featured Actress in a Play for her work in Fences. ; 31775 Owl Road, Eugene, 97405; $375,000.

Forest vacant (all sales)

Shadowbrook Inc., to Bixel James & Christina; 35609 Row River Road, Cottage Grove, 9742; $300,000.

Silvey Michael R, to Excelsior Mortgage Equity Fund II LL; N/A; $185,000.

Demers Greg M, to ATR ATR Achilles tendon reflex, see Ankle reflex  Land LLC; N/A; $162,124.

Spencer Larry D, to James William Thomas William Thomas or Bill Thomas may refer to:
  • William Thomas was the alias of Wilhelm Thomas, who gained notoriety in the Adolph Beck case.
  • William Thomas (American football), National Football League player for the Philadelphia Eagles and Oakland Raiders
 and Carolyn Welbu; N/A; $85,000.

Industrial improved (all sales)

James E. Thompson Ira FBO FBO Federal Business Opportunities
FBO FedBizOpps (formerly Commerce Business Daily)
FBO Fixed Base Operator
FBO For the Benefit Of (finance)
FBO Fixed Base Operation
FBO Faith Based Organization
, to 4L LLC; 2625 W. 10th Place, Eugene, 97402; $450,000.

Voigt Kristel D, to Kisher R Eugene & Karrie A; 98 Palmer Ave., Cottage Grove, 97424; $250,000.

Industrial vacant (all sales)

Vanwinkle Edna P Estate of, to Starfire Lumber Co; 2655 Mosby Creek Road, Cottage Grove; $200,000.

Multifamily improved (all sales)

Sorgenfri Apartments LLC, to Sorgenfri Properties LLC; 3296 Hawthorne Ave., Eugene, 97402; $5,800,000.

Bedder bed´der

n. 1. an ornamental plant suitable for planting in a flowerbed.

Noun 1. bedder - an ornamental plant suitable for planting in a flowerbed
bedding plant
 Management LLC, to Eberle-Washburne LLC; 712 Fourth St., Springfield, 97477; $2,000,000.

Hawthorne Park Apartments LLC, to Shepard Hawthorne Park LLC; 3311 Hawthorne Ave., Eugene, 97402; $1,450,000.

Ebenezer Charitable Remainder Unitru, to Roehl Exchange 2009 LLC; 532 W. Eighth Ave., Eugene, 97401; $280,000.

Tract improved (all sales)

Barnes Larry & Li Ming The Chinese name Li Ming can refer to:
  • Hong Kong singer and actor Leon Lai
  • A China football player, see Li Ming (footballer)
  • A Chinese musician of the UK Chinese Ensemble
, to Gannon Bennett Ivan; 83933 Cloud Nine Rd, Florence, 97439; $900,000.

Lie-Nielsen Peter D & Corey A, to Kaplowitz Larry; 85344 Forest Hill Ln, Eugene, 97405; $815,000.

McAlexander W Scott & Rebecca S, to Eldon & Barbara Letsom Living Trust; 33127 E Saginaw Rd, Cottage Grove; $500,000.

Lebold Bryan D & Stephanie D, to Cardwell Tracy; 88711 Knight Rd, Veneta 97487; $450,000.

Bronson Kenneth R & Kathryn Elizabet, to Schartz Samuel A; 83815 S Morningstar Rd, Creswell, 97426; $450,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporati, to Luciani Richard & Gail; 88247 Hwy 101, Florence, 97439; $299,250.

Chang Karen Marie, to Jeffreys Thomas D & Cindi L; 86220 N Modesto Dr, Eugene, 97402; $295,000.

Ferguson Kenneth & Barbara J, to Hemminger Cherrill S; 88810 Ross Ln, Springfield, 97478; $290,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co, to Everard Eugene Sr; 90911 Starlite Ln, Junction City, 97448; $258,000.

Fidelity National Title Insurance Co, to Soundview Home Loan Trust; 85107 Spencer Hollow Rd, Eugene, 97405; $256,000.

Austin Jacqueline S, to Wright Jack A; 36015 1st St, Pleasant Hill, 97455; $252,000.

Carter Nancy K, to Spangler Kristine L; 88916 Territorial Hwy, Elmira, 97437; $243,000.

Magistrelli Nicola, to Swain Cary R & Melissa B; 30819 Kenady Ln, Cottage Grove, 97424; $235,000.

Ralph G & Ruth L Hawley Trust, to Kingsmill Liam J & Judith G; 85562 Pine St, Florence, 97439; $210,000.

Allison S Burhans Restated Trust, to Center Family Trust; 5730 Nordahl Rd, Florence, 97439; $200,000.

Duquette Michael J & Lynne M, to Kumm Tyler R; 79764 Territorial Hwy, Lorane, 97451; $195,000.

Federal National Mortgage Associatio, to Davis Derek; 35279 Mckenzie View Dr, Springfield; $191,566.

Cooley Gary C & Karen E, to Winegarden Scott & Darci; 88635 Oak Hill Cemetery Rd, Eugene; $190,000.

Carr Anthony R & Jennifer M, to Tripp Amanda; 24656 Hwy 36, Cheshire, 97419; $189,000.

Brierly Elizabeth, to Aguilera Juan C & Kate C; 24939 Jefferson St, Elmira, 97437; $185,600.

Rider David & Christine, to Esty Laura R; 25455 E Bolton Rd, Veneta, 97487; $165,000.

Mauldin Steve L & Linda L, to Payne Dwain W & Christine M; 13464 Hwy 36, Swisshome, 97480; $140,000.

McCarty Living Trust, to Bivens Family Ltd Ptnrship; N/A; $125,000.

American General Financial Services The examples and perspective in this article or section may not represent a worldwide view of the subject.
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, to Quick William & Marlene; 4915 Mitchell Loop Rd, Florence, 97439; $88,000.

Household Finance Corp Ii, to Vincent Clifford L & Ellen; 31693 Gowdyville Rd, Cottage Grove; $73,000.

Hendershott James A, to Lenna L Hendershott Revocable Trust; 44582 Hwy 58, Lowell, 97452; $70,287.

Tract vacant ($50,000 or more)

Spencer Glenn LLC, to MJB MJB Mary J Blige (singer)
MJB Master Jet Base
MJB Missile Junction Box
MJB Multi-way Junction Box
MJB Musique des Jeunes de Bienne
 Capital Inc.; N/A; $345,000.

Wafford Rita M, to Cox George B; N/A; $67,000.
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