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Property sales in the county during September.

Commercial improved (all sales)

Evergreen EP LLC (Logical Link Control) See "LANs" under data link protocol.

LLC - Logical Link Control
 to Robert B Booth LLC; 1200 Executive Parkway, Eugene, 97401; $6,084,000.

Prime Time Investments LLC to Umpqua Bank; 40 River Loop 2, Eugene, 97404; $1,040,000.

Bradley Mark L. & Carla A. to Bothland LLC; 1025 Ivy St, Junction City Junction City, city (1990 pop. 20,604), seat of Geary co., NE Kans., at the confluence of the Republican and Smoky Hill rivers; inc. 1859. The rail, trade, and processing center of an agricultural and dairy area, it grew as the supply point for nearby Fort Riley, , 97448; $700,000.

Furtick Family Limited Partnership to Cary & Jennifer Y. Claar; 120 W. Sixth Ave, Junction City, 97448; $635,000.

Myron L. Ace Revocable Trust Revocable Trust

A trust whereby provisions can be altered or cancelled dependent on the grantor. During the life of the trust, income earned is distributed to the grantor, and only after death does property transfer to the beneficiaries.
 to Everet Rose Investments LLC; 2727 Willamette St, Eugene, 97405; $505,000.

Creager Living Trust to Brian & Sharen Beard; 820 W. Main St, Cottage Grove Cottage Grove, village (1990 pop. 22,935), Washington co., SE Minn., near the St. Croix River; inc. 1965. There is farming (cattle, sheep, corn, and soybeans) and manufacturing (chemicals and machinery). , 97424; $328,000.

Douglas T. Muck Jr. Revocable rev·o·ca·ble   also re·vok·a·ble
That can be revoked: a revocable order; a revocable vote.

Adj. 1.
 Lvg Trust to Staffenson Resources LLC; 85040 Hwy 101, Florence, 97439; $318,000.

Prime Time Investments LLC to Bridgespan Capital Fund 2003 LLC; 3805 River Rd, Eugene, 97404; $300,000.

E. Nolan Jr. & L.G. Scheid to Valran LLC; 310 River Road, Eugene, 97404; $130,000.

Farm improved (all sales)

Simone Daubigne to John Lebow; 36916 Wallace Creek Road, Springfield; $232,195.

Gary A. & Joyce M. Smith to Carl E. & Pattie R. Smith; 90532 Hill Rd, Springfield, 97477; $45,000.

Farm vacant (all sales)

Jane Walters to Bottem Line LLC; N/A; $5,000.

Forest improved ($200,000 or more)

Dennis R. Rose Jr. to William Scott William Scott may refer to:
  • William Cavendish-Scott-Bentinck, 5th Duke of Portland, English eccentric
  • William Scott, Lord Stowell (1745–1836), English lawyer
  • William L. Scott, U.S. senator from Virginia
  • W. Kerr Scott, a U.S.
 Treloar; 23900 Territorial Hwy, Monroe, 97456; $979,900.

Raymond D. & Ronda S. Gardner to Battershall Robert; 49867 Hills Creek Hills Creek is a name found in several places in the United States.

In Tioga County, Pennsylvania:
  • Hills Creek State Park, a Pennsylvania State Park in Tioga County
  • Hills Creek, a tributary of the Tioga River in Tioga County, Pennsylvania
 Rd, Oakridge, 97463; $380,000.

Jack D. Jr. & Chris L. Stutz to Andrea L. Duvall; 84305 Derbyshire Ln, Eugene, 97405; $335,000.

Cari L. Grubb to Jeffrey & Kathleen D. Buttke; 90421 Baker Rd, Elmira, 97437; $285,000.

Michael P. Miller to David Barnes David Barnes is the name of a number of people:
  • Dave Barnes, the Tennesseean Singer-songwriter.
  • David Barnes (artist), the Athens, Georgia/American artist and Of Montreal collaborator.
  • David Barnes (archer), the Australian archer.
; 87064 Muirland Dr, Veneta, 97487; $215,000.

Forest vacant (all sales)

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development to Giustina Resources Ltd.; N/A; $681,600.

Christine Clark King to Hannahs Vineyards LLC; N/A; $350,000.

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development to Whitewater Forests LLC; N/A; $187,202.

Industrial improved (all sales)

Dollarhide Family Trust to Triple J LLC; N/A; $185,000.

Tract improved ($200,000 or more)

Brandie D. & Chad I. Perkins to Montgomery Gordon D & Sally E; 34394 Deerwood Dr, Eugene, 97405; $1,000,000.

Clendenen Joint Trust to Adams Lisa M; 28100 Gimpl Hill Rd, Eugene, 97402; $539,000.

Carol L. Obrion to Arnold L. & Stacey Jo Atkins; 88477 Bowen Dr, Springfield, 97478; $535,000.

John R. & Cheryl L. Taylor to Shane Curtis & Lana Rebecca Johnson; 3180 Hayden Bridge Rd, Springfield; $492,000.

Cal-Western Reconveyance The transfer of real property that takes place when a mortgage is fully paid off and the land is returned to the owner free from the former debt.

reconveyance n.
 Corporation to Merrill Lynch Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc. (NYSE: MER TYO: 8675 ), through its subsidiaries and affiliates, provides capital markets services, investment banking and advisory services, wealth management, asset management, insurance, banking and related products and services on a global basis.  First Franklin Mtg Loa; 85142 Florence Rd, Eugene, 97405; $479,200.

Callery Family Trust to Ronald & Linda Frieh; 88728 Ermi Bee Rd, Springfield, 97478; $440,000.

James A. & Catherine H. Dole to Joel S. & Wendy D. Morgan; 28471 Gimpl Hill Rd, Eugene, 97402; $355,750.

James P. Kinsman kins·man  
1. A male relative.

2. A man sharing the same racial, cultural, or national background as another.


pl -men
 to Ladawn M. Wheeler; 87165 Kellmore St, Eugene, 97402; $335,000.

Elvin L. & Judith A. Mills to Boyd R. Montgomery; 94846 Link Ridge Dr, Junction City; $330,000.

Glenn L. Williams to Michael D. & Shannon L. Williams; 90715 Alvadore Rd, Junction City, 97448; $327,900.

Larry S. & Daphne L.M. Worsham to Morris Brady S & Katherine A; 78333 Cedar Parks Rd, Cottage Grove; $325,000.

Kambiz & Kimberly A. Ghasedi to Craig F. & Jeannetta J. Stokes; 84334 Keepers Rd, Pleasant Hill, 97455; $321,000.

Lorraine A. Smith to Terry E. & Roberts Elaine C. Vangorder; 78323 Meadow Park Meadow Park is the home of the English Southern Premier League football club Gloucester City. The club moved from their former Horton Road ground in 1986. The ground has a total capacity of 4500 with a 560-seat stand. Other than this the ground is terraced and 80% is under cover.  Dr, Cottage Grove; $320,000.

Kimberly Shalin & Nathaniel E. Grubbs to Douglas D. & Terry L. Kelsey; 83005 Florence Ave, Creswell, 97426; $319,000.

Larry L. & Nanci J. Brammer to Milton J. Jr. & Karen J. Fusselman; 5590 Huckleberry huckleberry, any plant of the genus Gaylussacia, shrubs of the family Ericaceae (heath family), native to North and South America. The box huckleberry (G. brachycera) of E North America is evergreen and is often cultivated. The common huckleberry (G.  Ln, Florence, 97439; $295,000.

Anthony C. & Vivian L. Cole to Pamela J. & Lyle A. Hubbard; 88 Watagua Way, Cottage Grove, 97424; $285,000.

Art George to Henry D. Orozco Declaration Of Trust; 5339 Plutos Promenade, Florence, 97439; $279,900.

Susan C. Wolling to Michael G. Crow; 85219 S Willamette St, Eugene, 97405; $269,420.

Bryce R. Jessen to Rita M. Wafford; 85882 McBeth Rd, Eugene, 97405; $262,962.

Liquidation Properties Inc to Eric Sprado & Katherine Davidson; 91612 Nelson Mountain Rd, Deadwood Deadwood, city (1990 pop. 1,830), seat of Lawrence co., W S.Dak.; settled 1876 after discovery of gold. A Black Hills tourist center, it is also a trade hub for a lumbering, stock-raising, and mining region. ; $230,000.

Gary Lee & Patricia E. Hunt to C. Ryan & Maren R. Lee; 30633 Koinonia Noun 1. koinonia - Christian fellowship or communion with God or with fellow Christians; said in particular of the early Christian community
fellowship, family - an association of people who share common beliefs or activities; "the message was addressed not just to
 Rd, Eugene, 97405; $225,000.

Diane M. Wilson to Greg P & Sharron L. Winslow; 21531 Vaughn Rd, Veneta, 97487; $220,000.

Northwest Trustee Services Inc to Federal National Mortgage Association; 1800 W Sixth Ave, Junction City, 97448; $216,417.

Jonny B. Watson to Keith Legg; 89589 Demming Rd, Elmira, 97437; $210,000.

Gsamp Trust to Paul & Kari Rosenfeld; 27279 6th St, Junction City, 97448; $205,000.

Tract vacant ($100,000 or more)

David D. & Christine K. Connor to Judith P. Murphy Revocable Living Trust; N/A; $600,000.

Tonapah Retirement Trust to Carl R. May & Bonnie Montoya-May; 5260 Sutton Outlet Road, Florence, 97439; $370,707.

Residential improved ($146,000 or more)

Judith P. Murphy Revocable Living Trust to David D. & Christine K. Connor; 2100 Kimberly Circle, Eugene, 97405; $1,575,000.

David & Debra Corey Trust Agreement to Patrice A. Sanders; 3956 Mirror Pond Way, Eugene, 97408; $839,900.

Charles A. & Sarah A. Odell to Erik J. & Tammy Young; 2238 University St, Eugene, 97403; $725,000.

Timothy L. & Stacey D. Nasalroad to Eric A. Priest; 6035 Fernhill Loop, Springfield, 97478; $650,000.

L. Wade & Elaine Harrison to Richard A. & Carla J. Pacana; 2133 Kimberly Circle, Eugene, 97405; $635,000.

Nathan J. & Nina Plumb to David J. & Karlee L. Zollinger; 4046 Bailey View Dr, Eugene, 97405; $585,000.

Daniel G. & Heather N. May to Shalin Rajendra & Rebecca B. Sanghvi; 2042 Harris St, Eugene, 97405; $505,075.

Saul & Michal Sernoff to Solomon & Laura Harris Laura Elizabeth Harris (born November 20, 1976, Vancouver, British Columbia) is a Canadian actress best known for her roles as grim reaper Daisy Adair in the cable series Dead Like Me and as Marie Warner in the spy drama 24. ; 2765 Capital Dr, Eugene, 97403; $495,000.

First Horizon Home Loans to Eric V. & Leslie R. Niederhiser; 73 Larksmead Ln, Eugene, 97404; $492,500.

CWMBS Inc. CHL CHL crown-heel length.  Mtg Pass-Through Tr to John Dequire; 1050 Backlund Pl, Eugene, 97401; $469,000.

Charles D. Rear to Suzette A. Henke; 643 Startouch Dr, Eugene, 97405; $450,000.

Patrice A. Sanders to David S. & Debra S. Corey; 836 Fairway View Dr, Eugene, 97401; $450,000.

Recontrust Company to Federal National Mortgage Association; 2097 Dogwood dogwood or cornel (kôr`nəl), shrub or tree of the genus Cornus, chiefly of north temperate and tropical mountain regions, characteristically having an inconspicuous flower surrounded by large, showy bracts which  Dr, Eugene, 97405; $440,748.

Deanne L. Taylor to Peter Trinh; 405 Spyglass Dr, Eugene, 97401; $425,000.

Marsha Lee Prevics to Maureen Kay & Klopfer Goetz Pollock; 2020 Oakmont Way, Eugene, 97401; $425,000.

Agreement Anne L. Henry Dated 2/6/04 to Jennifer L. Von Ammon; 2130 Lawrence St, Eugene, 97405; $424,000.

Virginia E Taylor Living Trust to Williams Family Revocable Trust; 428 Mansfield St, Springfield, 97477; $415,000.

Deborah Jones Baumgold to Michael A. & Williams Nadine McCarthy; 88 W 25th Ave, Eugene, 97405; $415,000.

Regional Trustee Services Corporation to Federal National Mortgage Association; 2785 Lord Byron Pl, Eugene, 97408; $388,307.

Rodney Randall & Lydia Jane Taylor to Steven L. Luna; 949 Country Club Rd, Eugene, 97401; $385,000.

Kim Larsen Construction LLC to Raymond D. & Connie M. Hill; 2510 Willow Crest Crt, Florence, 97439; $380,000.

Gordon C.N. & Jeanne M.N. Hall to Ilya Bindeman & Yelena Bogolyubova; 2541 Garfield St, Eugene, 97405; $377,100.

Northwest Trustee Services Inc to Credit Suisse First Boston Credit Suisse First Boston was originally the trading name of the Financière Crédit Suisse-First Boston, a London-based 50-50 investment banking joint venture formed in 1978 between the First Boston Corporation and Credit Suisse.  Mortgage; 741 S 47th St, Springfield, 97478; $376,538.

Michael McManus Michael McManus may refer to:
  • Michael McManus (actor) (born 1962)
  • Michael McManus (columnist) (born 1942)
  • Michael McManus (UK politician)
 to Chen Yongfen & Ling Zhen Ling Zhen (凌振) is a character in the epic Chinese tale, the Water Margin.

Ling Zhen was from Yanling, and was an expert in gunpowder, cannons and pyrotechnics. Besides that, he also excelled in martial arts and was an excellent archer as well.
; 3276 Saint Thomas Saint Thomas, island, Virgin Islands
Saint Thomas, island (2000 pop. 51,181), 32 sq mi (83 sq km), one of the U.S. Virgin Islands, West Indies. Charlotte Amalie, the capital of the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Univ. of the Virgin Islands are on Saint Thomas.
 St, Eugene, 97408; $360,000.

Betty M. Jongeward Rev Liv Tr to Henrietta L. Uding Living Trust; 3447 Hampton Way, Eugene, 97401; $344,550.

Sam & Susan M. Houston to Philip Bryer; 2112 W 29th Ave, Eugene, 97405; $344,000.

Roland J. Fortin & Linda M. Fortin Tru to Carl L. & Marie Joyce Middleton; 45 Ocean Dunes Dr, Florence, 97439; $340,000.

Ben & Paige P. White to Gerald & Cheryl Braunberger; 729 Old Orchard Ln, Springfield, 97477; $334,900.

I. Diane Vandehey-Neale to Pamela J. Simon; 1131 Cal Young Rd, Eugene, 97401; $334,900.

Gary A. & C. Beth Degeorge to John C. & Andrea D. Colvin; 3656 Ambleside Dr, Springfield, 97477; $328,000.

Bonnie F. Ferguson to Donovan Adrian Dudley Shane & Saito; 3982 Torrington Ave, Eugene, 97404; $325,000.

Randall E. McGowen to Thatcher Thatch·er   , Margaret Hilda. Baroness. Born 1925.

British Conservative politician who served as prime minister (1979-1990). Her administration was marked by anti-inflationary measures, a brief war in the Falkland Islands (1982), and the passage of a
 Trombley; 3431 View Ln, Eugene, 97405; $324,500.

David L. Goss n. 1. Gorse.  to Ryan T. & Jill R. Wolfe; 88162 Leeward Dr, Florence, 97439; $320,000.

Trano Geoffrey & Catherine to Duhaime Kelly M & James T; 2661 Cheryl St, Eugene, 97408; $319,000.

Howe Michele to Evonuk Hugh C & Tekla L; 41853 Madrone St, Springfield, 97478; $315,000.

Person Leona M to Moran Ross T & April A; 327 Spyglass Dr, Eugene, 97401; $315,000.

Martuscelli Mary K & Richard W Jr to Sugitani Atsuko; 87 Marlboro Ln, Eugene, 97405; $310,000.

Hock hock: see wine.  Gregory O to Doran Geriann S; 2241 Alder alder (ôl`dər), name for deciduous trees and shrubs of the genus Alnus of the family Betulaceae (birch family), widely distributed, especially in mountainous and moist areas of the north temperate zone and in the Andes.  St, Eugene, 97405; $310,000.

Northwest Trustee Services Inc to Morgan Stanley To comply with Wikipedia's , the introduction of this article needs a complete rewrite.  Abs Capital I Inc; 6843 Holly St, Springfield, 97478; $310,000.

Cady J Kimm & Marlene G to Chisholm Jerry J & Karen E; 1884 8th St, Springfield, 97477; $310,000.

Rawles Robert N to Hall Gordon C N & Jeanne M N; 4895 Mahalo Dr, Eugene, 97405; $310,000.

Grubel Janet to Davis Lorry Jo & Kenneth Wayne; 2570 Chaucer Crt, Eugene, 97405; $310,000.

Mccarty Living Trust to Dasilva Sharri Ann Martz; 2086 Lake Harbor Dr, Eugene, 97408; $307,000.

Cancel Mary A to Berreth Jason M; 820 S 69th St, Springfield, 97478; $302,000.

Federal National Mortgage Associatio to King Brian K & Marci L; 1430 Gilham Rd, Eugene, 97401; $300,000.

Tah Enterprises LLC to Woodcox V Keith; 211 Harbor St Unit 40, Florence, 97439; $300,000.

Perkins Revocable Trust to Vanwyk Matthew W & Jennifer E; 2192 W 29th Ave, Eugene, 97405; $300,000.

Regional Trustee Services Corporatio to Imb Reo LLC; 2017 Kimberly Dr, Eugene, 97405; $296,425.

Cohen cohen
 or kohen

(Hebrew: “priest”) Jewish priest descended from Zadok (a descendant of Aaron), priest at the First Temple of Jerusalem. The biblical priesthood was hereditary and male.
 Robert J & Wojick Amanda K to Combs Dustin G & Rebecca M; 2455 Washington St, Eugene, 97405; $295,000.

Englehardt Bruce E & Marilyn K to Wall Barbara L; 2553 Cubit cu·bit  
An ancient unit of linear measure, originally equal to the length of the forearm from the tip of the middle finger to the elbow, or about 17 to 22 inches (43 to 56 centimeters).
 St, Eugene, 97402; $295,000.

Ludeman Roger B & Sandra G to Hurwit Jeffrey; 5330 Nectar Way, Eugene, 97405; $290,500.

Schwartz Ronald E & Evelynne F to Ansari Ramin Ramin (Gonystylus) is a genus of about 30 species of hardwood trees native to southeast Asia, in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, the Philippines, and Papua New Guinea, with the highest species diversity on Borneo.  J; 3351 Bentley Ave, Eugene, 97405; $290,000.

Doyle Michael to Eckerman Christopher C; 2785 Capital Dr, Eugene, 97403; $289,000.

Jacque John N & Mary H to Kelp kelp: see seaweed; Phaeophyta.

Any of about 30 genera of large seaweeds that make up the order Laminariales (brown algae), found in colder seas.
 David M Jr; 2598 Laurel Hill Laurel Hill may refer to the following:

In Australia
  • Laurel Hill, New South Wales, a town in the Riverina region
In Ireland:
  • Laurel Hill Coláiste, a school in Limerick, Ireland
In the United States:
 Dr, Eugene, 97403; $286,000.

Johnson Carl G to Richardson Thomas F; 5045 Whiteaker St, Eugene, 97405; $284,000.

Scase-Lubic Sandra C to Beaty Stephen J & Mackinnon Glenna M; 115 Elkay Dr, Eugene, 97404; $280,000.

Holcomb Michael J & Goff Lisa R to Ensminger Dustin A & Connie; 1825 Tabor St, Eugene, 97401; $279,900.

Pahs Michael J to King Linda L; 3725 University St, Eugene, 97405; $275,000.

Jackson Steve to Jehovah's Witnesses Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian group originating in the United States at the end of the 19th cent., organized by Charles Taze Russell, whose doctrine centers on the Second Coming of Christ.  E Congregata; 885 S 42nd St, Springfield, 97478; $273,000.

Alberts Wendy to Dieckmann Nathan F & Ghebremichael R; 2467 Mountain Ter, Eugene, 97408; $270,000.

Eitrem Maria V to Grondona Teresa; 2468 Park Forest Dr, Eugene, 97405; $270,000.

Johns Betty K & Robert to Stein Rozanne Leah; 1226 Brookside Dr, Eugene, 97405; $269,000.

Zilka Christopher H to Breest Cynthia A; 1790 W 24th Ave, Eugene, 97405; $267,500.

Emery Ronald A & Judy Marie to Roberts Gary K & Lisa R; 827 Yoss Pl, Cottage Grove, 97424; $266,000.

Riepma Brett & Amy to Johns Jeffrey J; 5463 Andrea Ave, Eugene, 97402; $265,900.

Northwest Trustee Services Inc to Jp Morgan Mortgage Trust; 474 Gerald Ave, Eugene, 97408; $265,098.

Svendsen Glen L to Beck Jeffrey R; 802 Sheraton Dr, Eugene, 97401; $265,000.

Northwest Trustee Services Inc to Federal National Mortgage Associatio; 1094 Tyson Ln, Eugene, 97404; $263,971.

Jp Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Trust to Londahl Amy & Shaun; 1855 Brewer Ave, Eugene, 97401; $262,000.

Neal Glen V & Monya M to Deal Lance E & Deal-Whitacre Nancy J; 4715 Fox Hollow Rd, Eugene, 97405; $260,000.

Vandervelden Family Trust to Wolling Susan C; 108 High St, Eugene, 97401; $260,000.

Rule Joint Trust to Burnem Shayne D & Heather E; 2270 Upas Pl, Florence, 97439; $257,995.

Howard Stacy M & Blake J to Boehland Tiffany D; 1922 Holly Ave, Eugene, 97408; $257,500.

Winter Charlotte to Godfrey Anne C; 885 W 24th Ave, Eugene, 97405; $255,000.

Heacock James Iii James III, king of Scotland
James III, 1452–88, king of Scotland (1460–88), son and successor of James II. During his minority he was under the care of his mother, Mary of Guelders, and her adviser, James Kennedy, bishop of St. Andrews.
 to Shoop Brian J & Kristen M; 954 T St, Springfield, 97477; $254,750.

Hass Joseph N & Robyn R to Thigpen David M & Danz Kathleen M; 3394 Honeywood St, Eugene, 97408; $254,000.

Henson Michael D & Kelly L to Medlock Dan L & Rhonda L; 2983 Brett Loop, Eugene, 97404; $253,500.

Haynes Darren to Killmer Scott W; 4325 Berry Ln, Eugene, 97404; $250,000.

Dahl John R & Valerie D to Sullivan Debra A; 1360 Skipper Ave, Eugene, 97404; $250,000.

Nicholson Pattie J to Carlin car·line or car·lin  
n. Scots
A woman, especially an old one.

[Middle English kerling, from Old Norse, from karl, man.]
 Erin; 4768 Manzanita manzanita: see bearberry.  St, Eugene, 97405; $250,000.

Grsw Stewart Real Estate Trust to Strong Dawn E; 3346 Honeywood St, Eugene, 97408; $250,000.

Tat Winson V & Christine Le to Bowes Brendan & Aubrey; 4110 Victoria Ln, Eugene, 97404; $250,000.

"Trust Agreement Dated May 31, 2007" to Fisher Andrew M; 1430 W 26th Ave, Eugene, 97405; $250,000.

Laurel Crossing LLC to Wagener J Mark; 1220 Bay St Unit 302, Florence, 97439; $247,059.

Northwest Trustee Services Inc to Federal National Mortgage Associatio; 305 S 10th St, Creswell, 97426; $246,222.

Stephens Andrew to Andrew To (Chinese: 陶君行) is a member of the Wong Tai Sin District Council, Hong Kong. He is also the Secretary of The Frontier. His wife, Jackie Hung, is a leader of Civil Human Rights Front and Justice and Peace Commission of the Hong Kong Catholic Diocese.  Ogara Gary L & Deborah W; 56 Spyglass Ln, Florence, 97439; $245,000.

Mirsepassi Kambiz Tom & Linda B to Pologe Steven & Lucktenberg Kathryn; 3095 Onyx St, Eugene, 97405; $245,000.

Starr Victor T & Dee Ann to Clawson William G & Carole J; 86231 Xylo St, Florence, 97439; $245,000.

Lestrange Gerald H to Grauwen Jesse A & Caroll Dorene L; 687 Sunnyside Dr, Eugene, 97404; $245,000.

Lais Phyllis P to Velure ve·lure  
n. Obsolete
Velvet or a velvetlike fabric.

[Alteration of French velours; see velour.]
 Lyle C & Margaret H; 2645 Erin Way, Eugene, 97408; $245,000.

Northwest Trustee Services to Structured Asset Investment Loan Tru; 310 Foch St, Eugene, 97402; $243,000.

Boyd Homes LLC to Rauch Scott N; 808 Waverly St, Eugene, 97401; $242,000.

Allison Kenneth L Iii & Shelley to Wright Shaun A; 3670 Kevington Ave, Eugene, 97405; $242,000.

Federal National Mortgage Associatio to Wise Joseph; 2222 10th St, Florence, 97439; $239,000.

Keith John E & Anita Sue to Ireland Gregory W; 934 Wilson Ave, Cottage Grove, 97424; $238,500.

William P Roake Living Trust to Burke Barbara; 394 Oak St, Florence, 97439; $235,000.

Starr Kenneth G & Lisa M to Jepsen David B & Premdas Sharmila; 307 Dartmoor Dr, Eugene, 97401; $235,000.

Wyatt Mel & Edna to Eslinger Mieko; 3389 Wisteria wisteria (wĭstēr`ēə) or wistaria (–târ`–), any plant of the genus Wisteria,  St, Eugene, 97404; $235,000.

Ayres George B to Bates Bates   , Katherine Lee 1859-1929.

American educator and writer best known for her poem "America the Beautiful," written in 1893 and revised in 1904 and 1911.
 Kenneth Rj & Janet M; 1725 Mckinley St, Eugene, 97402; $235,000.

Hubble Family Trust to Jondrow Jeremy J; 3498 W 25th Ave, Eugene, 97405; $232,500.

Cal-Western Reconveyance Corporation to Merrill Lynch Mortgage Investors Tru; 4774 Honeycomb honeycomb

a mosaic of closely packed units with depressed centers giving a honeycomb appearance.

honeycomb ringworm
see favus.

honeycomb stomach
 Dr, Eugene, 97404; $232,000.

Atkins Arnold L & Stacey Jo to Ivey Dennis E & Barbara D; 2530 Tyler St, Eugene, 97405; $230,000.

Goergen Brad A & Cindy to Harbert Katherine E & William C; 3086 Country Ln, Eugene, 97401; $230,000.

Daugherty Jean E to Vonschrader Frederick William Frederick William, elector of Brandenburg
Frederick William, known as the Great Elector, 1620–88, elector of Brandenburg (1640–88), son and successor of George William.
; 235 W 52nd Ave, Eugene, 97405; $227,000.

Aurora Loan Services LLC to Kaiser Karin R; 6031 Latour Ln, Eugene, 97402; $226,000.

Cannon Stephanie E to Clawson Shannon B; 3555 Ferry St, Eugene, 97405; $226,000.

Hsi Asset Securitization Securitization

The process of creating a financial instrument by combining other financial assets and then marketing them to investors.

Mortgage backed securities are a perfect example of securitization.

May also be spelled as "securitisation.
 Corporation to Schneider Katharine; 4564 Doyle St, Eugene, 97404; $225,900.

Critzer Betty Alice to Mattheisen Jon A; 3335 Chambers St, Eugene, 97405; $225,000.

Affinito Gerald Vincent & Jane Marie to Sturm Linda S; 835 7th St, Florence, 97439; $225,000.

Lsi Title Company Of Oregon LLC to M&T Bank; 650 S 73rd St, Springfield, 97478; $223,226.

Schuttpelz Skye & Samuel to Nelson Daniel A; 3693 Sisters View Ave, Eugene, 97401; $222,900.

Breeden Bros BROS Brothers
BROS Benefits and Retirement Operations Section (King County, Washington)
BROS Barnes and Richmond Operatic Society (London, UK) 
 Inc to Snyder Gerald L & Nanette U; 1024 Green Meadows Ave, Junction City; $222,000.

Kelly Brian M & Debra R to Humphries Gina & Matthew J; 985 Tivoli Ave, Eugene, 97404; $222,000.

Regional Trustee Services Corporatio to Federal National Mortgage Associatio; 4670 Herman St, Eugene, 97404; $220,204.

Lawrence Libby to Songer Lynn C; 90 W 30th Ave, Eugene, 97405; $220,000.

Medlock Daniel L & Rhonda L to Mcdonald Alice M; 972 Greenwich Ave, Eugene, 97404; $220,000.

Sierra Builders LLC to Tracy Elliott M; 1074 Swale swale  
1. A low tract of land, especially when moist or marshy.

2. A long, narrow, usually shallow trough between ridges on a beach, running parallel to the coastline.

 Ridge Loop, Creswell, 97426; $219,000.

Cramer Ronald R to Dickinson Dalee; 32744 E Mill St, Coburg, 97408; $218,000.

Gulick Lewis J & Marylee to Morgan Rebecca M; 1226 Mulinex Ave, Eugene, 97402; $215,000.

Charles Scott The name Charles Scott may refer to:
  • Charles Scott (governor of Kentucky) (1739–1813)
  • Charles Frederick Scott, a U.S. Representative from Kansas
  • Charles L. Scott (1827–1899), U.S. Representative from California
  • Charles L.
 & Valerie to Norton-Sawyer Patricia L; 615 Murin St, Eugene, 97402; $215,000.

Cook Gary L to Zenke Randall & Nancy M; 3466 Honeywood St, Eugene, 97408; $215,000.

Garrison Michael J to Renslow Jason M; 3935 Pam St, Eugene, 97402; $215,000.

Lindstrom Kathleen M to Clark Jennifer Wagner & Edward Gwynn; 1136 Barstow Ave, Eugene, 97404; $215,000.

Cal-Western Reconveyance Corporation to Citimortgage Inc; 644 Jacquelyn Crt, Eugene, 97402; $214,176.

Lsi Title Company Of Oregon LLC to One Williams Street Williams Street (formerly known as Ghost Planet Industries after Space Ghost's home base) is a division of Cartoon Network, which is owned by Turner Broadcasting, an operational unit of Time Warner. The studio mainly produces animated series.  Remic Trust 2008; 2856 Greentree Way, Eugene, 97405; $212,940.

Whiteley Jeffrey L to Spies Mark Alan; 635 Woodland Acres Ln, Eugene, 97402; $210,000.

Tofflemoyer Cynthia K to Zaninovich Carmen Carmen

throws over lover for another. [Fr. Lit.: Carmen; Fr. Opera: Bizet, Carmen, Westerman, 189–190]

See : Faithlessness


the cards repeatedly spell her death. [Fr.
 O C & Martin G; 3278 Marvin Dr, Eugene, 97404; $209,900.

Kay A Shorten Trust to Luell Taylor J; 420 Loma Linda Loma Linda may refer to:
  • Loma Linda, California, a city in San Bernardino County, United States
  • Loma Linda Academy, a K-12 college preparatory WASC-accredited school run by the Seventh-day Adventist Church
 Ln, Eugene, 97405; $209,000.

Ferguson Michael G to Frost Nancy P; 1940 Pearl St, Eugene, 97405; $208,000.

Jones Kahn & Gail S Fletcher to Stella Matutina

Main article: Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
The Stella Matutina was an initiatory Order dedicated to the dissemination of the traditional teachings of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn through the process of initiation.
 LLC; 830 Hollow Way A Hollow way, or Holloway is a country track that is lower than its surrounding fields. They are common in rural areas of the British Isles where the earth banks on either side, topped with hedges and trees give the impression of a tunnel enclosing the traveller. , Eugene, 97402; $208,000.

Adamo Mary T to Nance Bryan J & Ryshia; 2315 Sony Loop, Eugene, 97404; $207,000.

Linda T LLC & Oregon Dome Inc to Merkner James C; 25125 Hunter Rd, Veneta, 97487; $207,000.

Murray Ronald E & Charity A to Sigler Kurt N & Teagan B; 6068 Pine Ridge Pine Ridge is the name of several places in the United States and Canada, including:
  • Pine Ridge (region), of northwestern Nebraska and southwestern South Dakota
  • Pine Ridge Indian Reservation of southwestern South Dakota
 Pl, Eugene, 97402; $207,000.

Egge Vernon to Stuart Barbara A; 2778 Dayna Ln, Eugene, 97408; $205,500.

Carter Ken & Tiffany to Sullivan Family Trust; 828 S 73rd St, Springfield, 97478; $205,500.

Hodgert Linda Joanne to Dinsmore Corey & Meghan; 493 W Azalea azalea (əzāl`yə) [Gr.,=dry], any species of the genus Rhododendron, North American and Asian shrubs of the family Ericaceae (heath family) that are distinguished by the usually deciduous leaves.  Ave, Eugene, 97404; $205,000.

Oregon Pacific Banking Company to Barger Iris E; 935 30th Way, Florence, 97439; $205,000.

Jones Curtis L & Linda A to Silvestri Dorothy A & Owens Kenneth; 83 E 6th St, Lowell, 97452; $205,000.

Clancy John E Jr & Jerri A to Benedict Ronald L & Marleen K; 2715 Dayna Ln, Eugene, 97408; $205,000.

Cameron Jeff A & Emily R to Mae Kathryn; 2221 E Madison Ave, Cottage Grove, 9742; $205,000.

Minium minium: see red lead.  Dennis R & Rosemarie to Martin Sean; 1311 Leaf Ln, Creswell, 97426; $204,000.

Belonger Christopher J & Anita M to Morrison Danielle M; 1339 Roundup Dr, Eugene, 97401; $204,000.

Madrone Zakarya Z to Evans Joan E; 1066 S 69th Pl, Springfield, 97478; $203,000.

Berreth Jason to Heying Deanna; 456 Taz Ln, Eugene, 97404; $201,000.

Ivie Rodger G to Hill Dianne P; 2504 Cubit St, Eugene, 97402; $200,000.

Tucker Donald J & Patricia L to Giudici Kirk; 195 Lindner Ln, Eugene, 97404; $200,000.

Thompson Ryan & Shawna L to Johnson Timothy Wyatt; 1521 Adelman Loop, Eugene, 97402; $199,900.

Legreco Susan L & Ewers Mary Joy to Stottlemire Joshua D & April L; 5466 Cardiff St, Eugene, 97402; $199,900.

Bates Boyce G & Barbara J to Clements Nicholas H; 6905 Thurston Rd, Springfield, 97478; $199,900.

Adee David Grover & Connolly Joan to Darian Jean C; 109 Oakleigh Ln, Eugene, 97404; $199,000.

Henry Development Company to Albro Nathaniel G; 24891 Mccutcheon Ave, Veneta, 97487; $198,765.

Roberts Gary Keith & Lisa Renee to Kenner Judith; 851 Armstrong Ave, Eugene, 97404; $197,500.

Thompson A Craig & Shirley M to Hurley Daniel M & Teresa L; 4567 Arch St, Florence, 97439; $196,000.

Erhardt Otto A & Helene to Kurth William D; 565 Rutledge St, Eugene, 97402; $195,000.

Kelley Sandra A to Stafford Marcus E & Judy K; 866 S 46th St, Springfield, 97478; $195,000.

Scovil Nathan Edward & Leslie Denise to Mcdonald Charles W Jr; 515 Spruce Crt, Creswell, 97426; $192,500.

Ferwerda Twyla M to Becker Adam C & Kathryn M; 3045 Kentwood Dr, Eugene, 97401; $192,500.

Lsi Title Company Of Oregon LLC to Fieldstone field·stone  
A stone occurring naturally in fields, often used as a building material.

Noun 1. fieldstone - stone that occurs naturally in fields; often used as building material
 Mortgage Investment Trust; 1624 Ono Ave, Eugene, 97404; $192,205.

Ellis Stacie to Aylworth Matthew R & Marie C; 883 Elizabeth St, Eugene, 97402; $192,000.

Desousa Steven P & Katherine Smith to Myhre Nicholas Paul & Lori Michelle; 87653 Halcyon hal·cy·on  
1. A kingfisher, especially one of the genus Halcyon.

2. A fabled bird, identified with the kingfisher, that was supposed to have had the power to calm the wind and the waves while it nested on the sea
 Dr, Veneta, 97487; $192,000.

Bradshaw Frances L to Colby Marvie & Kathleen; 2815 Shirley St, Eugene, 97404; $192,000.

Austin Ronald to Cook Jonathan S; 2285 Arthur St, Eugene, 97405; $190,000.

West-Duffy Barrett James to James To Kun Sun (Traditional Chinese: 涂謹申, born 11 March, 1963) is member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong since 1991 except between 1997 and 1998. To is also a member of the Yau Tsim Mong District Council.  Perkins Christean L; 39 Village Dr, Creswell, 97426; $190,000.

Johnette Janelli Trust to Dempsey Philip A; 825 N 11th St, Cottage Grove, 97424; $190,000.

Teague Charles L & Ann M to Fletcher Robert G; 1600 Rhododendron rhododendron (rō'dədĕn`drən) [Gr.,=rose tree], any plant of the genus Rhododendron, shrubs of the family Ericaceae (heath family) found chiefly in mountainous areas of the arctic and north temperate regions and also of the  Dr Space 020, Florence; $190,000.

Macklin Paula E to Lane Kenneth R & Patricia D; 850 N Moss St, Lowell, 97452; $189,900.

Caya Mary A to Reece Monica C & David J; 574 Sierra St, Eugene, 97402; $189,000.

Covey Joyce L to Nordahl Elden & Marijo C; 2011 18th St, Florence, 97439; $188,000.

Heddinger Kimberly T to Nelson Living Trust; 2915 Hilyard St, Eugene, 97405; $185,000.

Weinstein Jacob Benjamin to Bauer Peter G; 2373 Pershing St, Eugene, 97402; $185,000.

Scoggin Nadine to Johnette Janelli Trust; 826 N 11th St, Cottage Grove, 97424; $185,000.

Flores Flores, town, Guatemala
Flores (flōrəs), town (1990 est. pop. 2,200), capital of Petén department, N Guatemala. Flores was built on an island in the southern part of Lake Petén Itzá and on the site of the
 David R & Sara L to Duncan Lonnie R & Melinda T; 2425 G St, Springfield, 97477; $184,000.

Regional Trustee Services Corporatio to Pooling & Servicing Agreement; 521 Littlewood, Eugene, 97404; $183,900.

Fish James F & Martha R to Reese Patrick M & Katie C; 4486 Briars St, Eugene, 97404; $183,000.

Wells Fargo Wells Fargo

armored carriers of bullion. [Am. Hist.: Brewer Dictionary, 1147]

See : Protectiveness

Wells Fargo

company that handled express service to western states; often robbed. [Am. Hist.
 Bank Na to Secretary Of Housing & Urban Develop; 665 Irvington Dr, Eugene, 97404; $182,421.

Vanvactor Frederick D to Cleary Ker; 439 Almaden St, Eugene, 97402; $182,300.

Walters Frank J & Shirley A to Hagy Benjamin A & Tasha L; 635 71st St, Springfield, 97478; $181,000.

Aasland Orwald B to Medlin Susan C; 2859 Manor Dr, Springfield, 97477; $180,000.

Klever Gerry J to Kenney Anne M; 85633 Bradbury Ln, Eugene, 97405; $180,000.

Federal National Mortgage Associatio to Hill Amy Marie; 2575 Primrose St, Eugene, 97402; $180,000.

Walters Myndi S to Bedolla Juan; 3628 Banner St, Eugene, 97404; $180,000.

Gorilla Capital Of Lane County 11 Ll to Blickfeldt Nell M & Rivera Bethani A; 32722 E Mill St, Coburg, 97408; $180,000.

Cabral Patricia L to Pratt Betty S; 35 Rockridge Dr, Eugene, 97401; $179,000.

Kadau Marguerite D to Keys Robert D; 1378 W 11th Ave, Eugene, 97402; $178,500.

Indymac Imsc Mortgage Loan Trust to Cook Darren & Amanda; 2546 Cubit St, Eugene, 97402; $178,000.

Craig Paula J to Wendel Jesse B; 1500 Norkenzie Rd Apt 59, Eugene, 97401; $178,000.

Wasterkamp Barb to Bradley Carmelita Isabel; 533 Roper Rd, Eugene, 97402; $177,000.

Lewis Daniel J & Carlinda E to Orre Daniel D; 403 Suburban Ave, Eugene, 97404; $176,000.

Kinney Trever & Osborns Samantha A to Ida & N B Tetro Joint Revoc Living T; 3842 Shannon St, Eugene, 97404; $176,000.

Brunson Thomas P & Tawnee L to Tillinghast Kathryn I; 2553 Primrose St, Eugene, 97402; $174,900.

Allen David Lee David Lee may refer to:
  • David Lee (physicist), (b. 1931) a Nobel Prize winning physicist
  • David S. Lee (business), (b. c1938) CEO of eOn Communications Corporation
  • David Lee (Baltimore Colts), (b. 1943) former Baltimore Colts punter
  • David Lee (politician), (b.
 to Eastburn Jeffrey Y; 87752 Oak Island Dr, Veneta, 97487; $174,000.

Sofge Boaz to Dawson Lisa M; 783 N Bertelsen Rd, Eugene, 97402; $174,000.

Mvmd Properties LLC to Scherner Tyler C; 933 W Olympic St, Springfield, 97477; $173,900.

Bethke William L to Harvey Michael J; 4361 Hilton Dr, Eugene, 97402; $171,995.

Gorilla Capital Of Lane County 12 Ll to Kestrel kestrel

Any of several birds of prey (genus Falco) known for hovering while hunting. Kestrels prey on large insects, birds, and small mammals. The male is more colourful than the female. Kestrels are mainly Old World birds, but one species, the American kestrel (F.
 Company; 3485 High St, Eugene, 97405; $171,725.

Moore Lawrence W to Foss Benjamin D; 3245 Marvin Dr, Eugene, 97404; $171,500.

Northwest Trustee Services Inc to Bank Of America
See also:  and

Bank of America (NYSE: BAC TYO: 8648 ) is the largest commercial bank in the United States in terms of deposits, and the largest company of its kind in the world.
 National Association; 1860 Hayes St, Eugene, 97405; $170,036.

Lsi Title Company Of Oregon LLC to Arch Bay Holdings LLC; 117 S 3rd St, Cottage Grove, 97424; $170,000.

Vaden Dennis Craig to Hansen Jeannette R; 1856 W Park Dr, Florence, 97439; $170,000.

Jones Kent A & Nancy G to Erspamer Gregory D & Christine; 1495 Lake Dr, Eugene, 97404; $169,900.

Chapman James L & Mary Y to Wheeler Jason L & Kelly J; 1871 Kent Ln, Eugene, 97404; $169,900.

Davis Christopher Scott Christopher Scott may refer to:
  • Chris M. Scott - Aussie rules footballer
  • Christopher Scott (cricketer, born 1964) - former Durham cricketer
  • Christopher Scott (cricketer, born 1959) - former Lancashire cricketer
 to Schlender Daniel H; 5637 E St, Springfield, 97478; $169,500.

Evans Family Trust to Packnett David; 2095 Labona Dr, Eugene, 97404; $169,300.

Sutherland Kelly D to Renaissance Home Equity Loan Trust; 1097 Sanborn Ave, Eugene, 97404; $169,260.

Kelley Debbie D to Green Bradley J; 2589 Melrose Loop, Eugene, 97402; $169,000.

Schroeder Tobias E & Barbara Janine to Soverns Michele; 4431 Avalon St, Eugene, 97402; $169,000.

Donald M Paulson Revocable Living Tr to Pike Cortez H; 85702 Chelsea Ln, Eugene, 97405; $169,000.

David A Kubat to Wells Fargo Bank Na; 415 Brookside Dr, Eugene, 97405; $167,134.

Regional Trustee Services Corporatio to Dalt 2007-Ar3; 5061 Royal Ave, Eugene, 97402; $166,500.

Regional Trustee Services Corporatio to Indymac Indx Mortgage Loan Trust; 6973 Glacier Dr, Springfield, 97478; $166,035.

Tharp Gary Lee to Morgan Andrew T & Sara M; 589 Gilfry Ave, Creswell, 97426; $165,000.

Wallace James P to Wood Jesse Ray; 3787 E Amazon Dr, Eugene, 97405; $165,000.

Arlene French Family Trust to Stutts Patricia S; 795 Red Cedar red cedar: see juniper.  Crt, Eugene, 97402; $165,000.

Filipski Julie J to Gerritsen Alida; 505 Kelly Blvd, Springfield, 97477; $164,900.

Laurel Crossing LLC to Linda Cossey Trust; 1220 Bay St Unit 200, Florence, 97439; $164,550.

Castle Billy Arthur & Caron Dee to Datta Pawan; 1313 Lincoln St Unit 703, Eugene, 97401; $164,500.

Dewitt Richard E to Otis Julie; 711 Klamath Crt, Eugene, 97404; $164,250.

Scarr Martin H & Joyce Ann to Leasor Michele M & Mark G; 746 7th St 001, Springfield, 97477; $163,200.

Shrewsbury James T & Belnap Jason R to Runco Julie J; 930 Ash Ave, Cottage Grove, 97424; $162,000.

Smith Jill R / Belmont Tina L to Norton Russell D & Jillian A; 1286 D St, Springfield, 97477; $160,100.

Tuttle Jan M to Bristow Leslie K; 2801 Timberline timberline, elevation above which trees cannot grow. Its location is influenced by the various factors that determine temperature, including latitude, prevailing wind directions, and exposure to sunlight.  Dr, Eugene, 97405; $160,000.

Albro Greg L & Corina R to Wagner Deborah E & Spenser E; 583 Clairmont Dr, Eugene, 97404; $160,000.

Peterson Dale to Pruitt Jesse Reese; 621 S 34th St, Springfield, 97477; $160,000.

Roberts Christine A to Schwab Michael Theodore; 5265 Wales Wales, Welsh Cymru, western peninsula and political division (principality) of Great Britain (1991 pop. 2,798,200), 8,016 sq mi (20,761 sq km), west of England; politically united with England since 1536. The capital is Cardiff.  Dr, Eugene, 97402; $160,000.

Stephensen Eric M to Fox Christopher & Kelli; 884 Waite St, Eugene, 97402; $160,000.

Phan Seth & Janessa to Sp & Jp Investment LLC; 1990 W 18th Ave, Eugene, 97402; $160,000.

Bear Stearns The Bear Stearns Companies, Inc. (NYSE: BSC) is the parent company of Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc., one of the largest global investment banks and securities trading and brokerage firms in the world.  Asset Backed Securities to Springer Nick; 1430 E Madison Ave, Cottage Grove, 9742; $159,900.

Ziemak Whitney A S & Steven W to Albright Thomas R & Kirsten L; 276 Sw Laurel St, Junction City, 97448; $159,900.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporati to Utt Jennifer Lee; 3217 Oriole oriole, common name applied to various perching birds of the Old (family Oriolidae) and New (family Icteridae) Worlds. The European orioles are allied to the crows, while the American orioles, of the hangnest group, belong to the blackbird and meadowlark family.  St, Springfield, 97477; $158,550.

Northwest Trustee Services Inc to C-Bass Mortgage Loan Asset-Backed Ce; 24893 Spare Ln, Veneta, 97487; $158,319.

Lsi Title Company to Gorilla Capital Of Lane County 12 Ll; 3485 High St, Eugene, 97405; $156,113.

Larsen Cynthia L to Goodman Salee Vimol & Ward Council; 1320 Anthony Ave, Cottage Grove, 97424; $156,000.

Jennings Kenneth H & Virgina L to Jones Dwain C; 1010 Polk Ave, Cottage Grove, 97424; $155,000.

Burkart Barbara J to Kuhnhenn Matthew; 3727 Megan Way, Eugene, 97402; $154,000.

Secretary Of Housing And Urban Devel to Page Michael Lee Michael Lee may refer to:
  • Michael Lee (Australian politician)
  • Michael Lee (hockey player), a Canadian field hockey player
  • Michael Lee (keyboardist), keyboardist for Meredith Brooks and Melissa Etheridge
  • Michael Lee (musician), a drummer for Page and Plant
 & Mary Elaine; 2617 Ross Ln, Eugene, 97404; $153,000.

Gross Glenn to Succo Scott A; 1041 Lochaven Ave, Springfield, 97477; $152,000.

Hodges Alicia R to Wilderman Armando M; 3596 Preston St, Eugene, 97401; $151,054.

Greenfield John Edward
This article is about the TV psychic. For other uses, see John Edwards (disambiguation).

John Edward McGee, Jr. (born October 19, 1969), better known as John Edward, is an American author, and television personality.
 & Frances to Ott Brandon & Carrie A; 1301 Yew St, Florence, 97439; $150,000.

Stainbrook Tyler & Kristina to Moss Russell W; 362 S 70th St, Springfield, 97478; $150,000.

Chin Linda Fun Ling to Koester David & Haggard Pamela; 2614 Kincaid St, Eugene, 97405; $150,000.

Killgore Matt & Jeana to Langworthy Kurt; 145 N Garden Way, Eugene, 97401; $150,000.Cameron Christopher J to Hatmaker Lauren E; 613 Harlow Rd, Springfield, 97477; $149,900.

Manning James R to Branstetter Alta N; 2425 Maia Loop, Springfield, 97477; $149,900.

Sanchez Ruben & Silvia to Kehdi Antoun Albert; 2237 Parker Pl, Eugene, 97402; $149,500.

Fisher Janet E to Burke Kristen & Jamie; 311 N 8th St, Cottage Grove, 97424; $148,000.

Mcatee Lee Roy to James E & Irene A Spindler Revocable; 47370 Hwy 58, Oakridge, 97463; $148,000.

Lsi Title Company Of Oregon LLC to Nomura Home Equity Home Loan Inc; 50 N Everly St, Lowell, 97452; $147,909.

Gold Steve & Lynda J to Scoggins Benjamin; 2700 E St, Springfield, 97477; $147,500.

Lapine Barbara J to Silvestre Angel Merino Merino

Breed of medium-sized sheep originating in Spain that has become prominent worldwide. It has a white face, white legs, and crimped fine-wool fleece. Known as early as the 12th century, it may have been a Moorish importation.
; 355 54th St, Springfield, 97478; $146,900.

Home Savers LLC to Kent Jeffery J; 2044 Ohio St, Eugene, 97402; $146,900.

Residential vacant ($100,000 or more)

Rock Builders Inc to Fehsenfeld Robin N; N/A; $525,277.

Don Elliott Don Elliott (born October 21, 1926 in Somerville, New Jersey; died July 5, 1984 in Weston, Connecticut) was an American jazz trumpeter, vibraphonist, vocalist, and mellophone player.  Construction LLC to Metzger Brady S & Julie C; 3476 Timberbrook Way, Eugene, 97405; $456,000.

Kelley Investments LLC to Exsale Property Investment LLC; 1300 Alderdale Dr, Junction City, 97448; $319,900.

West Eugene Village LLC to Schweitzer George J & Cheri D; N/A; $311,000.

Bruce Wiechert Custom Homes Inc to Larkin Joseph E & Jean A; 942 Brenda Ave, Junction City, 97448; $307,650.

Meltebeke Built Paradise Homes Inc to Anderson Robert E & Maryan F; 2039 Lake Shore Dr, Eugene, 97408; $299,827.

Bruce Wiechert Custom Homes Inc to Harless Glenn; 1054 S 40th Pl, Springfield, 97478; $257,500.

Bruce Wiechert Custom Homes Inc to Parks Susan L; 1010 S 40th Pl, Springfield, 97478; $251,150.

Oregon Custom Homes Inc to Reihl Cheri L; 2257 Clear Vue Ln, Springfield, 97477; $232,000.

Hayden Homes LLC to Ewan Jeffrey J; N/A; $205,000.

Hayden Homes LLC to Francis Russell R; 5719 Mineral Way, Springfield, 97478; $202,800.

Hayden Homes LLC to Laisure Steven W; 5938 Avalon St, Eugene, 97402; $196,660.

Hayden Homes LLC to Wilberger Bryce & Brenley; 87763 Oaks Orchard Rd, Veneta, 97487; $195,535.

Hayden Homes LLC to Allen Beatrice J; 1933 S 58th St, Springfield, 97478; $189,505.

Hayden Homes LLC to Wallace Timothy Stephen & Colleen col·leen  
An Irish girl.

[Irish Gaelic cailín, diminutive of caile, girl, from Old Irish.
 E; 5924 Avalon St, Eugene, 97402; $186,175.

Williams Construction Company Inc to Howe Michele R; 29 E 4th St, Lowell, 97452; $180,111.

Hayden Homes LLC to Faver Nichole K; 87774 8th St, Veneta, 97487; $173,440.

Hayden Homes LLC to Neal Kelly R; 5759 Mineral Way, Springfield, 97478; $164,925.

Corey Development LLC to Sayre Matt; 2589 17th St, Springfield, 97477; $144,900.

Future B Inc to Schuck David B & Nancy; 3328 Amherst Way, Eugene, 97408; $117,000.
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