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Kurdish opposition gains in northern Iraqi vote.

Summary: Iraqi authorities will release results later this week from weekend elections in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq.

Iraqi authorities will release results later this week from weekend elections in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq.

A joint list between the Kurdistan Democratic Party Kurdistan Democratic Party may refer to:
  • Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iraq, an Iraqi Kurdish political party
  • Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran, an Iranian Kurdish political party
  • Kurdistan Democratic Party of Syria, a Syrian Kurdish political party
 (KDP KDP Kurdistan Democratic Party
KDP Kappa Delta Pi (Education Honors Society)
KDP Kurdish Democratic Party
KDP Key Decision Point
KDP Key Data Processor
KDP Potassium Di-hydrogen Phosphate
KDP Keyboard Data Processing
), the party of regional president Massud Barzani, and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) (est. 1975) (Kurdish: Yekîtî Nîştimanî Kurdistan) is a Kurdish political party in Iraqi Kurdistan. Mission
The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan claims to be working for self-determination, human rights, democracy and peace
 (PUK PUK Patriotic Union of Kurdistan
PUK Personal Unlocking Key (as used in mobile phones)
PUK PopUp Killer
PUK Potchefstroomkampus (South Africa)
PUK Pop-Up Killer (browser utility) 
), the party of Iraqi President Jala Talabani, reportedly won 60 percent of the ballots. The two parties have dominated Kurdish politics for nearly half a century. If confirmed, the results would give the KDP-PUK coalition approximately 55 seats in the 111-seat parliament, down from 78 seats.

A new opposition movement, Goran (Change), said it had won more than a quarter of the seats in the Kurdish parliament. A senior Goran official told AFP (1) (AppleTalk Filing Protocol) The file sharing protocol used in an AppleTalk network. In order for non-Apple networks to access data in an AppleShare server, their protocols must translate into the AFP language. See file sharing protocol.  his party won 28 seats, making Goran the first serious opposition to the KDP-PUK list.

Goran, founded by former PUK leader Nawshirwan Mustafa, had campaigned on a platform of challenging KDP and PUK's monopoly on power. But the opposition has raised allegations of voter fraud and irregularities in two Iraqi regions.

"We have evidence of massive fraud in Irbil and Dahuk, and we are contesting the results in those two provinces," said Mohammed Tawfiq, campaign manager for Goran.

Nearly 80 percent of the region's 2.5 million voters participated in Saturday's election. Ballots will be transported to Baghdad for an official count with final results to be announced To be announced (TBA)

A contract for the purchase or sale of an MBS to be delivered at an agreed-upon future date but does not include a specified pool number and number of pools or precise amount to be delivered.
 later this week.

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Date:Jul 27, 2009
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