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Knowledge Centre releases change management manual.

The IABC IABC International Association of Business Communicators
IABC Indo-Americans for Better Community
 Knowledge Centre is offering the second edition of "The Complete Guide to Integrated Change Communication: Best Practices for Major Announcements."

Developed by RBC RBC red blood cell.

RBC or rbc
red blood cell

n See red blood cell count.


red blood cells; red blood (cell) count (see blood count).
 Financial Group and based on the company's experiences with organizational change and restructuring restructuring - The transformation from one representation form to another at the same relative abstraction level, while preserving the subject system's external behaviour (functionality and semantics). , this guide contains tips, templates and samples from RBC's own announcements. It also includes a comprehensive plan for communicating with staff, clients, the media and local government during times of change.

Customizable announcement templates, both in print and on CD-ROM CD-ROM: see compact disc.
 in full compact disc read-only memory

Type of computer storage medium that is read optically (e.g., by a laser).
, include press releases, employee communication updates, a multilocation announcement logistics schedule, a manager's checklist and a communications critical path.

The guide is available as a ring-bound manual for US$175 members/$230 non-members.

Get more information or order online at
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Publication:Communication World
Date:Mar 1, 2005
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