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Kitchen Nightmare: cook up the Thai PM movie

In the mix ... Samak Sundaravej (left, photo: Andy Rain/EPA) and Chow Yun-Fat
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Chow.

Chow Yun-Fat (Traditional Chinese: 周潤發; Simplified Chinese:

Meet Samak Sundaravej. He's cooking up a storm. He's out of the frying pan, into the fire, and whatever other culinary cliche you care to reheat Re`heat´   

v. t. 1. To heat again.
2. To revive; to cheer; to cherish.

Verb 1. reheat - heat again; "Please reheat the food from last night"
 and pass off as fresh. One minute he's just another deeply unpopular world leader, up to his neck in corruption and clinging to office by his fingernails. The next, disaster! He's pitched into the slop-bucket and fed to the pigs. And all on account of that dratted drat·ted  
Damned; confounded.
 cookery show.

So yes, this week's Casting the News concerns Samak, the prime minister of Thailand who has just been ruled to have breached the conflict of interest law after moonlighting as a celebrity chef In its strictest sense, a celebrity chef is a someone who has become well-known for his/her cooking. The first historical personality that fits this description is Martino da Como but in practical terms the term grew in popularity during the 1990s.  and must therefore be drummed out of office. Hear the rumbling outrage of the People Power Party. Sniff the sweet delight of the People's Alliance for Democracy The People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) (Thai: พันธมิตรประชาชนเพื่อประชาธิปไตย; also called . Taste the full-bodied schadenfreude of the United People's Party There are several parties called United People's Party:
  • United People's Party (Jamaica)
  • United People's Party (Liberia)
  • United People's Party (Poland)
  • United People's Party (Singapore)
 for Peopledom. OK, we made that last one up – but feel free to go the Life of Brian route with this one.

Certainly there's a lot to chew over here. Samak was the host of a cookery show called Tasting, Grumbling, in which he would prowl the wet markets of Bangkok, remonstrating with stall-holders, pausing only to whip up his trademark dish of "pork leg in Coca-Cola" (no Tesco own brand for Samak). His critics allege that he was actually never more than a puppet stooge stooge  
1. The partner in a comedy team who feeds lines to the other comedian; a straight man.

2. One who allows oneself to be used for another's profit or advantage; a puppet.

3. Slang A stool pigeon.
 of one Thaksin Shinawatra, the former PM who was ousted in a military coup in 2006 and now purportedly pulls the strings from exile in the UK.

It strikes me that Samak's saga could be played as a classic love triangle A love triangle is a romantic relationship involving three people (known as a triad). While it can refer to two people independently romantically linked with a third, it usually implies that each of the three people has some kind of relationship to the other two. , with our hero caught between two masters and acting like a fool. Who's his real boss? The deposed Thaksin or the rapacious executives at Coca-Cola Global, insisting that he takes time off from a crucial summit to televise tel·e·vise  
tr. & intr.v. tel·e·vised, tel·e·vis·ing, tel·e·vis·es
To broadcast or be broadcast by television.

[Back-formation from television.
 another pork stewing session? I think the film needs a goofy, quirky approach. Someone like David O Russell could make a good fist of it.

As to the casting, we note that Samak is actually of Chinese descent. Chow Yun-Fat might be a good candidate for the role. Alternatively, you could take a crass, Hollywood approach and dragoon in - ooh, let's go crazy here – Ben Stiller as Samak, Vince Vaughn as Thaksin and Owen Wilson as Mr Coca-Cola.

Here's what we need …

Samak Sundaravej:

Thaksin Shinawatra:

The Coca-Cola Executive:




The Sarah Palin story, meanwhile, shows no signs of reaching the closing credits, what with all that kerfuffle kerfuffle

informal a noisy and disorderly incident [Scots curfuffle, carfuffle]

Noun 1. kerfuffle
 over Obama's lipstick-on-a-pig line. There was huge support for Mary McDonnell in the title role, so I guess we'll run with that - although I'm secretly voting for Greatpoochini's choice of Sandra Bullock. GreenMachine suggests Bruce Willis to play McCain and Karl Rove as director. Finally, dfic1999's tagline ("Underneath the hockey mask, evil lurks") guarantees shudders all the way to November – and possibly beyond.
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Date:Sep 11, 2008
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