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Kirin completes sales, distributor network restructuring in U.S.

Kirin USA announced that it has completed restructuring of both its distribution and sales networks, in an effort to further boost Kirin's expansion in the U.S. Market, while maximizing profits for the brand's wholesale and retail partners. This restructuring comes in the wake of the joint decision previously announced last year by Kirin USA and Molson USA to terminate Molson's distribution agreement of Kirin brands in the U.S. by 1992.

The new streamlined distribution puts Kirin in much more direct contact with its wholesale and retail customers by eliminating any third party involvement in the process.

"Our stated mission for 1993 is to sell 1.5 million cases in the U.S. by maximizing our marketing efforts on behalf of Kirin's brands," said Kazuhiro Tsukahara, vice president of marketing for Kirin USA. "Clearly, the best way to accomplish this mission was for us to take direct control of our own destiny in the U.S. market.

This especially made sense in light of the aging U.S. beer market in general, and the stagnant growth of the imported beer market in particular."

In a move directly related to the new streamlined distribution network, Kirin USA has also announced a new decentralized sales organization, designed to be much more responsive in its support of U.S. marketing efforts for all the company's brands.

The move more evenly divides sales management and direction on a much more regional basis than the company previously employed.

"In addition to helping us to be more cost-effective and, thus, more profitable for all involved, our new decentralized sales and streamlined distribution networks should bring other advantages," Tsukahara said. "As a company we'll be that much closer to the marketplace and able to react much more quickly to what's actually happening on the street.

"Likewise, we'll hope to be able to give more helpful 'street activity' and better motivation and promotions to our distributors.

"Finally, our overall planning will improve, as we'll now be able to comply with situations that vary from region to region.

"This is something we weren't able to satisfactorily accomplish before, particularly given the sales management and distribution structures we had before," he said.
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Title Annotation:Kirin BrewingCo. Ltd.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Apr 26, 1993
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