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Kinsella family in knife sentences plea.

Summary: The family of murdered teenager Teenager
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Ah, Wilderness!

high-school senior has problems with girls and his father. [Am. Drama: O’Neill Ah, Wilderness! in Sobel, 15]

Aldrich, Henry

teenaged film character of the 1940s. [Am.
 Ben Kinsella Kinsella is the name of:
  • Brooke Kinsella, British actress
  • Eamonn Kinsella, Irish athlete
  • John Kinsella, Australian writer
  • Noël Kinsella, Canadian senator
  • Sophie Kinsella, British author
  • Stephan Kinsella, American lawyer and author
 have said the sentences handed out to his killers are "not enough".

The family of murdered teenager Ben Kinsella have said the sentences handed out to his killers are "not enough".

Ben's mother Deborah Deborah (dĕb`ōrə), in the Bible, prophetess and judge of Israel, the only woman to hold that office. Under her guidance Barak conquered Sisera and delivered Israel from the oppression of the Canaanite King Jabin.  said that the life tariff tariff, tax on imported and, more rarely, exported goods. It is also called a customs duty. Tariffs may be distinguished from other taxes in that their predominant purpose is not financial but economic—not to increase a nation's revenue but to protect domestic  to be served for knife crime should match that of gun crime.

She said: "To us, both are lethal lethal /le·thal/ (le´th'l) fatal.

1. Capable of causing death.

2. Of, relating to, or causing death.


deadly; fatal.
 weapons so I don't see the difference."

It comes after her son's killers - Juress Kika, 19, Michael Alleyne, 18, and Jade Braithwaite, 20 - were ordered to serve a minimum of 19 years in jail after Ben was knifed 11 times in five seconds on June 29, last year.

Ben's sister, the former EastEnders actress Brooke Kinsella Brooke Kinsella (born July 17, 1983) is a British actress. Career
She made her television debut at the age of nine in the BBC children series MUD (1994). She has had many roles since then in programmes such as the BBC detective series' Maisie Rain (1998) and
, called for a shake-up of the legal system.

She said: "We've spoken about it as a family and we all feel it simply wasn't enough."

She added: "The past year has flown by so quickly that those 19 years they have to do is just going to fly by, as much as the judge tried to give as many years as he could, it's just not enough for us as a family."

Mr Kinsella said: "Ben will never be forgotten, we hope his legacy will live on for a long time and make the governments and the politicians sit up and take notice that enough is enough. We can't carry on like this."

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Date:Jun 16, 2009
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