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Killer girlfriend's lie detector bid.

Byline: Amy Devine

KILLER Caroline Igoe has vowed to clear her name by taking a lie detector test lie detector test n. a popular name for a polygraph which tests the physiological reaction of a person to questions asked by a testing expert. A potential or actual criminal defendant or possible witness cannot be forced or ordered to take a lie detector test.  behind bars.

The 32-year-old wouldbe model is serving life for shooting boyfriend Martyn Barclay with his own gun.

But Igoe says the hi-tech polygraph An instrument used to measure physiological responses in humans when they are questioned in order to determine if their answers are truthful.

Also known as a "lie detector," the polygraph has a controversial history in U.S. law.
 test will prove her innocence innocence, in botany: see madder.
See also Inexperience, Naïveté.

Inquisitiveness (See CURIOSITY.)

Insanity (See MADNESS.)

Adam and Eve

naked in Eden; knew no shame. [O.T.

Her lawyers have written to bosses at Saughton prison in Edinburgh seeking permission to conduct the test.

A source close to Igoe said: "Caroline is convinced she will pass."

Igoe executed Barclay with a shot to the head after a row at their home in the Inch area of Edinburgh in January 2009. She was found guilty of murder and ordered to serve a minimum of 20 years behind bars.

Her brother Paul Igoe, 37, was jailed for six years for trying to cover up the crime.

Igoe - who was refused the right to an appeal earlier this year - has been telling fellow inmates she is innocent and knows who committed the crime.

Now she has instructed a new legal team to organise the lie detector lie detector, instrument designed to record bodily changes resulting from the telling of a lie. Cesare Lombroso, in 1895, was the first to utilize such an instrument, but it was not until 1914 and 1915 that Vittorio Benussi, Harold Burtt, and, above all, William .

The results could not be used as evidence in a court of law even if the pounds 850 test indicates Igoe is telling the truth but she hopes the result could garner public support.

A source said: "Caroline is adamant she did not shoot Martyn.

"Her family believe she is innocent and she wants other people to back her bid for freedom. She wants to change people's perception of her."

Igoe's lawyers have contacted experts at Polygraph Scotland Services, the company which conducts tests for Jeremy Kyle's TV show.

If they get the go ahead, they plan to ask Igoe three questions - whether she killed Barclay, whether she fired the gun on the night he died and whether she knows who killed him.

Polygraph test results are said to be around 97 per cent reliable.

Bruce Burgess BURGESS. A magistrate of a borough; generally, the chief officer of the corporation, who performs, within the borough, the same kind of duties which a mayor does in a city. In England, the word is sometimes applied to all the inhabitants of a borough, who are called burgesses sometimes it , of Polygraph Scotland Services, said: "Polygraph testing over murder is very rare but it can give good results because the matter is clean cut - the subject knows whether they committed the murder or not.

"I've carried out tests in jail before. It can take a while to get permission but it can be done."


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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 19, 2011
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