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Kidtalk(children describe how they help others)

December is a busy month. You can help decorate for the holidays, help others who don't have enough food or clothing, and help Mom and Dad get ready for company.

We asked or readers how they help others. Thanks to everyone for writing. Here's what a few of you said. "We help them by listening to them." Andrew and Christine Kowalczewski Elmira, New York "I take care of my baby sister, Elise." Frankie Gidaro, 4 1/2 Howard Beach, New York "I get dressed all by myself." Dustin Lund, 4 1/2 Lansing, Michigan "I make sure all my toys are picked up." Andy Frakes, 5 1/2 Anchorage, Alaska "I like to color a picture when my parents are busy." Carrie Barnthouse, 4 Carmel, Indiana "I climb onto a chair and take clothes out of the washer. Then I put them in the dryer for Mommy." Griffin Collums, 6 Marks, Mississipi "I like helping my parents make dinner, clean, and help with the yard." Haley Nessler, 7 Eureka, California "I help by making my bed. I also pick up my toys." Megan Major Peace River, Alberta, Canada "I help my mommy do the dishes." Nicole Beckley, 5 Solvay, New York "I got to my room and play with my action figures. I play with my mama (grandmother) who visits a lot." Kyle James Pearce, 4 1/2 Riverside, California


Do you have a brother or sister? What do you like to do together? Send your answer and a picture of you and your brother or sister to: "Kidtalk," Humpty Dumpty's Magazine, P.O. Box 567, Indianapolis, IN 46206.
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Date:Dec 1, 1995
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