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Keynote Mobile Application Perspective (MAP) 4.0 Breaks New Ground in Mobile Monitoring - Includes a Fully Integrated Real WebKit Mobile Browser Engine, the De Facto Standard for Smartphone Web Browsing.

Integrated WebKit Browser Allows Accurate Monitoring of Rich Content On Any Mobile Device Including the Apple iPhone, Google Android An open platform for cellphones from the Open Handset Alliance (OHA). Based on Linux, Android includes a library of Java classes for building mobile applications.

Android and GPhone
 G1 and MyTouch, Palm Pre, Nokia N95, BlackBerry blackberry, name for several species of thorny plants of the genus Rubus of the family Rosaceae (rose family). See bramble.
 Curve, Storm and Tour

-- MAP 4.0 Introduces Two Connection Options: 'Over Air' Monitors Content Downloaded Exactly as Experienced by End Users, While 'Over Network' Delivers a Cost-Effective Solution Bypassing the Mobile Operator's Infrastructure for Monitoring Availability of Mobile Content

-- MAP over Air Can Monitor Content From Mobile Devices on Over 35 Mobile Network Operators and From 15 Locations Worldwide; MAP over Network Can Monitor Content From 50 Cities Worldwide

-- New Visual 'Screen Snapshot' Included with the 'MAP Virtual Console' Provides an Extremely Accurate Visual Display of Downloaded Content for Fast Diagnosis and Troubleshooting of Problems

SAN MATEO San Mateo (săn mətā`ō), city (1990 pop. 85,486), San Mateo co., W Calif., on San Francisco Bay; inc. 1894. It is a commercial and retail center with some high-technology manufacturing. San Mateo, Spanish for St. , Calif. -- Keynote[R] Systems (Nasdaq:KEYN), the global leader in on-demand mobile and Internet test & measurement solutions for continuously improving the online experience, today announced Keynote Mobile Application Perspective[R] (MAP) 4.0, a new version of the company's cost-effective on-demand service for real-time monitoring from the end user perspective of content by emulating over 1,600 mobile devices. Keynote MAP 4.0 introduces ground-breaking features to the mobile quality test, measurement and monitoring market -- including a fully integrated WebKit mobile browser A mobile browser (earlier referred to as a microbrowser or minibrowser) is a web browser designed for use on a mobile device such as a mobile phone or PDA. Mobile browsers are optimised so as to display Web content most effectively for small screens on portable  engine -- allowing content providers to monitor rich Internet applications This is a list of rich Internet applications. They are organised by their use. Communication
  • Gmail - Webmail client for Google's email service
  • Meebo - An instant messaging client for multiple platforms
 and services from ANY mobile device using two connection options: 'MAP over Air' and 'MAP over Network.'

The integration of the WebKit browser engine into MAP 4.0 expands its mobile monitoring capability beyond simple WAP (1) (Wireless Access Point) See access point.

(2) (Wireless Application Protocol) A standard for providing cellular phones, pagers and other handheld devices with secure access to e-mail and text-based Web pages.
 content and SMS (1) (Storage Management System) Software used to routinely back up and archive files. See HSM.

(2) (Systems Management Server) Systems management software from Microsoft that runs on Windows NT Server.
. MAP 4.0 customers can now monitor full-featured HTML HTML
 in full HyperText Markup Language

Markup language derived from SGML that is used to prepare hypertext documents. Relatively easy for nonprogrammers to master, HTML is the language used for documents on the World Wide Web.
 Web sites that contain JavaScript, Ajax, CSS (1) See Cascading Style Sheets.

(2) (Content Scrambling System) The copy protection system applied to DVDs, which uses a 40-bit key to encrypt the movie.
, DHTML See Dynamic HTML.

DHTML - Dynamic HTML
 and other complex Web technologies.

WebKit is an open source Web browser The program that serves as your front end to the Web on the Internet. In order to view a site, you type its address (URL) into the browser's Location field; for example,, and the home page of that site is downloaded to you.  engine, originally developed by Apple and integrated into Safari, now considered the de facto standard Hardware or software that is widely used, but not endorsed by a standards organization. Contrast with de jure standard.

de facto standard - A widespread consensus on a particular product or protocol which has not been ratified by any official standards body, such as ISO,
 for smartphone Web browsing including for the Apple iPhone, the Google Android and MyTouch, Palm Pre, Nokia N95, BlackBerry Curve, Storm and Tour and many more (all now added to the MAP profile database).

With the most popular smartphones from 8 leading manufacturers added to the MAP 4.0 database of over 1,600 mobile devices, MAP over Air now covers the globe monitoring mobile content, applications and services on over 35 mobile network operators and from 15 locations worldwide. Additionally, MAP 4.0 provides IT Operations teams with new proprietary technology from Keynote that delivers a screen Snapshot of all mobile pages downloaded for fast troubleshooting and diagnosing when problems arise.

"Smartphones are driving the mobile market and their ability to access real Web content is shaping the way we all work and play," said Vik Chaudhary, vice president of product management and corporate development at Keynote. "These highly capable devices give users 24x7 Web access, wherever they are. Smartphones are now an extension of the online experience and have become the source of a significant and ever-increasing portion of Web traffic."

Chaudhary continued, "Accurate performance monitoring of Web content from a smartphone is critical in today's world and our MAP 4.0 release -- with its two connection options -- underscores Keynote's commitment to give customers choice and the best solutions. MAP over Air is the ideal solution for mobile business and product teams that need to monitor the true end user experience, while MAP over Network is perfect for IT Operations teams requiring ongoing confidence that the correct content is available 24x7."

Mobile Use Case Examples

Here are three use cases for Keynote MAP 4.0 (using the two connection options: MAP over Air and MAP over Network):

Product Details for MAP over Air - Connection Option #1

Keynote 'MAP over Air' is a unique emulation solution that requests and downloads content along the same network route as that of a real mobile device providing a view of the content in exactly the same way and layout that an end user would see it on their mobile device. Because content is routinely modified by a mobile network operator's proxy servers Also called a "proxy," it is a computer system or router that breaks the connection between sender and receiver. Functioning as a relay between client and server, proxy servers are used to help prevent an attacker from invading the private network. , it's imperative that content owners monitor the correct and complete content to gain the end user perspective.

Unlike other Web solutions, MAP over Air accurately collects the actual data delivered over mobile networks. Keynote MAP uses operator-certified modems to connect to the network operator exactly like a mobile device. Keynote MAP over Air also uses the WAP Access Point Network (APN APN
advanced practice nurse
) settings to connect to the operator's proxy server. Because MAP over Air downloads content over the very same path as the mobile device, it can accurately measure the download time as experienced by a mobile user.

Keynote MAP over Air acts like a real device and requests content from the Web server by sending all the device-specific headers. MAP over Air includes the market's most comprehensive list of device features to accurately emulate the device selected from the profile library: user agent strings A text field in an HTTP request header that contains the name and version of the Web browser. See HTTP request header, user agent and user agent spoofing. , headers, features, network standards, maximum redirections, simultaneous connections, etc. The Web server recognizes the device and its capability and sends content types that the mobile device can support. Because the device emulation is accurate, MAP downloads the exact same content as an actual mobile device.

MAP over Air can accurately monitor any Web site on any mobile device because it uses a real WebKit browser engine, the most popular browser engine. With the newly embedded Inserted into. See embedded system.  real browser engine used by popular mobile platforms such as Safari, Google Android, Palm WebOS and Symbian S60 - MAP over Air can monitor content for virtually every smartphone on the market. MAP over Air also contains information for the number of simultaneous connections a device can make. As a result, MAP over Air can accurately measure the download steps on a true mobile browser. Accurate simulation is critical to understanding the end user experience and to troubleshooting, in case of failures.

Product Details for MAP over Network - Connection Option #2

Keynote 'MAP over Network' is a second connection option and is available from 50 cities worldwide. MAP over Network uses the same Keynote MAP 4.0 proprietary emulation technology, but bypasses the mobile operator for accurate operational monitoring of correct content over the IP backbone. Because MAP over Network requests the correct content from the backend Web content infrastructure, IT Operations personnel will quickly know when applications, content or services become unavailable. When problems do occur, MAP over Network sends real time alerts to the IT Operations team enabling prompt resolution. MAP over Network bypasses the mobile operator to provide an additional perspective when combined with MAP over Air troubleshooting. When outages do occur, IT Operations can quickly and effectively determine whether it's the company's own infrastructure or that of the mobile operator.

Pricing & Availability for MAP 4.0

Keynote MAP 4.0 and the two connection options (MAP over Air and MAP over Network) are available now with mobile monitoring starting at less than USD USD

In currencies, this is the abbreviation for the U.S. Dollar.

The currency market, also known as the Foreign Exchange market, is the largest financial market in the world, with a daily average volume of over US $1 trillion.
 $100.00 per month.

Keynote's Mobile Capabilities are Global

Keynote and its subsidiary Keynote SIGOS provide customers with the ability to test mobile performance on over 200 mobile networks across more than 70 countries. Keynote's global network is comprised of real and simulated devices, user-provided SIMs and wireless modems A modem and antenna that transmits and receives over the air. Wireless modems support several technologies, including 802.11, Bluetooth, CDPD, DataTAC, Mobitex and Ricochet. There are wireless modems for laptops, handhelds and cellphones. , providing an unparalleled and customizable view into the performance of operator networks, mobile content, applications and services.

About Keynote

Keynote Systems Keynote Systems, Inc. provides measurement and monitoring, service level and customer experience management services to customers to improve e-business performance by reducing costs, improving customer satisfaction and increasing profitability.  (NASDAQ:"KEYN") is the global leader in on-demand test & measurement solutions for continuously improving the online experience. For over a decade, Keynote has been providing measurement data and testing capabilities that allow companies to understand and improve their customers' online and mobile experience. Keynote has four test and measurement businesses: Web performance, mobile quality, streaming & VoIP and customer experience/UX.

Known as The Mobile and Internet Performance Authority[TM], Keynote has a market-leading infrastructure of 3,000 measurement computers and mobile devices in over 240 locations around the world. Keynote's 2,800 customers represent top Internet and mobile companies including American Express American Express (NYSE: AXP), sometimes known as "AmEx" or "Amex", is a diversified global financial services company, headquartered in New York City. The company is best known for its credit card, charge card and traveler's cheque businesses. , Disney, eBay, E*TRADE, Expedia, Microsoft, SonyEricsson, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, Vodafone and YouTube.

Keynote Systems, Inc. is headquartered in San Mateo, California San Mateo is a city in San Mateo County, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is one of the larger suburbs on the San Francisco Peninsula, located between Burlingame to the north, Foster City to the East, and Belmont to the south.  and can be reached at or by phone in the U.S. at 1-800-KEYNOTE.

Keynote[R], DataPulse[R], CustomerScope[R], Keynote CE Rankings[R], Keynote Customer Experience Rankings[R], Perspective[R], Keynote Red Alert[R], Keynote Traffic Perspective[R], Keynote WebEffective[R], The Internet Performance Authority[R], MyKeynote[R] , SIGOS[R], SITE[R], Keynote[TM], The Mobile & Internet Performance Authority[TM], Screen Sensing Technology and Keynote FlexUse[TM] are trademarks or registered trademarks of Keynote Systems, Inc. in the United States United States, officially United States of America, republic (2005 est. pop. 295,734,000), 3,539,227 sq mi (9,166,598 sq km), North America. The United States is the world's third largest country in population and the fourth largest country in area.  and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. [c] 2009 Keynote Systems, Inc.
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