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Kenetec Announces EdgeXpert Service Planning Suite Designed to Save Providers Money by Planning Network Service Access Requirements Before Deployment.

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EdgeXpert calculates ROI (Return On Investment) The monetary benefits derived from having spent money on developing or revising a system. In the IT world, there are more ways to compute ROI than Carter has liver pills (and for those of you who never heard of that expression, it means a lot). , cash flow and bandwidth requirements Bandwidth requirements (communications)

The channel bandwidths needed to transmit various types of signals, using various processing schemes. Every signal observed in practice can be expressed as a sum (discrete or over a frequency continuum) of sinusoidal
 before deployment of EdgeXpress(TM) System and building infrastructure

Kenetec, Inc., an innovator in the development of next generation broadband access See broadband and wireless broadband.  solutions for converged networks The integration of the telephone system with IP-based data networks. See softswitch.

(networking) converged network - A single network that can carry voice, video and data.
, today announced EdgeXpert(TM), a Service Planning Suite that enables communications providers to plan the delivery of multimedia services to businesses over a single converged network.

With EdgeXpert, providers can generate the accurate, detailed information they need to assess the economic impact of a project and network requirements prior to investing significant financial or manpower resources Human resources available to the Services that can be applied against manpower requirements. .

Using an GUI-based front end, EdgeXpert guides a provider through a "wizard Instructional help in an application or system development environment that guides the user through a series of multiple choice questions to accomplish a task. For the most part, wizards are more effective than the help menus found in most applications, which often border on the atrocious.  based" network planning and services scenario prior to ordering and installing any equipment at a site. "In today's capital crunch (1) To process data. See number crunching.

(2) To compress data. See data compression.

1. (jargon) crunch - To process, usually in a time-consuming or complicated way.
, Service Providers have a clear need to streamline the entire planning process before buying equipment or allocating resources for a specific project," stated Scott Heinlein, Consultant for TeleChoice, the leading strategic catalyst for the telecom industry. "Kenetec's EdgeXpert eliminates the guess work of an installation by enabling Service Providers to calculate their return on investment, as well as bandwidth and equipment requirements, before moving forward with deployment, which will in turn help ensure their company's long-term profitability."

When used in conjunction with Kenetec's EdgeXpress(TM), an end-to-end services platform for enabling multimedia services to businesses over a single converged network, EdgeXpert enables service providers to efficiently plan common building and customer equipment requirements, such as WAN and Uplink (1) Transmitting from an earth station to a satellite. Contrast with downlink.

(2) A port on a network device that is used to connect to another network device rather than a client or server. See MDI port.
 trunks, levels of redundancy, QoS as well as all specific equipment needs. EdgeXpert specifies the exact configuration of its modular product family based upon each business's service requirements and supports advanced features such as service queuing The process of lining up events in the order you want them processed. Whether it refers to packets in an IP network that search for the most optimal path to their destination, or telephone callers sitting in a "hold queue" waiting to be answered, queuing means the same thing: deciding on . Service queuing is crucial to ensure class of service delivery providing the customer with the confidence that their business critical applications will be successfully passed through to their final destination.

The EdgeXpress product family consists of the EdgeXpress 1000 Service Access Unit, the EdgeXpress 5000 Series Service Exchange Platform, and the EdgeXpress Service Provisioning System. EdgeXpert is an expansion of Kenetec's EdgeXpress Service Provisioning System, which also includes EdgeManager network management.

"Planning the service and product requirements for customers is a complex and tedious process that can truly impact the quality of service delivered and ability to optimize optimize - optimisation  a providers return on investment," stated Brian Regli, CEO (1) (Chief Executive Officer) The highest individual in command of an organization. Typically the president of the company, the CEO reports to the Chairman of the Board.  and Chairman of Inlec Communications, a Philadelphia based provider of high quality broadband access and communications service options. "Kenetec was the first to recognize this growing concern among service providers, and has developed a software product suite that will enable us to efficiently plan and manage each installation, determine the exact bandwidth needs of every tenant, and quickly deliver the right services-profitably." Inlec Communication is the first provider of residential, primary line Voice over IP services in the US.

Within the EdgeXpert Service Planning Suite there are five key modules:
-- Economic Analysis - easily determine the ROI and case flow for various
assumptions of multimedia services.

-- Building and Customer Database - profile key building and customer metrics
including building and customer services required.

-- Bandwidth Planning - a quick and error-free way to determine the exact
bandwidth needs and the QoS/CoS for each customer and the building.

-- The Equipment "Punch List" - automatically deliver a complete list of
equipment and modules required to deliver services to the building and

-- Provisioning - automated discovery of a planned network, and once it is
installed, configures the equipment in the building and provisions the
services, from a remote NOC, and using the already compiled information

About Kenetec

Kenetec was founded in 1998 to deliver next generation communications access equipment optimized to meet the needs of Integrated Communications Providers deploying multimedia services to businesses over a converged network. The company's EdgeXpress product family is the industry's first broadband infrastructure solution based on a Services-oriented Building Area Network (SBAN SBAN Sociedade Brasileira de Alimentação e Nutrição
SBAN Straw Bale Association of Nebraska
SBAN Sport By Ability Niagara
SBAN Services-oriented Building Area Network
SBAN School Board Advocacy Network (Missouri School Boards' Association) 
) architecture that supports voice, data and video traffic to multi-tenant office complexes. EdgeXpress products are specifically designed to allow Integrated Communications Providers to cost-effectively deploy equipment and services that enable the profitable delivery of value-added broadband services See broadband and broadband service provider. . For more information, visit

Kenetec, EdgeXpress, EdgeManager, and EdgeXpert are trademarks of Kenetec Incorporated. All other company names may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated.
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Date:Jun 4, 2001
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