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Kelly, Luke E. (2011). Designing and Implementing Effective Adapted Physical Education Programs.

Kelly, Luke E. (2011). Designing and Implementing Effective Adapted Physical Education Programs. Urbana, IL: Sagamore Publishing LLC. ISBN print 978-1-57167-673-3, ebook 978-1-57167-674-0, paperback 146 pages, $34.95.

This was written to assist adapted and general physical educators dedicated to ensuring physical and motor needs of all their students area addressed in physical education. While it is anticipated adapted physical educators, where available, will typically lead in many planning and assessing decisions, content has been organized and presented in such a manner as to facilitate use by all physical educators.

To meet the needs of all students requires collaboration, long-range planning, and continuous communication among all parties working with students. Methods and procedures address physical education needs of students with disabilities so they can achieve their potentials an attain benefits of physical education.

Represented is culmination of over 25 years of work on developing and applying the Achievement-Based Curriculum (ABC) Model dealing with needs of students with disabilities in physical education. Focus is consistently on relationship between book chapters and ABC model components. The six chapters are 1-introduction, 2-developing functional program plans, 3-assessment, 4-the IEP process, 5-implementation (planning and implementation/teaching), 6-evaluation (student and program). Each chapter includes and introduction, opening scenario providing bases of the chapter, chapter objectives, summary, and enrichment activities. Throughout there is information about step-bystep teaching, mastery time for various objectives, assessment items, worksheets/score sheets, and culmination evaluations.

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Date:Jan 1, 2012
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