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Keeping labelling information secure.

The range of Jaguar thermal printers from Compular incorporates security which provides product and batch traceability, while also eliminating the traditional need to access programs in order to initiate or change printing sequences.

The security systems prevent untrained staff from entering the system and making errors which could alter the data to be printed. Deliberate adulteration or tampering, through the insertion of false information can also be prevented.

Security-sensitive information includes real-time audit controls by which traceability elements could be nullified, pricing information and |best before' or |display until' dates which, if altered, could lead to an entire production batch being rejected by the customer. Traceability, such as line, batch or operator identity, can be programmed into the printing system by means of cryptic codes.

The security elements in the Jaguar range are written into the software either by Compular or the customer. At that stage, the extent of the security is programmed into a memory card, which is inserted into the printer's control box.

This card can be programmed to suit a variety of purposes: for example, only certain contents can be changed, or information can be changed automatically as in the case of shift information being altered at a specified time of day. Alternatively, the Jaguar will only function if the memory card is in the printer's control box, thus acting as a key.

The extent of this security can be determined at the software stage, which simplifies the operation of the printer.

Compular are located at 9 Cheam Road, Ewell, Surrey, tel: 081-394 1766.
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Title Annotation:Jaguar thermal printers from Compular
Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Apr 1, 1992
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