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Keeping kids Catholic.

I read "Parental guidance suggested" (Expert Witness, April) eager to hear Sean Reynolds' suggestions for raising adolescent Catholics.

Our family has made our Catholic community the center of our lives. Our teenage daughters have experienced children's liturgy, Catholic school, and various social justice projects. Though I feel we can always do more, I think they have witnessed parents who have faith and live faith.

But the interview with Reynolds did not touch on the key issues my kids have with the church. They do not agree with the church's stance on birth control, homosexuality, and women priests, and they can not allow themselves to be part of an organization that takes the positions the church does on these issues.

Although we are hurt that they no longer want to participate with us, I commend them for standing up for what they believe and not just following along when they truthfully could not accept these teachings.

The practices brought to our attention by this interview are excellent, but I think we would all like the church to address some of these issues in a different light.

Ana Bailie

Atlanta, Ga.

As I viewed "5 Questions with Sean Reynolds" on, it occurred to me that much of what Reynolds advocates in rethinking our approach to adolescent faith formation involves getting families involved. That idea fits nicely into the U.S. bishops' initiatives on reaching adolescents.

Rebecca Titford

Director of Religious Education

Archdiocese of Mobile, Ala.


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Title Annotation:you may be right: letters
Author:Bailie, Ana; Tilford, Rebecca
Publication:U.S. Catholic
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Date:Jun 1, 2009
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