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 NEW YORK, Dec. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Eastman Kodak Company commissioned marketing consultancy BKG Youth this fall to conduct an in-depth survey on American families. The "Family Snapshots" poll explores family life in the 1990s and how families use photography to capture and preserve special holiday moments and everyday happenings.
 "Family life, holiday traditions and picture-taking are intertwined," said Rory Gumina, Kodak Parents Segment manager, Consumer Imaging, U.S. and Canada region. "Preserving holiday memories is an integral part of family life. Families will save and share these photographic memories from generation to generation."
 The "Family Snapshots" survey was conducted among a random and representative sample of 1,830 parents nationwide. The results affirm the dominant role that family plays in American society. It points to interesting changes in the way families perceive themselves.
 An overview of survey findings:
 Parenting and Relationships
 -- Families responded positively when asked how they feel about each other. On a scale of 1 to 10, 79 percent chose 8, 9 or 10.
 -- What do families do together? 76 percent shop together at least once a month. Other activities families share: going out to dinner (73 percent), walking or riding bikes (48 percent), going to the beach, park or playground (42 percent), working on an art project (25 percent), seeing a movie (24 percent), and going to the zoo, museum, play, concert or amusement park (23 percent).
 -- If parents could select any decade to raise their children, 32 percent of respondents would choose the 1950s, 24 percent, the 1990s.
 Families and Holidays
 -- 77 percent cite "being with family" as the most important holiday tradition. Fewer than 2 percent cite "exchanging gifts."
 -- 96 percent of respondents take photos every Christmas/Hanukkah. Of 93 percent who send greeting cards, 77 percent enclose a family photo or use one as the cover.
 -- What do parents dislike most about the holiday season? 42 percent name "decorating the Christmas tree," followed by "giving presents" (24 percent).
 -- 72 percent report at least one family member who still believes in Santa. 75 percent of "the believers" leave treats for Santa and his reindeer on Christmas Eve.
 Families and Photography
 -- If parents could only rescue one item from their home in a natural disaster, 75 percent would choose a "family photograph."
 -- 97 percent would not give up their children's baby photos -- even for $10,000. 33 percent, however, would take the money for their wedding photos!
 -- 92 percent believe a photograph can change an ordinary moment into a special memory. 90 percent regret not having taken more photos at special occasions.
 -- 40 percent exchange family photos with far-away relatives or friends three or more times a year.
 "At a time when family values are under debate and parents are criticized for failing to live up to society's expectations, it's important to step back and honor an institution that is the cornerstone of American life," said Marian Salzman, president of BKG Youth.
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 /NOTE TO EDITORS: Interviews, additional survey findings available./
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