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 LOS ANGELES, Nov. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Richard Klein lives to sell you something. But first he grabs your attention.
 He does it with things like a lizard that seems to have grown an AC plug at the end of its tail. Or an apple, with the continents arranged on its peel like a world globe. There's a bite out of the Pacific Ocean.
 Klein Design, a family business, aims for advertising magic on slim budgets. His wife Donna is also a designer, and his daughter Alisa is his "computer maven." Their studio is in the hills, just below the famous Hollywood sign.
 "Ad agencies have priced themselves out of the market," he said, settling down at his desk.
 Klein markets the business as an answer to the recessionary design and advertising budgets of the downsized '90s.
 For example, there's the ad featuring the world as an apple with a bite out of it -- made for an international aircraft builder whose corporate jets "take a bite out of the world." The electric lizard was created for a hi-tech product that "regenerates" like a lizard's tail.
 In both cases, he said he saved his client as much as $1,500, using old-fashioned photo techniques instead of an expensive computer process.
 Another savings for clients is his "one-stop shopping service" for both package design and advertising.
 Klein has on his studio shelves at least 300 packages, all products of Klein Design.
 "Today a package has to yell, `Hey, look at me, I'm over here, pick me up.' But these days it has to be economical and ecology-friendly, too."
 One of his clients descried how Klein had upgraded the company's logo: "It was a flower with different color petals, and he made it look three-dimensional," said Denise Berube of Decatrend Paints Inc., a Los Angeles company.
 Klein gave the paint-drop flower a 3-D look by carefully carving smooth wooden drops, then casting them in glossy acrylic. Finally, he applied color and photographed the result. "Now we have a state-of-the- art image," Berube said.
 Paint, gadgets, shampoo, frozen fruit bars, jet aircraft -- all have been packaged and sold by Klein Design of Hollywood.
 "I try to hook people with something that is unusual and different," he said, looking around the studio at the hundreds of ads and packages.
 But it was hard to hear him. They were all shouting, "Hey, look at me."
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