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Just 24 feet wide and making the most of it.

People, plants, and a dog all have their places in this compact but highly organized San Francisco garden. Constructed within a 24-foot-wide lot, one central deck offers areas where people can soak in a sheltered spa, sit on built-in benches, or gather around a circular table for outdoor meals. A low picket fence separates the deck from a planting bed and discourages plant-squashing meanderings by the resident dog.

The existing plants--a large wisteria, a bougainvillea, and a Japanese plum--were common in California missions. Garden designer Chris Jacobson continued the mission theme by adding lemon trees, honeysuckle, jasmine, and passion vine, which were also selected for their low water needs.
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Title Annotation:back yard landscape
Date:Aug 1, 1991
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