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JumpStart Typing from Knowledge Adventure Now Offers Free Head-To-Head Internet Play.

On-Line, Rock-Climbing Keyboarding Competition

Takes Learning How to Type to Thrilling New Heights

TORRANCE, Calif., Oct. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Let the Games Begin! Knowledge Adventure has launched an exciting head-to-head Internet keyboarding competition, enabling kids to build their typing strength by competing in JumpStart Typing's wildly fun rock-climbing event. Designed specifically for kids ages 7 - 10, JumpStart Typing combines arcade-style gameplay and extreme sporting events with over 30 timed typing lessons that teach children a valuable skill they can apply throughout life.

In this exciting new on-line competition, players race head-to-head up a mega mountain, Mount Keys, by accurately and quickly typing progressively challenging letters and key combinations that appear at each hand grip. As kids type their way to the top, they need to avoid zany wall crawlers who pop out of nooks and drop globs of green slime to prevent them from climbing the mountain. High score tables are presented at the conclusion of each game, adding to the excitement of the competition.

To race head-to-head via the Internet, a player simply selects the Multiplayer option from JumpStart Typing's main screen, and then with a single click, is automatically connected to Knowledge Adventure's server. Once logged on, the player sees a list of opponents waiting for a challenge. The player can select anyone on the list and, if the opponent accepts the challenge, the Knowledge Adventure server connects the two players to one another directly and the competition begins.

Knowledge Adventure charges no hourly or monthly fees to connect to its server. In order to play on-line, access to the Internet is required, and players are responsible for applicable on-line access fees.

Says Peter Doctorow, vice president of product development at Knowledge Adventure, "Designed specifically for kids, JumpStart Typing brings a fresh, fun approach to learning how to type with lessons centered around extreme sports such as rock-climbing, snowboarding, skiing and skateboarding in an Olympic-style keyboarding competition. JumpStart Typing captures the excitement of these thrilling sporting events, while helping prepare kids for success in today's computer-oriented world. What makes the game even more exciting now is the ability for kids to compete head-to-head with other players via the Internet."

Key Product Features and Benefits

To make learning how to type easy and fun, JumpStart Typing offers many additional features and benefits such as:

* A combination of over 30 timed typing lessons, arcade-style gameplay and extreme sporting events that bring a fun excitement to learning important keyboarding skills

* Exclusive Diagnostic Technology, which evaluates kids' strengths and weaknesses and adjusts difficulty accordingly -- keeping kids motivated and challenged

* Movie clips that teach correct hand placement and posture

* Entertaining typing passages, which draw from a pool of over 5,000 words, that add variety to lessons and timed tests

* A printable progress report that provides an "at-a-glance" record of typing WPM speed and accuracy

* A unique parallax scrolling technology that heightens the excitement of gameplay

The upgrade version of JumpStart Typing, which includes the new Internet feature, is immediately available at most major computer stores and mass- merchant chains nationwide. The Windows 95/Macintosh CD-ROM is expected to be priced at approximately $30. Customers can call (800) 542-4240 for sales and ordering information.

Knowledge Adventure is a leader in developing, publishing and distributing award-winning, multimedia educational software for use in both homes and schools. The company is internationally renowned for its market-leading Math Blaster(R), Reading Blaster(TM), JumpStart Learning System(TM), Fisher- Price(R), Kaplan(R), Syracuse Language(TM), Dr. Brain(TM) Thinking Games, Play Zone!(TM), Knowledge Adventure/Simon & Schuster, HyperStudio(R), Educast(TM), English Express(R) Deluxe, Vital Links(TM) and ClassWorks(TM) brands, as well as many other innovative multimedia titles for children of all ages. The company also develops, publishes and distributes educational software internationally through its affiliate Coktel Vision in France, and via distributors throughout Europe, Latin America and the Pacific Rim. With nearly one hundred titles in a wide range of subjects, Knowledge Adventure ( is one of the largest educational software groups in the world.
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