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Journal on Negotiation & Conflict Management Research.

John Wiley John Wiley may refer to:
  • John Wiley & Sons, publishing company
  • John C. Wiley, American ambassador
  • John D. Wiley, Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • John M. Wiley (1846–1912), U.S.
 & Sons (Hoboken, NJ) has begun the publication of "Negotiation and Conflict Management Research," a new quarterly journal that carries fundamental research that focuses on conflict and conflict management across all levels. An annual print and online subscription costs $380. An annual subscription in print or online only costs $345.

Published on behalf of the International Association for Conflict Management (Washington, D.C.), the title's research includes coverage that focuses on topics such as organizational conflict, interpersonal in·ter·per·son·al  
1. Of or relating to the interactions between individuals: interpersonal skills.

 conflict, and inter-group conflict, as well as topics across a range of domains including environmental conflict, crisis negotiations, political conflict and cross-cultural conflict, in addition to formal and informal third-party intervention A procedure used in a lawsuit by which the court allows a third person who was not originally a party to the suit to become a party, by joining with either the plaintiff or the defendant. , including mediation mediation, in law, type of intervention in which the disputing parties accept the offer of a third party to recommend a solution for their controversy. Mediation has long been a part of international law, frequently involving the use of an international commission,  and arbitration.

Initial research articles and analysis cover: conflict management and problem solving problem solving

Process involved in finding a solution to a problem. Many animals routinely solve problems of locomotion, food finding, and shelter through trial and error.
 in corporate team settings; explaining incivility in·ci·vil·i·ty  
n. pl. in·ci·vil·i·ties
1. The quality or condition of being uncivil.

2. An uncivil or discourteous act.
 in the workplace; negotiation schemes involving cultural clashes; negotiation skills; teaching strategies for managing tactical vs. genuine anger in negotiations; developing evidence-based negotiations; using final deadlines in negotiation; and, gender differences in response to motivation.

John Wiley & Sons publishes over 25 journals in the legal and criminal justice areas, including titles such as "Family Court Review," "European Law Journal," "Journal of Law and Society," "Journal of World Intellectual Property" and "Law & Social Inquiry."
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Date:May 1, 2009
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