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Journal directory errors corrected.

A number of corrections to the 2005 Bar Journal directory have been noted to the editorial staff. To set the record straight:

Jerry Jer·ry  
n. pl. Jer·ries Chiefly British Slang
A German, especially a German soldier.

[Alteration of German.
 Zaslow's correct address is 100 N. 17th St., 15th Floor, Philadelphia Philadelphia, ancient cities
Philadelphia, name of several ancient cities. One was in Lydia, W Asia Minor (now W Turkey). At the foot of Mt. Tmolus and near the location of modern Alaşehir, it was founded in the 2d cent. B.C.
, PA 19103 (p. 592).

William C. Ballard's correct e-mail address See Internet address.

e-mail address - electronic mail address
 is His fax number is (727) 822-1633 (p. 57).

Stuart H. Altman's correct phone number is (305) 789-9200. His fax number is (305) 789-9201 (p. 43).

H. Hamilton Hamilton, city, Bermuda
Hamilton, city (1990 est. pop. 3,100), capital of Bermuda, on Bermuda Island. It is a port at the head of Great Sound, a huge lagoon and deepwater harbor protected by coral reefs.
 Rice, Jr.'s correct phone number is (941) 748-7076 (10. 450).

Emil Peter Iaconis' phone number is (954) 785-1790 (p. 274).

James D. McDonald's correct fax number is (941) 492-9304 (p. 363).
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Date:Feb 1, 2006
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