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Jones & Rogers.


The June 7, 2008, nuptials of Sara Elisabeth Jones and Laurance Nicholas Chandler Rogers took place in the glade near the home of the bride's mother and stepfather, Dr. and Mrs. William Knox William Knox may refer to:
  • William Knox (Scottish poet) (1789-1825), also journalist
  • William Dunn Knox (1820 – 1945), Australian artist
  • William Shadrach Knox (1843-1914), American Congressman - Massachusetts
  • William Knox (Victoria) (fl. c.
 Austin Jr. in Holmesville. The outdoor ceremony occurred at seven o'clock in the evening with Dr. Jimmy D. Porter of Jackson officiating. While being seated, the guests enjoyed the music by harpist Cherie Matthews of Oxford.

The bride, escorted by her father, Donald Reginald Jones Reginald Jones may refer to
  • Reginald H. Jones, chairman of GE from 1972 to 1981
  • Reginald Victor Jones, an English physicist and scientific military intelligence expert
  • Reginald Jones (boxer), an American boxer
, entered the glade to "Amazing Grace" sung a cappella by a gospel choir in memory of her paternal grandmother. The nuptials took place under a rustic pergola pergola

Garden walk or terrace typically formed by two rows of columns or posts roofed with an open framework of beams and cross rafters over which plants are trained. Its purpose is to provide a foundation on which climbing plants can be viewed and to give shade.
 intertwined with pine and grapevine, enhanced by an array of white and pale blue hydrangeas, Lancome, Limbo and Melva roses, stems of larkspur Larkspur, city, United States
Larkspur, city (1990 pop. 11,070), Marin co., W Calif., a prestigious residential suburb of San Francisco near Mt. Tamalpais; inc. 1908. The region's scenic beauty and excellent beaches attract many visitors.
, viburnums, eucalyptus, and beech branches. As the couple sealed their vows with a kiss, The Bass Sisters of Columbia serenaded the wedding party recessional re·ces·sion·al  
1. A hymn that accompanies the exit of the clergy and choir after a service.

2. A recession from a church.

Of or relating to a recession.
 with an a cappella version of "Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher and Higher."


The bride's gown by Monique Lhuillier of silkwhite tulle Tulle (tl, Fr. tül), town (1990 pop. 18,685), capital of Corrèze dept., S central France. Firearms and other goods are made there. Tulle was built around a 7th-century monastery.  over latte silk was fashioned with a molded strapless strap·less  
Having no strap or straps, as a dress or an undergarment.

A garment having no strap or straps.

 bodice of reembroidered Alencon lace with a silk ribbon insertion at the empire waistline and covered buttons down the back. A full A-line skirt of layers of tulle drifted into a sweep train. Her illusion veil was edged in Alencon lace. The bride carried a clutch bouquet of white peonies, Eskimo roses, white phlox phlox, common name for plants of the genus Phlox and for members of the Polemoniaceae, a family of herbs (and some shrubs and vines) found chiefly in the W United States. , white ranunculuses, lysimachia, and white parrot tulips banded with a peau de soie peau de soie  
A soft silk fabric of satin weave having a dull finish.

[French : peau, skin + de, of + soie, silk.]
 and pearl wrap.

Molly Austin Paolicelli served her stepsister as matron of honor matron of honor
n. pl. matrons of honor
A married woman serving as chief attendant of the bride at a wedding.

Noun 1.
 and Cassie Braswell Anderson served her childhood friend as maid of honor. Also attending the bride were Denise Perry Barrett, Lindsey Alexandra Boyd, Brannon Boyd Dyess, Lee Ellen Haskins, Jessica Lorraine Malpass, Martin Macfarland Mashburn, Allison Tarpy Mullins, Shane Forman Normand, Etta Kate Seago, Catherine Layfield Semmes, Myra Lee Reeves, and Lindsey McGee Turk. The bridesmaids wore floor-length gowns of mango satin-faced taffeta taffeta, cloth, originally silk but now also made of synthetic fibers, supposed to have originated in Persia. The name, derived from Persian, means "twisted woven." Taffeta is in the same class and demand as satin made of silk.  in a variety of styles, some solid mango, and some mango with azalea azalea (əzāl`yə) [Gr.,=dry], any species of the genus Rhododendron, North American and Asian shrubs of the family Ericaceae (heath family) that are distinguished by the usually deciduous leaves.  sashes. The bridesmaids carried clutch bouquets of Melva roses, twilight Mokara orchids, and bupleurum and were banded with azalea-pink ribbon. Attendants to the bride were Tom Assaf Abdalla and John Haynes Ott Jr. Reiley Lynn Jones and Polly Douglas Anderson-Robertson were program attendants for the ceremony, and Miss Anderson-Robertson served as proxy bride.

Best man was Herbert Graham Rogers III, father of the groom. The groomsmen were Eli Kilgore Anding, Christopher King Cassidy, George William Coleman V, Winston Bryan Collier, Jonathan Andrew Hammett, Donald Reginald Jones Jr., Hays O'Neal Livingston, Timothy Hudson Mashburn, Edward Wilson Matthews, Matthew Scott McKenzie, Herbert Graham Rogers IV, Howard Cameron Stubbs, Merrill Pratt Thomas Jr., William Preston Thomas Jr., and Buford Doyle Tubbs Jr. Ushers were Jason Wilton Bailey, Rance Hall Clayton, Hyde Dunbar Jenkins, Judson Roy Jones, Thomas Butler Lee, Torrey Douglas Mitchell, Eric Ryan Nelson, Matthew Earl Perkins, Bradley Ellis Rogers, Thomas Matthew Sorrels, Edgar Clark Trout, and Joe Macpherson Trout, friends of the bride and groom. Scripture reader for the ceremony was Edward Atkins Trout of New Albany, a childhood friend of the groom.

Flower girls were Anne Riley Glass, Ella Virginia Glass, Mabry Elizabeth Glass, Julie Anne Lee, all cousins of the bride, and Susannah Elizabeth Rogers, niece of the groom. Ring bearer was William Harrison Mabry IV, cousin of the bride.

Following the ceremony, guests were serenaded by The Bass Sisters singing "Oh, Happy Day" as they followed a terraced flagstone flagstone: see silt.  path to the outdoor reception at the Austin home. Guests enjoyed dancing to the music of The Paul Rainey Band of Tupelo on a dance floor built over the pool and painted by the bride's mother with the couple's custom motif, which was echoed throughout the event. Each of the unique food stations, ranging from fried skewers to seafood to wild game, was a special request of the bride and groom which stayed true to their personalities. Each menu item had its own unique name derived from family names of the bride and memorable places special to the bride and groom.



Inside the home, the terrace room showcased the wedding cake and the formal dining room showcased the groom's cake. The bride's cake was five round tiers, with the creme brulee flavored tiers spaced with fresh flowers including Cybidium orchids, roses, and gardenias placed between each tier. Each tier was iced with natural, smooth buttercream and dotted lightly with lustrous lus·trous  
1. Having a sheen or glow.

2. Gleaming with or as if with brilliant light; radiant. See Synonyms at bright.

, edible pearls. Each tier had a crisp, double-faced champagne-colored satin bow perfectly perched at its top edge, placed vertically down the facade of the entire cake. The groom's cake was three square tiers of luscious chocolate layers filled with fudge buttercream. The top, edges, and base were covered in fresh blueberries and chocolate dipped strawberries. Each of the delectable cakes was a creation of The Cake Diva of Jackson.

Friends and family of the bride hosted parties in McComb the week of the wedding for the bride and groom. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Graham Rogers III, parents of the groom, hosted a rehearsal dinner for the wedding party, family, and friends at Fernwood Country Club on Friday evening.

Sara and Chandler honeymooned in Ambergris Caye, Belize, and are at home in New Albany, where they are founding partners of the law firm Rogers Law Group, P.A.
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