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Jewish poet changes name to win Arab contest.

Summary: What's in a name? For a Jewish woman in Holland who wanted to be judged fairly in a prestigious Arab literary competition, this was no easy question and it meant taking up a

What's in a name? For a Jewish woman in Holland who wanted to be judged fairly in a prestigious Arab literary competition, this was no easy question and it meant taking up a pseudonym pseudonym (s`dənĭm) [Gr.,=false name], name assumed, particularly by writers, to conceal identity. A writer's pseudonym is also referred to as a nom de plume (pen name). .

Twenty-eight-year-old Tuvit Shlomi, a Jewish woman working at the Center for Inforation and Documentation on Israel, won El Hizjra Prize, a prominent poetry award aimed at promoting culture of Arab immigrants to Holland.

Shlomi, who attends an Orthodox synagogue synagogue (sĭn`əgŏg) [Gr.,=assembly], in Judaism, a place of assembly for worship, education, and communal affairs. The origins of the institution are unclear. One tradition dates it to the Babylonian exile of the 6th cent. B.C.  in The Hague, wanted to make sure judges looked at her work based on its content and not her Jewish identity Jewish identity is the subjective state of perceiving oneself as as a Jew and as relating to being Jewish. Jewish identity, by this definition, does not depend on whether or not a person is regarded as a Jew by others, or by an external set of religious, or legal, or sociological . Under the penname Wallada bint al-Mustaqfi, an 11th-century Andalusian poet and feminist, Shlomi submitted her work and became a winner with her two poems "My Dream is Dead," and "Ready for Winter."

"With an Israeli name, I could imagine they would see the entry and say 'nope,' " Shlomi told JTA (Java Transaction API) A programming interface (API) from Sun for connecting Java programs to transaction monitors such as IBM's CICS and BEA's Tuxedo. JTA is part of Sun's J2EE platform. See J2EE.  in a telephone interview after the results were announced last week.

El Hizjra, Arabic for migration, recognizes emerging poets who write in Arabic, Berber, and Dutch. Abderazak Sbaiti the head of El Hizira said he was pleased Shlomi won because her participation "proves how multicultural mul·ti·cul·tur·al  
1. Of, relating to, or including several cultures.

2. Of or relating to a social or educational theory that encourages interest in many cultures within a society rather than in only a mainstream culture.
 the Netherlands are," according to according to
1. As stated or indicated by; on the authority of: according to historians.

2. In keeping with: according to instructions.

 the Jerusalem Post.

However Erik Lindner, one of the contest's judges, refuted Shlomi's fear of discrimination, saying the judgement of submitted work was based on language and style, not author's identity.

"I feel close to other Mediterranean cultures because they remind me of my own," she said.

"My Dream is Dead" was born from Shlomi's internal debates about the dream and reality of Israel, where she has many relatives.

"It is about searching for a home, a purpose, for the real Israel," she said. "But those are things I see in it, and I want to leave it open for other people."

Shlomi called the recognition of the award "quite amazing a·maze  
v. a·mazed, a·maz·ing, a·maz·es
1. To affect with great wonder; astonish. See Synonyms at surprise.

2. Obsolete To bewilder; perplex.

," adding that "I hope there is a publisher who will read this somewhere and will think, 'I want to publish this girl!' "

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Date:May 24, 2009
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