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Japan princess makes rare solo public visit

Japan's Crown Princess Masako, who has suffered stress-induced illness while struggling to adjust to royal life, Tuesday made her first solo public appearance outside the palace walls in three years.

A smiling Masako, 45, wearing a white high-necked sweater, beige beige  
1. A light grayish brown or yellowish brown to grayish yellow.

2. A soft fabric of undyed, unbleached wool.

Light grayish-brown or yellowish-brown to grayish-yellow.
 trouser suit trouser suit ntraje m de chaqueta y pantalón

trouser suit n (Brit) → tailleur-pantalon m

trouser suit trousers (
 and pearl necklace necklace: see jewelry. , visited a Tokyo department store for an exhibition of devices invented by housewives Housewives may refer to:
  • Desperate Housewives, American television series
  • Homemaker, American feminist phrase for a person whose prime occupation is to care for their family and/or home
  • Stereotypes of Housewives, sociological concept
, television footage showed.

Masako listened as her attendant explained the exhibited items, ranging from a butter-maker to a device to help disabled people write.

It was her first independent public appearance since 2006. Masako has skipped most public duties over the past five years, although she has attended several public functions with her husband, Crown Prince Naruhito.

Masako, a former career diplomat, has been under intense pressure to bear a son under Japan's male-only royal succession law.

Masako and Naruhito have one child, seven-year-old Princess Aiko, while his younger brother Wiki is aware of the following uses of "'Younger Brother":
  • Younger Brother (music group)
  • Younger Brother (Trinity House) - a title within the British organisation, Trinity House
 has a two-year-old boy, the first prince born to the royal family in 40 years.

In a sign of her recovery, the princess this year played a full part in the traditional New Year greetings at the palace in central Tokyo, before tens of thousands of well-wishers.
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Publication:AFP Asian Edition
Date:Mar 3, 2009
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