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Japan's new cabinet lineup

TOKYO, July 30 Kyodo

Roster of Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi's cabinet launched Thursday: *

(Position) (Name) (Age) Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi 61 Finance Minister Kiichi Miyazawa 78 Foreign Minister Masahiko Komura 56 International Trade Kaoru Yosano 59

and Industry Minister Justice Minister Shozaburo Nakamura 64 Construction Minister Katsutsugu Sekiya 60 Transport Minister Jiro Kawasaki 50 Posts and Seiko Noda 37

Telecommunications Minister Labor Minister Akira Amari 48 Education Minister Akito Arima 67 Agriculture, Forestry Shoichi Nakagawa 45

and Fisheries Minister Health and Welfare Sohei Miyashita 70

Minister Home Affairs Minister Mamoru Nishida 70 State Minister Kenji Manabe 63

(Director General, Environment Agency) State Minister Hiromu Nonaka 72

(Chief Cabinet Secretary) State Minister Seiichi Ota 52

(Director General, Management

and Coordination Agency) State Minister Fukushiro Nukaga 54

(Director General, Defense Agency) State Minister Yutaka Takeyama 64

(Director General, Science and Technology

Agency) State Minister Taichi Sakaiya 63

(Director General, Economic Planning Agency) State Minister Kichio Inoue 75

(Director General, Hokkaido and Okinawa

Development agencies) State Minister Hakuo Yanagisawa 62

(Director General, National Land Agency) (Note: Posts and Telecommunications Minister Noda is the only woman in the cabinet, while Economic Planning Agency Director General Sakaiya is not a Diet member.)
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Publication:Japan Policy & Politics
Date:Aug 3, 1998
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