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Japan, China to convene panel on setting farm import levels.

TOKYO, Jan. 11 Kyodo

Japan and China have agreed to convene in early February the first meeting of a bilateral trade panel to discuss import levels for three types of Chinese farm Chinese Farm is a board game simulating operational level ground combat between Egypt and Israel at the Battle of The Chinese Farm during the 1973 Arab-Israeli War. The game is an introductory level product with an emphasis on playability over simulation value.  products, farm minister Tsutomu Takebe Tsutomu Takebe (武部勤 Takebe Tsutomu; born May 1, 1941 Hokkaidō) was secretary general of Japan's Liberal Democratic Party from 2004 to 2006. He was succeeded by Hidenao Nakagawa.   said Friday.

Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Takebe told a news conference that government officials and representatives of farmers and exporters from both countries will assemble to fix the mutually acceptable import quotas Import quotas are a form of protectionism. An import quota fixes the quantity of a particular good that foreign producers may bring into a country over a specific period, usually a year. The U.S. government imposes quotas to protect domestic industries from foreign competition.  of stone leeks, shiitake mushrooms and rushes used in tatami ta·ta·mi  
n. pl. tatami or ta·ta·mis
Straw matting used as a floor covering especially in a Japanese house.


Japan will be represented by officials from the farm ministry, the Foreign Ministry, the Finance Ministry and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (経済産業省  , as well as the deputies from the Central Union of Agricultural Cooperatives Observers have suggested that the great influence of the Japanese Central Union of Agricultural Cooperatives (nōgyō kyōdō kumiai 農業協同組合, or Nokyo for short) in policy making partly resulted from a widespread  (Zenchu), farm ministry officials said.

The Chinese side will be represented by officials from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and the Chamber of Commerce for Importers and Exporters of Foodstuffs foodstuffs nplcomestibles mpl

foodstuffs npldenrées fpl alimentaires

foodstuffs food npl
, Native Produce and Animal By-Products, they said.

It remains to be determined where the new panel will meet and exactly what topics will be discussed at the first meeting, they said.

The panel will be convened in line with an agreement last December between the governments of the two countries to set up such a panel.

On Dec. 21, Japan agreed to avoid imposing emergency import curbs on the three products in exchange for China removing its retaliatory tariffs on Japanese cars and other industrial products.

At that time, the two sides agreed to negotiate ''appropriate'' trade levels for the three disputed products at the venue of the panel.

The trade row over the three items flared up last April when Japan slapped a temporary, 200-day curb on imports of the three items, leading Beijing to impose 100% tariffs on Japanese cars, mobile phones and air conditioners in June last year.

The import curbs expired Nov. 8. Japan had planned to invoke the World Trade Organization's ''safeguard'' clause, under which it could restrict the imports for up to four years.
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Publication:Japan Weekly Monitor
Date:Jan 14, 2002
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