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January imports drop 16.7 percent.

January imports drop 16.7 percent

January imports into the United States dropped off 16.7 percent, compared to the same period in 1989. Total barrelage was down to 17.5 million gallons from last year's 21 million.

Australia, however, continues to buck the overall import trend, reporting a 161-percent increase from last year's figures. The Aussies shipped 432,172 gallons this year, compared to 1989's 165,406 gallons.

Neighboring New Zealand also showed a marked increase during January, shipping 165,690 gallons; a 115-percent jump over January, 1989.

Also slating an increase, West German imports jumped 33 percent to 2.23 million gallons. Additionally, the Netherlands also showed a nominal 0.2-percent rise during the same period.

On the other side of the coin, Canada reported a 44-percent drop-off. The Canadians totaled 4.15 million gallons in January, compared to 1988's 7.45 million.

Mexico also notched a decrease, tallying 3.2 million gallons during the period, a 31-percent decline from January 1989's 4.64 million.
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Title Annotation:beer imports
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Apr 2, 1990
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