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Jail these leeches; YourSay.

I WAS amazed to read that a woman who fraudulently claimed more than pounds 25,000 in benefits was given a suspended sentence and that the judge thought that she was unlikely to do it again, when in effect on the proviso that she does not "do it again" for 18 months she and others of her ilk have been given virtual carte blanche to do exactly that again.

The report does not say whether any of the money must be repaid, which begs the question: if not, why not? Would it not make more sense that this type of fraud committed by these leeches on society should attract an automatic custodial sentence calculated pro rata to the amount of money falsely claimed.

That would let these people know exactly what they are risking and give the rest of the taxpaying, mortgage-paying, bill-paying community a little more respect for our judicial system.

B Taylor, Kings Heath
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Aug 12, 2009
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