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Jackie's in for a rude awakening.

Byline: Merle Brown

BROOKSIDE takes the biscuit this week, it really does. Shelley has finally lost the plot, and on Wednesday breaks into the Corkhill's house and gets into bed with Jackie, while she's asleep.

Of course Lindsey discovers them, and that signals the end for Shelley.

And it seems, the end for Lindsey and her mum. Lindsey, the idiot that she is, still believes Jackie led her ex-girlfriend on.

What utter rubbish. But rejoice. We might have had to endure this nonsense for weeks, but it's finally over when our Shell packs her bags and leaves Manor Park for good on Friday.

Elsewhere on the Close, Darren and Leanne are still at war, but it doesn't look like Leanne is going to get it all her own way, with her accusations about the dashing Doctor.

And is the latest annoying storyline from the Mersey soap going to be the one about how long it takes Mike Dixon to remember what happened in the crash, and how long Robbie can get away with being an evil get? Oh I think so.

But spare a thought for poor Bev. She's going to have to work for a living again. Nightmare.

So is the action as exciting in Emmerdale. You betcha.

Nicola finds out her boyfriend has been cheating on her, and finds a shoulder to cry on in Emily of all people.

Jason is worried that Joe is losing interest and ends up getting completely drunk and letting it all go. Not a good idea at all.

Bernice is upset when she find out she's not pregnant after all, and Roy asks Viv to marry her. Aah.

In Hollyoaks, the good news is that Sol is leaving soon. The bad news is, it's not this week.

And the extra-bad news is that he's not taking Gina with him. Maybe she and Emily will get themselves taken care of this week by trying to attack Steve, the pimp, just one time too many.

Laura - that really annoying Irish one - is trying to clear her name at the Loft, but will Finn reinstate her? Hopefully not. You know, I don't know why I talk about this soap. But it is good to take the pain of a Sunday morning hangover out on.

And so to Coronation Street, and Mike Baldwin is going out of his mind. Determined to find his son, he heads off to Scotland to try and track Adam and Susan down.

And you know, for once in my life, I think I agree with him.

He wanted the baby if I remember rightly, and only split up with Susan because she had - or was supposed to have had - an abortion. And then he finds out she didn't, but she left him anyway, without even telling him she had the kid. I dunno.

So, you can imagine how delighted she is when he turns up on her doorstep in Scotland. And what is this Scotland thing - why can't they say Glasgow, or Edinburgh or Aberdeen?

Talking of soaps and their attitude to Scotland, I still can't believe that in EastEnders, Little Mo's abusive husband is a Scot. It's a disgrace.

So, back to Corrie, and Anthony and Rita to be precise. And Amanda, who steps up her campaign to get rid of Rita. But her deeds are only serving to push her father closer than ever to Rita.

Dennis is not having a good time of it with Eileen's wayward sons, and Deirdre is furious with Dev for betraying her confidence.

And it's not long before Ken cranks himself up for yet another feud with Mike. Well, you didn't honestly expect their truce to last did you?

So back to the East End and the horrible Pauline Fowler. Martin is almost wetting his pants at the prospect of having baby Chloe home for good and it seems that Pauline might finally be noticing her son is not quite cut out for daddy duties just yet.

Steve overhears Mel arguing with Phil and well, all hell is about to break loose. And who shoots Phil? It's the talk of the nation. But my question is this - why is it going to take them all so long to get round to pulling the trigger?

On a lighter note, Kat gets a telling off from Dr Trueman's mum when she makes a pass at the handsome GP. You just know there's heartache to come when a character gets built up - and yes, she has a real problem we are all about to find out. The excitement is so much it'll probably kill me before they even load the gun that shoots Phil.
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