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JACK'S SMACK; Driver's fury as movie star Nicholson is taken home by police after crash.

OSCAR-WINNING film star Jack Nicholson cheated death yesterday in a head-on car crash.

It left his brand new black pounds 80,000 Mercedes a mangled wreck - but the lucky actor walked away with just a cut hand.

He was so dazed that he had to be led to a police car which drove him to his home nearby.

A woman passenger in the other car - a BMW convertible - was taken to hospital with a back injury.

A police spokesman said: "Everyone was lucky to walk away alive from the that accident. The cars are a complete wreck."

The force of the 1am smash was so great, a piece of Nicholson's bumper ended up 500 yards away.

While the airbags had inflated in the BMW, they had apparently not operated properly in the 62-year-old actor's car which also narrowly missed crashing into a lamp-post and traffic light.

The BMW, which had the roof down, was left blocking two lanes of the winding canyon road in Hollywood.

Tow truck workers spent 20 minutes sweeping up broken glass and parts of both cars.

Badly shocked BMW driver Toto Hadyanny, 23, attacked Nicholson for not checking to see if he and his girlfriend were OK.

He said: "He didn't even apologise to us. He just sat in his car looking ahead. He didn't get out to see if we were all right.

"When the police arrived, they quickly put him in a police car and said they were driving him home."

His friend, Yuri Rbanik, 21, who was driving a following car, stopped to help the victims and gave Nicholson a towel for his bleeding hand.

He said:"When Jack got out of his car, he looked really dazed. But he never even acknowledged us or checked that Toto and his girlfriend were OK.

" The police were swarming round him to check that he was fine. He just stood there by his car until the officers arrived and then they took him home straight away - he certainly got the movie star treatment.

"I even went into my car and got him a towel for his hand. He was bleeding quite a bit but he didn't even thank me for it."

Nicholson was not given a breathlyser test and police at the scene said the crash was being treated as a routine traffic accident and no criminal charges would be bought.

Police spokesman Mike Partain explained: "We only give breathylser tests to people who exhibit syptoms of being intoxicated."

But Hadyanny added: "It's outrageous that just because he is a movie star, he gets preferrential treatment.

"I had to talk to officers at the scene while Jack was whisked away.

"We also had to wait for the tow truck to come and get our car, which was at least an hour after the accident but Jack's was towed right away.

"We were all given the sobriety test incuding walking in a straight line a short while after the accident.

"Why wasn't Jack given the same test as we were?"

Meanwhile, Nicholson could be facing a million dollar lawsuit over the crash.

Rbanik added: "We don't believe we were at fault for this accident. The police say there will not be any criminal charges and, if that is the case, we are seriosuly thinking about a lawsuit."
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Author:Dowdney, Mark
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 9, 1999
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