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It was a one-pole inefficient closet.

"Work harder!" That's a demand we'd like to put on most closets, especially ones with the standard closet-wide pole topped by a single shelf. Replacing just such a configuration, the owner-built organizing system at left made a giant leap to more efficient storage space.

The simple-to-build structure uses inexpensive 1 -by-12 pine shelving to form two similar boxes. In the vertical box, I -by-12 dividers-spaced 6 inches apart and set with two 2 1/2-inch (8d) finishing nails on each side-form 10-inch-wide cubicles. Place this box in the closet first.

In the horizontal box, similar dividers can be spaced more randomly. The box measures the width of the closet-in this case, 6 feet. As you raise the box to install it, it will rack slightly, turning into a parallelogram. Simply tack the ends of the upper box to the side walls of the closet to keep them level; the vertical box carries the main load of the horizontal one.

Set pole hardware at the front edges of the vertical box to leave some space between the clothes and the closet's back wall; to provide for hanger clearance, allow 2 inches between the upper poles and the bottom of the horizontal box. Heights of the closet poles and of the vertical divider box can vary with the type of clothes and your own height.

Homeowner Bill Miller of Long Beach, California, designed and built the dividers.
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Date:Oct 1, 1989
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