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Israeli controlled Jerusalem municipality issues demolition orders to five more homes in Silwan.

East Jerusalem East Jerusalem refers to the part of Jerusalem captured by Jordan in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, and subsequently by Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War. It includes Jerusalem's Old City and some of the holiest sites of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, such as the Temple Mount, Western  / PNN PNN Probabilistic Neural Network
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 - Residents of the Bustan district of East Jerusalem's Silwan were attacked this week while resisting orders to demolish their homes. On Wednesday morning the neighborhood just south of Al Aqsa Mosque was cordoned off by Israeli forces, including police and military.Five more homes are now slated for destruction, the notices for which were delivered by Israeli troops who were breaking down doors in the neighborhood.Residents resisted by throwing stones and empty bottles, while the army fired gas bombs and beat back crowds with batons.Israeli forces also attempted to raid a sixth home in the Silwan valley but eventually left with the warning that they would return and enter the house by force.The Israeli-controlled Jerusalem Municipality intends to raze raze also rase  
tr.v. razed also rased, raz·ing also ras·ing, raz·es also ras·es
1. To level to the ground; demolish. See Synonyms at ruin.

2. To scrape or shave off.

 the Bustan neighborhood with the claim it wants to build a public archaeological park, leaving its residents living under the constant threat of eviction The removal of a tenant from possession of premises in which he or she resides or has a property interest done by a landlord either by reentry upon the premises or through a court action. . If the plan goes ahead it will be the biggest large-scale demolition since the destruction of the Mugrabi quarter of the Old City.

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Publication:Palestine News Network (West Bank, Palestine)
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Date:Aug 7, 2009
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