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Iran-Japan Set To Cooperate in Afghanistan.

The Islamic republic An Islamic republic, in its modern context, has come to mean several different things, some contradictory to others. Theoretically, to many religious leaders, it is a state under a particular theocratic form of government advocated by some Muslim religious leaders in the Middle  of Iran and Japan as the responsible members of the international community are resolved to play an important role in the international efforts to help the people of Afghanistan to reconstruct re·con·struct  
tr.v. re·con·struct·ed, re·con·struct·ing, re·con·structs
1. To construct again; rebuild.

 and develop their country. To that end, Iran and Japan will consolidate their joint efforts towards a stable, democratic and prosperous Afghanistan. In this regard, during the official visit of His Excellency HIS EXCELLENCY. A title given by the constitution of Massachusetts to the governor of that commonwealth. Const. part 2, c. 2, s. 1, art. 1. This title is customarily given to the governors of the other states, whether it be the official designation in their constitutions and laws or not.  Nakasone, Minister for Foreign Affairs foreign affairs
Affairs concerning international relations and national interests in foreign countries.
 of Japan to Tehran and his Iranian counterpart Manouchehr Mottaki, the two sides agreed that the initial joint efforts will be made on practical, quick-impact projects in various areas. The statement said the initial joint efforts would be focused on the following areas: 1. Anti-drug trafficking and border control - Enhancing the capacity of the Afghan border police; 2. Voluntary repatriation Repatriation

The process of converting a foreign currency into the currency of one's own country.

If you are American, converting British Pounds back to U.S. dollars is an example of repatriation.
 of Afghan refugees Afghan refugees (known as Muhajir Afghans in South Asia) are people who fled Afghanistan after the Soviet invasion in 1979 and during the civil war that followed. Since the early 1980s to the late 1990s, there were approximately 3 million Afghan refugees staying in  from the Islamic Republic of Iran - Vocational training - Assisting the return of qualified Afghans graduated from institutions in the Islamic Republic of Iran - Humanitarian assistance for Afghan refugees in the Islamic Republic of Iran; 3. Support for Japanese/Iranian NGOs engaged in reconstruction of Afghanistan; 4. Cooperation in capacity building of the relevant departments of the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in areas such as vocational training and agriculture. 2009/05/05

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Publication:Moj News Agency (Tehran, Iran)
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Date:May 5, 2009
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