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Iran frees 5 detained British sailors: Fars report

Five British yachtsmen who were detained last week in southern Gulf waters by Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards have been released, a statement by the elite force said on Wednesday.

"The five Britishers who had illegally entered with their vessel into the territorial waters territorial waters: see waters, territorial.
territorial waters

Waters under the sovereign jurisdiction of a nation or state, including both marginal sea and inland waters.
 of the Islamic Republic An Islamic republic, in its modern context, has come to mean several different things, some contradictory to others. Theoretically, to many religious leaders, it is a state under a particular theocratic form of government advocated by some Muslim religious leaders in the Middle  of Iran and who were arrested near the Siri island have been freed hours ago," Fars news agency Fars News Agency (FNA) is an Iranian news agency. It was officially launched in Tehran in February 2002 to "promote the principles of the Islamic Revolution and safeguard national interests".  quoted the statement as saying.

The Guards said the five sailors were interrogated and "after investigation it became evident that their illegal entry was a mistake."

"So they were freed after taking the needed written commitments."
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Publication:AFP European Edition
Date:Dec 2, 2009
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