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Introduction to nondestructive testing; a training guide, 2d ed.


Introduction to nondestructive testing Nondestructive testing (NDT), also called nondestructive evaluation (NDE) and nondestructive inspection (NDI), is testing that does not destroy the test object. NDE is vital for constructing and maintaining all types of components and structures. ; a training guide, 2d ed.

Mix, Paul E.



681 pages




Electrical engineering electrical engineering: see engineering.
electrical engineering

Branch of engineering concerned with the practical applications of electricity in all its forms, including those of electronics.
 consultant Mix provides students with the basic background information needed for Levels I, II, and III certification in accordance with the American Society for Nondestructive Testing Recommended Practice No. SNT-TC-1A (2001 edition). Intending the work as a supplement to the required hands-on laboratory and field training, he offers 14 chapters discussing acoustic emissions, electromagnetic testing Electromagnetic Testing (ET), as a form of nondestructive testing, is the process of inducing electric currents or magnetic fields or both inside a test object and observing the electromagnetic response.  method, laser testing methods, leak testing methods, liquid penetrant pen·e·trant  
Penetrating; piercing: a penetrant wind from the north.

Something that penetrates or is capable of penetrating.
 tests, magnetic particle testing, neutron radiographic testing Radiographic Testing (RT), or industrial radiography, is a nondestructive testing (NDT) method of inspecting materials for hidden flaws by using the ability of short wavelength electromagnetic radiation (high energy photons) to penetrate various materials. , radiographic testing method, thermal/infrared testing method, ultrasonic testing, vibration analysis method, and visual and optical testing.

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