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Israeli technicians and the post-colonial racial triangle in Papua New Guinea. Cox, John Nov 1, 2015 9570
Investors answer Egypt's call. Dalby, Alexa Conference news Apr 1, 2015 190
The right to development and globalization theory. Ghorbanzadeh, Mohamad; Mardani, Nader Report Jan 15, 2015 4515
Africa and the Arab world move closer: the third Africa-Arab Summit, which took place in Kuwait, was hugely symbolic and heavy with diplomatic protocol--but what did it actually achieve? Stephen Williams reports. Williams, Stephen Feb 1, 2014 1851
Global governance and development ideology: the United Nations and the World Bank on the left-right spectrum. Joshi, Devin; O'Dell, Roni Kay Essay Apr 1, 2013 10611
An Integral Approach to Sustainable Development. Essay Sep 1, 2011 1519
Property rights and the resource curse. Schaber, Peter Report Apr 1, 2011 6069
Agricultural policy in Africa: understanding decision-making and implementation. Resnick, Danielle; Birner, Regina Report Jan 1, 2011 1546
China and India's development strategies: lessons for developing countries. Santos-Paulino, Amelia U.; Wan, Guanghua Oct 1, 2010 1821
UNU-WIDER the challenge of Small Island Developing States. Naude, Wim; McGillivray, Mark; Santos-Paulino, Amelia U. Report Jul 1, 2010 1649
UNU-WIDER the poor under globalization in Asia, Latin America and Africa: the poor under globalization in Asia, Latin America and Africa. Nissanke, Machiko; Thorbecke, Erik Jun 1, 2010 1176
UNU-WIDER the Triple Crisis: finance, food and climate change: the Triple Crisis: finance, food and climate change. Addison, Tony; Tarp, Finn Report May 1, 2010 1343
China cooperation. Brief article Sep 7, 2009 165
The conservative way of development. Kaplan, Seth Essay Jun 22, 2009 3435
How the west was won: China's expansion into Central Asia. Szadziewski, Henryk Report Mar 22, 2009 4139
Beware the new missionaries. Leth, Ivan Breinholt Essay Feb 1, 2009 1368
Regional integration in Africa: a case study of SACU. Bhowmik, Debesh Report Jan 1, 2009 3355
We are not in climate crisis. Gray, William Sep 1, 2008 711
Condi's valedictory: a review and commentary. Bullington, J.R. Jun 24, 2008 1447
Globalization's shifting economic and moral terrain: contesting marketplace mores. Barrera, Albino Essay Jun 1, 2008 7887
Introducing INDOPAC to the world: the focus of the regional business community has already turned towards the important and vital Indo-Pacific region, and an India-Asia Business Forum has been established to tackle the issues. Cover story Apr 1, 2008 2010
Media frenzy buries U.N. goals. Oct 5, 2007 1047
The shortlist indicators. Jun 1, 2007 492
Global economic outlook 2007: growth slows everywhere, but outlook is positive. Kemme, David M. Jan 1, 2007 2018
The international economy. Hauskrecht, Andreas Dec 22, 2006 1882
Aid for Trade: we can do better: turning aid recipients into consumers, and enabling them to take charge of the process, will help to make aid for trade more effective. Browne, Stephen Oct 1, 2006 1035
Firms and the Evolving Structure of Global Economic Activity. Jun 22, 2006 1515
Beyond formality and informality. Guha-Khasnobis, Basudeb; Kanbur, Ravi; Elinor, Ostrom Jun 1, 2006 1594
Global imbalances hurt economic growth. Mar 1, 2006 337
Measuring economic growth. Jimenez Viviana Mar 1, 2006 901
Local research, global governance: a challenge for institutional design. Angelescu, Ramona; Squire, Lyn Jan 1, 2006 3108
The Global Compact: shifting the politics of international development? Therien, Jean-Philippe; Pouliot, Vincent Jan 1, 2006 8813
2005 WIDER Annual Lecture: rising inequality in the new global economy. Birdsall, Nancy Dec 1, 2005 1939
The international mobility of talent: determinants and development impact. Solimano, Andres Dec 1, 2005 1559
The threat to economic liberty from international organizations. Lal, Deepak Sep 22, 2005 7267
Government's use of eminent domain for economic development ruled constitutional by U.S. Supreme Court. Chesley, Amanda Brief Article Sep 1, 2005 249
The reconstruction of Iraq: creating contracting and business opportunities for coalition countries. Lumer, Mark Jul 1, 2005 2307
The way forward. Ankomah, Baffour Jun 1, 2005 2310
New mandates for the IMF and World Bank. Meltzer, Allan H. Jan 1, 2005 1529
The bad news is really good news: with South Korea flexing its considerable economic muscle on the world stage, the U.S. suddenly has a new competitor--and partner--in the ever-evolving global marketplace. Weidenbaum, Murray L. Jul 1, 2004 3204
The great global R&D divide. Westholm, Gunnar; Tchatchoua, Bertrand; Tindemans, Peter Jul 1, 2004 2954
Surveying the global marketplace: "half of Xerox's employees work on foreign soil and less than half of Sony's employees are Japanese. More than 50% of IBM's revenues originate overseas; the same is true for Citigroup, ExxonMobil, DuPont, Procter & Gamble, and many other corporate giants.". Weidenbaum, Murray L. Jan 1, 2004 2100
The growth imperative. Wagoner, Rick Dec 1, 2003 1146
China: let's face reality. Holstein, William J. Oct 1, 2003 489
RUSSIA - Profile - German Oskarovich Gref. Brief Article Sep 29, 2003 160
Airing concerns about building systems. (News and Trends). Gips, Michael A. Jul 1, 2003 692
Why doesn't development aid work? Ali, Syed Mohammad Essay Jul 1, 2003 5977
Gearing up for change: with formal welcome into the European Union announced this April, Cyprus stands to reap major economic and political benefits. But EU membership also presents significant challenges, both to Cyprus and its non-EU neighbours. (Cyprus). Martin, Josh May 1, 2003 1359
The failure of the New Economic Partnership for Africa's Development. Taylor, Ian May 1, 2003 2496
Migration and development: the case of Turkish migration to Germany. Sari, Ozlem L. Essay Apr 1, 2003 6900
Economic growth in Cork County, Ireland, and Halifax County, Canada, during the 1990s. Romsa, Gerald Mar 22, 2003 12185
Coffee woes, Congress rescue: the recent resolution by the US Congress to salvage the plummeting price of coffee may have come as a godsend for East Africa. (Around Africa: East Africa). Manda, Gilbert Brief Article Feb 1, 2003 398
Why we should fear the IMF. (Feature: Africa). Boateng, Osei Feb 1, 2003 3495
Mbeki: African Union is the mother, Nepad is her baby. (Feature). Feb 1, 2003 1076
Inching towards reform: Africa's banking and financial sector is being restructured as part of the overall reforms on the continent. Here, Jon Offei-Ansah, provides an overview of what is happening. (Banking in Africa). Offei-Ansah, Jon Jan 1, 2003 857
Maximising the growth potential: "those who think that Africa is just one big non-performing continent are as misinformed as those who treasure the ideas of lions and elephants roaming the streets of our cities". (Banking in Africa). Jan 1, 2003 1231
The IMF and the ruble zone. Aslund, Anders Dec 22, 2002 3442
The IMF and the Ruble Area: response to comments. Odling-Smee, John; Pastor, Gonzalo Dec 22, 2002 1585
Globalisation and development: new evidence from Central and Eastern Europe. Cernat, Lucian; Vranceanu, Radu Dec 22, 2002 5863
Stop pushing us around! The SADC is fed up with being pushed around by the EU over Zimbabwe. (Around Africa: SADC). Shoko, Rangarirai Dec 1, 2002 728
Tunisia relationship with the European Union: the fruits of strategic foresight. (Tunisia-EU). Oct 1, 2002 3750
Aid listen, George. (Feature). Manda, Gilbert Oct 1, 2002 1238
E.U., U.S. pledge to increase development assistance. (Environmental Intelligence). Bast, Elizabeth Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 281
Output costs of currency and balance of payments crises in emerging markets. Hutchison, Michael M.; Noy, Ilan Statistical Data Included Jun 22, 2002 6705
TUNISIA - Globalisation Through The EU. Brief Article Jun 3, 2002 557
March madness in Monterrey: Billed as a conference to help the world's poor, the UN's Monterrey summit was not just about money, taxation, debt, or even development. It was also about power. (Cover Story: United Nations). Bonta, Steve Apr 22, 2002 1795
New push for global taxes: A renewed drive for global taxation threatens to accomplish the UN's goal of an international revenue service that would collect taxes from every person on the planet. (Cover Story: United Nations). Bonta, Steve Apr 22, 2002 3856
Economic perspectives. Gjedrem, Svein Apr 1, 2002 5181
The development imperative: creating the preconditions for peace. (Economic and Social Implications). Atwood, J. Brian Mar 22, 2002 5328
Coping with globalisation. Shuja, Sharif M. Nov 1, 2001 2963
Development without Borders. Annan, Kofi Brief Article Jun 22, 2001 859
UN Peacekeeping: Lessons Learned? Malone, David M.; Thakur, Ramesh Jan 1, 2001 2677
Human Security and Global Governance: Putting People First. Axworthy, Lloyd Jan 1, 2001 1974
Introduction: Structural Transformation, Opening Up and Catching Up in Vietnam. Lavigne, Marie Dec 22, 2000 2014
How to Keep Growing "New Economies". Jordan, Jerry L. Aug 15, 2000 3184
THE WORLD ECONOMY. Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2000 12404
The globalization mania and developing economies. Ali, Muhammad Imtiaz May 1, 2000 947
THE WORLD ECONOMY. Pain, Nigel; Ashworth, Paul; Holland, Dawn; Hubert, Florence; Velde, Dirk Willem te Statistical Data Included Apr 1, 2000 24386
THE WORLD ECONOMY. Pain, Nigel; Ashworth, Paul; Holland, Dawn; Hubert, Florence; Willem te Velde, Dirk Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2000 28157
International economy and finance. Brief Article Nov 1, 1999 5705
Asian recovery inspires confidence. Siddiqi, Moin Jul 1, 1999 805
Turnaround to benefit rest of Asia. Jun 28, 1999 182
Trio facing biggest test. SCHUBERT, JEFF Mar 1, 1999 734
The world economy. Jan 1, 1999 436
Does the IMF have a future? Oct 19, 1998 562
Commentary: The UK and the world liquidity crisis. Barrell, Ray; Weale, Martin; Young, Garry Oct 1, 1998 2632
Recent economic developments. Pain, Nigel Oct 1, 1998 2019
Prospects for North American and Japan. Pain, Nigel Oct 1, 1998 6203
Financial market contagion and the effects of the crises in East Asia, Russia and Latin America. Barrell, Ray; Dury, Karen; Holland, Dawn; Pain, Nigel; Velde, Dirk te Oct 1, 1998 8717
Economic stations champion the world's poor. Jones, Arthur Apr 10, 1998 1451
Development and social change: a global perspective. Book Review Mar 22, 1998 877
Globalization conference reveals gap among Catholics. Fox, Thomas C. Column Jul 4, 1997 901
Alleviating motion sickness: transportation privatization trends in developing countries. Marber, Peter N. Jan 1, 1997 13990
Accessing international capital: Pakistan's experience, prospects, and policy implications. Uppal, Jamshed Y.; Mangla, I.U. Report Dec 22, 1996 4914
Globalisation, information technology, and economic development. Farhat, Seema Report Dec 22, 1996 6481
Local officials attending symposium take home ideas for 'world class' leadership in their communities. Barnes, Bill; Furdell, Phyllis Nov 18, 1996 835
The expanding shadow economy. Ayres, Ed Cover Story Jul 1, 1996 7745
Business executives predict stable conditions and slightly faster economic growth worldwide; Dun & Bradstreet Survey of International Business Expectations reflects heightened optimism for the first time in six quarters. Jun 3, 1996 2617
Elusive agenda: mainstreaming women in development. Book Review Mar 22, 1996 888
The world economy. Morgan, Julian; Pain, Nigel Feb 1, 1996 18172
The world economy. Barrell, Ray; Pain, Nigel; Morgan, Julian Feb 1, 1995 12597
Trade, integration and transformation in Eastern Europe. van Brabant, Jozef M. Jun 22, 1994 9922
India: a new tiger on the block? Panagariya, Arvind Jun 22, 1994 10381
The evolving global economy and NAFTA. Forbes, C. Stewart Column Dec 15, 1993 753
Global competition is changing our world. Stafford, William Feb 8, 1993 460
A world accounting framework: trade and financial flows between developing countries and the rest of the world. Luttik, Joke Report Dec 22, 1992 4283
State intervention versus private initiative: new challenges for the German social market economy. Any implications for Pakistan? Zingel, Wolfgang-Peter Report Dec 22, 1992 5552
The world economy. Anderton, R.; Barrell, R.; Veld, J.W. in't Aug 1, 1992 10359
'World Bank Development Report 1991.' (Global Outlook ) Jul 1, 1991 1584
Economic global outlook. Islam, Mazharul Jul 1, 1991 2051
Economic reform in Eastern Europe and the U.S.S.R. Fischer, Stanley Jun 22, 1991 1513
The winds of change. Farooqui, Shakeel Apr 1, 1990 806
Is foreign aid an obstruction to democracy and development in the Third World? Mullick, M.A. Hussein Report Dec 22, 1988 1999
Trade effects of regional co-operation: the case of ASEAN. Sarmad, Khwaja; Mahmood, Riaz Report Dec 22, 1986 3558

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