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Integrated Micro Products announces year end results.

CONSETT Consett (kŏn`sət), town (1991 pop. 33,433), Durham, NE England. The major economic focus is on engineering. The town has associations with the Roman, Saxon, and Norman conquests. A German colony of swordmakers settled in Consett in the 17th cent. , England--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 1, 1995--Integrated Micro Products plc (NASDAQ NASDAQ
 in full National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations

U.S. market for over-the-counter securities. Established in 1971 by the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), NASDAQ is an automated quotation system that reports on
:IMPTY) Wednesday Wednesday: see week.  reported results for its fourth fiscal quarter and for the full year ended Oct. 1, 1995.

Revenues for the quarter were $3.84 million, up 38 percent from $2.78 million in the like quarter last year and for the year were $11.55 million, up 7 percent from $10.82 million in 1994. Net income for the quarter was $44,000, compared to a net income of $458,000 in the like quarter last year.

For the year there was a loss of $2.16 million compared to net income of $1.26 million in 1994, primarily reflecting planned increases in research and development and selling, general and administrative expenses as well as previously disclosed delays in product shipments to Motorola (Motorola, Inc., Schaumburg, IL, A leading manufacturer of semiconductor devices, electronics, telecommunications and satellite systems. Founded in Chicago in 1928 by Paul V. . There was a loss per share of $0.77 compared to income per share of $0.54 in fiscal 1994.

Total revenue, at $3.84 million for the fourth quarter, was 23 percent higher than in the third quarter of this year, the company's previous quarterly high. Product sales for the quarter grew by 81 percent compared to the like quarter last year.

ft-SPARC systems were shipped to several new customers in the quarter, bringing the ft-SPARC current customer list to 12 including two different sectors of Motorola, Fujitsu (company) Fujitsu - A Japanese elecronics corporation. Fujitsu owns ICL, Amdahl Corporation, and DMR.

Home USA, Japan.
, in both Japan and the United States United States, officially United States of America, republic (2005 est. pop. 295,734,000), 3,539,227 sq mi (9,166,598 sq km), North America. The United States is the world's third largest country in population and the fourth largest country in area. , DSC (1) (Digital Signal Controller) A microcontroller and DSP combined on the same chip. It adds the interrupt-driven capabilities normally associated with a microcontroller to a DSP, which typically functions as a continuous process. See microcontroller and DSP. , Ericsson, NEC (NEC Corporation, Tokyo,, An electronics conglomerate known in the U.S. for its monitors. In Japan, it had the lion's share of the PC market until the late 1990s (see PC 98).

NEC was founded in Tokyo in 1899 as Nippon Electric Company, Ltd.
 and Qualcomm.

In eight of these customers the ft-SPARC has been designed into specific new product lines, in some cases multiple product lines, all of which are currently in the development and testing phase. Four of these customers are planning to begin field deployment of the ft-SPARC in the near future, and the rest over the course of 1996.

A further eight prospective customers, including some of the largest telecom equipment manufacturers and service providers have evaluated ft-SPARC and without exception have reported positively on the product. The company expects to generate revenue in the coming year from sales of ft-SPARC to many of these prospective customers.

As well as the success of ft-SPARC, sales of XM systems to Motorola's Land Mobile Products Sector remained strong in the fourth quarter. Both the XM and the ft-SPARC product lines contribute to an excellent order backlog Backlog

The total value of sales orders waiting to be fulfilled.

This figure is used mainly in the manufacturing industry. Increases or decreases in a company's backlog indicate the future direction of sales and earnings.
 going into fiscal 1996.

"This year we have taken ft-SPARC from concept to reality," commented Chief Executive Officer, Mark I'Anson. "Only nine months since its launch in January we have shipped systems to half of the world's top ten equipment manufacturers and revenues from this product have grown to represent more than a third of our total revenues.

"This impressive revenue growth is entirely based on systems sold for development. As those projects reach the stage of real field deployments by our customers we expect to see substantial increases in ft-SPARC revenue. Sales of our older products to Motorola continue to be strong and, coupled with the prospects for ft-SPARC, provide a solid base on which to build our business in future years."

Gross product margin for the quarter was 65 percent compared to 38 percent for the like quarter last year and for the full year was 47 percent compared to 44 percent in 1994. The fourth quarter figure was impacted by one-time adjustments subsequent to a review of inventory values. The underlying gross product margin was 51 percent, itself a marked improvement from previous quarters.

Research and development expenditure of $813,000 for the quarter was in line with expectations. This compares with $875,000 in the previous quarter and $454,000 in the like quarter of 1994. For the full year research and development expenditure was $2.93 million compared to $1.84 million for 1994.

Selling, general and administrative expenses of $1.59 million for the quarter, compared to $1.23 million in the previous quarter and $742,000 in the like quarter last year, were affected by non-recurring items totalling $270,000. Selling, general and administrative expenses were $5.14 million for the full year, compared to $2.25 million in 1994.

The fourth quarter saw the introduction of Release 3 of the ft-SPARC system. This brings the product up to full compatibility with the latest release of Sun's Solaris operating system operating system (OS)

Software that controls the operation of a computer, directs the input and output of data, keeps track of files, and controls the processing of computer programs.
 and adds new communications and systems facilities which the company believes will be of great benefit in the telecommunications Communicating information, including data, text, pictures, voice and video over long distance. See communications.  marketplace.

A second custom-designed package for use in a customer's broadband broadband

Term describing the radiation from a source that produces a broad, continuous spectrum of frequencies (contrasted with a laser, which produces a single frequency or very narrow range of frequencies).
 switching system began shipments in the quarter. The new, 68060-based, products designed for Motorola reached general availability, but shipments were restricted by availability of microprocessor microprocessor, integrated circuit containing the arithmetic, logic, and control circuitry required to interpret and execute instructions from a computer program.  chips. The company expects that this situation will be resolved in the first quarter of fiscal 1996.

Management has again been strengthened by the appointment of Colin Proudfoot as chief financial officer and David Lonsdale David Lonsdale (b. September 22 1961, Southport, Lancashire, England) is an English actor who plays David Stockwell in the television series Heartbeat. He Currently resides in Southport. He also played Peter Barlow in Coronation Street in 1986.  as vice president sales. Before joining IMP (Interface Message Processor) The first router used in the ARPAnet. It was a Honeywell 516 minicomputer with special interfaces and software written by BBN.


of the Perverse perversity as motive for men’s actions. [Am. Lit.
 Proudfoot was managing director of finance and operations at Commodore One of the first personal computer companies. In 1977, Commodore Business Machines, West Chester, PA, introduced the PET computer and launched the personal computer industry along with Apple and Radio Shack. In 1982, it introduced the Commodore 64 (64K RAM) and later the Commodore 128.  (UK) and at Wang (Wang Laboratories, Inc., Lowell, MA) A computer services and network integration company. Wang was one of the major early contributors to the computing industry from its founder's invention that made core memory possible, to leadership in desktop calculators and word processors.  (UK) where he was responsible for finance and planning.

Lonsdale was previously president of Logistics Data Systems, a subsidiary of Dunn & Bradstreet.

IMP is an international supplier of fault-tolerant systems Fault-tolerant systems

Systems, predominantly computing and computer-based systems, which tolerate undesired changes in their internal structure or external environment.
 and embedded Inserted into. See embedded system.  computing computing - computer  elements to telecommunications equipment and solution providers. IMP has its headquarters in Consett, County Durham “Durham county” redirects here. For other uses, see Durham County.

County Durham is a county in north-east England. It can be used to refer to 4 different entities:
  • the historic County of Durham
  • the administrative county of Durham
, England, and its Worldwide Marketing Center in Dallas. IMP's North American North American

named after North America.

North American blastomycosis
see North American blastomycosis.

North American cattle tick
see boophilusannulatus.
 headquarters is in Bannockburn, Ill. -0-
                 INTEGRATED MICRO PRODUCTS plc
                     (Dollars in thousands)

                                      Oct. 2, 1994      Oct. 1, 1995
                                        (audited)        (unaudited)

Current Assets
 Cash                                     $ 6,588          $ 4,215
 Short term investments                     5,000            2,540
 Accounts receivable, less
  allowance for doubtful accounts           1,982            2,992
 Inventories                                2,128            2,813
 Pre-paid expenses etc                      1,076              755
   Total current assets                    16,774           13,315

Property and equipment -- at cost           2,258            3,401
 Less depreciation                         (1,322)          (1,706)
   Property and equipment -- net              936            1,695

Other assets                                   --               --
 Total assets                             $17,710          $15,010


Current Liabilities
 Short term debt                           $  800          $   286
 Accounts payable                           1,570            1,591
 Accrued liabilities                        1,131              810
 Deferred income                              209              399
 Other current liabilities                    244              335
  Total current liabilities                 3,954            3,421

Commitments and contingencies                  --               --
  Shareholders' equity                     13,756           11,589
Total liabilities and
 shareholders equity                      $17,710          $15,010

                      INTEGRATED MICRO PRODUCTS plc
                         (Dollars in thousands)

                             Three Months Ended     Year to Date
                              Oct. 2,   Oct. 1,   Oct. 2,     Oct. 1,
                               1994      1995      1994        1995
                          (Unaudited)(Unaudited) (Audited)(Unaudited)
 Products                     $2,111    $3,840   $8,982     $10,562
 Contract development            671       --     1,839         985
  Total revenues               2,782     3,840   10,821      11,547

Costs and expenses
 Cost of product revenues      1,260     1,329    5,321       5,499
 Cost of contract development
   revenues                      472       --       723         610
 Research and development
  expenses                       454       813    1,837       2,933
 Selling, general and
  administrative expenses        742     1,589    2,251       5,135
   Total costs and expenses    2,928     3,731   10,132      14,177

Operating income (loss)         (146)      109      689      (2,630)

Other income (expenses)
 Interest expense (net)           80       118       74         425
 Foreign currency
  transactions                  594       (183)     559          44
 Other                           --         --       77           6
   Total other income
   (expense)                    674        (65)     710         475
Income (loss) before
 tax                            528         44    1,399      (2,155)
Income taxes                     70         --      140          --
Net income (loss)              $458        $44   $1,259     $(2,155)
Net income per ordinary
  share                       $0.14      $0.02    $0.54      $(0.77)
Weighted average shares
 outstanding (thousands)      3,302      2,801    2,331       2,801

CONTACT: Integrated Micro Products plc, Consett, England

Mark I'Anson or Colin Proudfoot, +44-120-758-0000
COPYRIGHT 1995 Business Wire
No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.
Copyright 1995, Gale Group. All rights reserved. Gale Group is a Thomson Corporation Company.

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Date:Nov 1, 1995
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