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Inspection Package.

The TKMZ-A inspection package features a new Meiji EMZ-5, an ESD-safe, all-metal microscope. The Micro-Lite FL-3000 fiber optic light source incorporates a solid-state design with 45 percent more cool, white light than previous hot-running fiber optic systems. The new profile annular light guide includes three set screws for easy installation. Meiji zoom stereo microscopes incorporate multi-coated optical components, free from chromatic and spherical aberration, and provide high-resolution images. The Greenough optical design provides erect, unreversed, stereoscopic images with contrast, brightness and correct color. Ball-bearings in the stainless steel, double-glide arm allow easy and accurate positioning.

O.C. White, Three Rivers, MA

Circle 114

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Publication:Circuits Assembly
Date:Nov 1, 2001
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