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Industry's Leading Companies to Reveal New Products and Services at NetWorld+Interop 2005; 85 Exhibitors to Debut Over 115 Cutting-Edge Technologies and Latest Developments Exclusively at Premier IT Industry Event.

SAN FRANCISCO San Francisco (săn frănsĭs`kō), city (1990 pop. 723,959), coextensive with San Francisco co., W Calif., on the tip of a peninsula between the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay, which are connected by the strait known as the Golden  -- NetWorld(SM)+Interop(R) 2005, produced by MediaLive International, Inc., today announced the lineup of 85 leading industry vendors that will be making over 115 groundbreaking announcements and publicly unveiling their latest products and services at the 2005 event. NetWorld(SM)+Interop(R) 2005 will take place at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center The Mandalay Bay Convention Center is one of the largest privately owned and operated convention centers in the world. The 1 million square foot facility is owned by MGM Mirage. It is attached to the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino and adjacent to the Mandalay Bay Events Center.  in Las Vegas Las Vegas (läs vā`gəs), city (1990 pop. 258,295), seat of Clark co., S Nev.; inc. 1911. It is the largest city in Nevada and the center of one of the fastest-growing urban areas in the United States. , May 1-6. E[acute accent acute accent
A mark (´) indicating:
a. that a vowel is close or tense, as é in French été.

b. that a vowel or syllable has a high or rising pitch, as in Chinese or Ancient Greek.

]"Throughout our twenty-year history, NetWorld+Interop has provided the forum that has driven industry innovation, while attracting vendors and industry experts at the forefront of new and emerging technology development," said Lenny Heymann, NetWorld+Interop General Manager. "The shift in the industry towards IP convergence Using the Internet Protocol (IP) as the standard transport for transmitting all information (voice, data, music, video, TV, teleconferencing, etc.). See IP, IP on Everything and IP Multimedia Subsystem.  is reflected at this year's NetWorld+Interop, and the new products and services that these exhibitors are announcing are prime examples of this innovation that is changing the industry." E[acute accent]Exhibitors at NetWorld(SM)+Interop(R) 2005 offer a comprehensive range of IT infrastructure products and technologies critical to implementing a systems-wide enterprise solution. These vendors will participate in or sponsor unique programs and events that are exclusively available to attendees, and feature keynotes, educational seminars, the InteropNet iLabs and eNet, with exhibit areas dedicated to the most crucial themes in IT. E[acute accent]The list of NetWorld+Interop exhibitors who will be making news announcements or showcasing their products for the first time will continue to grow throughout the event and currently includes the following:

E[acute accent]--AdRem Software introduces AdRem NetCrunch 3.1, AdRem SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) A widely used network monitoring and control protocol. Data are passed from SNMP agents, which are hardware and/or software processes reporting activity in each network device (hub, router, bridge, etc.  Manager 1.0, and AdRem iTools 4.0

E[acute accent]--AirMagnet, Inc. and Colubris Networks announce a partnership agreement to integrate AirMagnet's Enterprise software into Colubris' Intelligent Wireless LAN System

E[acute accent]--Alcatel announces OmniSwitch 6800L and OmniVista 2770 Quarantine Manager

E[acute accent]--Ample Communications is announcing a new 40G solution

E[acute accent]--Apdex is showcasing its products for performance across applications and two Apdex Alliance members are announcing demos of this new metric

E[acute accent]--Array Networks' introduces the SPX (Sequenced Packet EXchange) The transport layer protocol in the NetWare operating system. Similar to the TCP layer in TCP/IP, it ensures that the entire message arrives intact. SPX uses NetWare's IPX as its delivery mechanism. 5000 SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) The leading security protocol on the Internet. Developed by Netscape, SSL is widely used to do two things: to validate the identity of a Web site and to create an encrypted connection for sending credit card and other personal data.  VPN (Virtual Private Network) A private network that is configured within a public network (a carrier's network or the Internet) in order to take advantage of the economies of scale and management facilities of large networks.  and the TMX TMX Translation Memory eXchange
TMX Trimix (mixture of oxygen, helium and nitrogen used by divers)
TMX Tandem Mirror Experiment
TMx Time Management System
TMX Transparent Matrix (switch; Hekimian) 
5000 Application Front End appliance

E[acute accent]--AT&T is announcing enhancements to it world-class portfolio of services

E[acute accent]--Authenex is showcasing its comprehensive two-factor authentication solution for online protection

E[acute accent]--Avocent is showcasing its DSView3(R) management software solution

E[acute accent]--BatteryGeek Inc. announces the launch of its Ultra High Capacity Portable External Lithium Super Battery

E[acute accent]--BeatBox Technololgies is announcing breakthrough plug-and-play web optimization appliances

E[acute accent]--Berkeley Varitronics Systems will showcase BumbleBee bumblebee: see bee.

Any member of two genera constituting the insect tribe Bombini (family Apidae, order Hymenoptera), found almost worldwide but most common in temperate climates. Bumblebees are robust and hairy, average about 0.
(TM), and Butterfly(TM)

E[acute accent]--BitShield Corporation is showcasing the BS-3Gweb-I-2400 World's first "Self-Defending" Web server platform

E[acute accent]--BlackBall is introducing its SearchIn Desktop Search product for Windows, the ultimate search engine for your desktop

E[acute accent]--Bluesocket has launched a complete solution for today's Wireless LANs

E[acute accent]--BorderWare Technologies will showcase its new release of MXtreme, the only Common Criteria EAL EAL English as an Additional Language
EAL Evaluation Assurance Level
EAL Eastern Airlines
EAL Emergency Action Level
EAL Environmental Analysis Laboratory
EAL Evidence Analysis Library (American Dietetic Association) 
4+ Certified, military grade email security solution

E[acute accent]--BOX Solutions is launching "SpamTrap Anti-Spam Technology"

E[acute accent]--BlueCat Networks(TM) is previewing its Proteus(TM) enterprise-class IPAM (IP Address Management) The administration of DNS and DHCP, which are the services that assign and resolve IP addresses to machines in a TCP/IP network. There are numerous graphical-based IPAM applications that take the tedium out of manually writing DNS records and  appliance, announcing MAC-based filtering for its Adonis(TM) lineup and announcing a joint OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) The rebranding of equipment and selling it. The term initially referred to the company that made the products (the "original" manufacturer), but eventually became widely used to refer to the organization that buys the products and  agreement with Sun Microsystems to address the networking and security needs of medium and large sized enterprises

E[acute accent]--Cisco Systems plans to announce its latest advances in network security, routing and wireless technologies

E[acute accent]--Coyote Point Systems is introducing its new Equalizer SI Series of Web server performance optimization appliances

E[acute accent]--Covaro will be announcing its Etherjack(R) Partner Program and introducing its CC-312 Ethernet extension device

E[acute accent]--Colubris Networks is announcing its next-generation Unified Services Network (USN) architecture and new strategy to unify wireless and wired network infrastructures

E[acute accent]--Compurex Systems is announcing their new Asset Management program

E[acute accent]--Coradiant will showcase TrueSight TS-1100 Real-time Session Monitor, the company's latest real-user web monitoring device

E[acute accent]--Crescendo Networks boosts application performance on unique Maestro Application Delivery Platform

E[acute accent]--Cyclades introduces two products; the AlterPath Integrator for HP OpenView integration module and the AlterPath OnSite branch office appliance Cyber Switching Inc. introduces CyberBreaker(TM) the "Virtual Circuit Breaker circuit breaker, electric device that, like a fuse, interrupts an electric current in a circuit when the current becomes too high. The advantage of a circuit breaker is that it can be reset after it has been tripped; a fuse must be replaced after it has been used (TM)"

E[acute accent]--Ebase Solutions is introducing its Contents Shield product, a highly robust data security system

E[acute accent]--Electronics Lifestyle Integration is showcasing its full-featured security appliance with a comprehensive managed services package

E[acute accent]--Empirix is launching a new VoIP testing service designed to give enterprises the confidence they need to put a VoIP phone on their CEO's desk

E[acute accent]--Enterasys is announcing the RoamAbout(R) wireless switch system to its Secure Networks(TM) architecture, and is expanding its SecureStack family of stackable edge switches with the B2

E[acute accent]--Epicenter is showcasing its Centerline cen·ter·line  
1. A line that bisects something into equal parts.

2. A painted line running along the center of a road or highway that divides it into two sections for traffic moving in opposite directions, or, in the case of
(TM) Managed Rack Infrastructure data center management solution

E[acute accent]--EXFO is showcasing its PacketBlazer Gigabit Ethernet solution, a solution that enables remote testing for Ethernet in the First Mile Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM), also known as IEEE 802.3ah, is a collection of protocols specified in IEEE 802.3, defining the Ethernet in the Access networks, i.e. First/Last Mile.  applications

E[acute accent]--Exinda Networks(TM) is releasing a world-class technology for optimizing wireless networks at the end of April

E[acute accent]--Extricom is showcasing its Wireless Switch with patented Interference-Free(TM) architecture

E[acute accent]--FASTORA is showcasing its Direct Attached Storage RAID DAS-315SA storage subsystem

E[acute accent]--F-Secure is announcing its Anti-Virus Client Security 6.0, its integrated antivirus, firewall, intrusion prevention and antispyware product

E[acute accent]--Fluke Networks is showcasing a new VOIP product and the company is announcing a partnership with a major network management supplier

E[acute accent]--Fortinet is expanding its presence in the secure Voice and Video over IP and SSL VPN markets, with the announcement of new features integrated into its FortiGate systems

E[acute accent]--Forum Systems is announcing v.5.0 of Forum XWall and a new 64-bit appliance platform for XML XML
 in full Extensible Markup Language.

Markup language developed to be a simplified and more structural version of SGML. It incorporates features of HTML (e.g., hypertext linking), but is designed to overcome some of HTML's limitations.
 Web services security

E[acute accent]--Gigamon Systems is announcing its GigaVUE-MP, a unique data-access switch that aggregates, multiplexes, and filters data

E[acute accent]--Highly Reliable Systems is announcing its low cost High-Rely Dual Layer DVD DVD: see digital versatile disc.
 in full digital video disc or digital versatile disc

Type of optical disc. The DVD represents the second generation of compact-disc (CD) technology.
 7 bay Multi-drive DVD archival product

E[acute accent]--Helium Networks is announcing its patented, breakthrough Wireless Recon system

E[acute accent]--iBASE-Technoland is showcasing its advanced industrial computer systems, and is introducing ODM/ODM and integration services

E[acute accent]--Intoto is announcing its iGateway SSL-VPN, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam software solutions

E[acute accent]--InfoExpress is demonstrating its CyberGatekeeper 3.1, an upgraded version of its flagship CyberGatekeeper

E[acute accent]--Infoblox is making a new product announcement

E[acute accent]--Jungo Software Technologies is announcing its OpenSMB software platform

E[acute accent]--Lancope is announcing its StealthWatch System 5.0 for Network Behavior Anomaly Detection with StealthWatch native-capture, StealthWatch Xe for Cisco NetFlow and StealthWatch Management Console appliances

E[acute accent]--LightPointe is announcing its fully integrated outdoor, point-to-point wireless solution FlightStrata(TM) 100 XA, and FlightStrata(TM) 100 XA

E[acute accent]--LifeSize is announcing strategic channel partnerships and its new product strategy

E[acute accent]--Logicube is showcasing OmniClone Xi at N+I 2005

E[acute accent]--Marvell(R) Semiconductor is introducing three new WLAN See wireless LAN.

WLAN - wireless local area network
 and Switching products and is announcing upgrades to its Prestera-DX family of products

E[acute accent]--Memory Experts International (MXI MXI - Multisystem eXtention Interface Bus ) is announcing its qualification for a new security standard and its newest product, Stealth(TM), a 3x3.5 inch, USB USB
 in full Universal Serial Bus

Type of serial bus that allows peripheral devices (disks, modems, printers, digitizers, data gloves, etc.) to be easily connected to a computer.
 with a 256 Bit AES hardware encryption engine

E[acute accent]--MiLAN is introducing two new Enterprise Class switches and Enterprise Class Wireless 802.11g Access Point/Bridge

E[acute accent]--Meru Networks is launching a new wireless LAN architecture and two new radio switching products for enterprise wireless LANs

E[acute accent]--MovinCool is introducing its Office Pro 36 portable air conditioner

E[acute accent]--MRV Communications is introducing its NC316-288PMC-4 data-center class Media Cross Connect for enterprises

E[acute accent]--Mycom Group, Inc. is announcing the mycomPRO(R) Partner Program for mailMAX(TM)

E[acute accent]--Nimsoft is showcasing the latest version of its Service Level Monitoring solution, featuring fully integrated Application Response Time Measurement, Event Management and Performance Reporting

E[acute accent]--Network Chemistry is announcing RFprotect System 4, a total wireless IDS and RF management system

E[acute accent]--NeoAccel is introducing its SSL VPN Plus(TM) software appliance with ASIC-class performance, based on NeoAccel's patent-pending Intelligent Connection Acceleration(TM) (ICA Ica (ē`kä), city (1993 pop. 108,724), capital of Ica dept., SW Peru, on the Pan-American Highway. It is a commercial center for the cotton, wool, and wine produced in the region. There are several summer resorts nearby. ) technology

E[acute accent]--Netreo is announcing its Traffic Collector product, a forensics See computer forensics.  and analytical tool which provides distributed packet capture and download

E[acute accent]--NetScaler is announcing the NetScaler Command Center, a centralized management and monitoring solution for its entire line of application delivery systems

E[acute accent]--Netcordia is announcing added functionality and additional vendor support for its NetMRI product

E[acute accent]--NetQoS is showcasing its ReporterAnalyzer(TM) v7 WAN troubleshooting and capacity planning product and its new NetVoyant(R) polling software

E[acute accent]--Opengear is showcasing its console management and KVM (K Virtual Machine) A version of the Java Virtual Machine for small devices with limited memory. See J2ME. See also KVM switch.

KVM - Keyboard Video Mouse
 over IP solutions for small and mid-sized enterprises

E[acute accent]--MGE UPS SYSTEMS is introducing its first combined Power over Ethernet Power over Ethernet or PoE technology describes a system to transmit electrical power, along with data, to remote devices over standard twisted-pair cable in an Ethernet network.  (PoE) midspan and power protection solution

E[acute accent]--Packeteer is making two new product announcements

E[acute accent]--Panda Software is introducing its TruPrevent(TM) 2.0, next-generation, proactive PC security software

E[acute accent]--Roving Planet is announcing its Commander Suite(R) 3.0(TM) Enterprise Edition that secures, scales, monitors, and manages multi-vendor Wi-Fi networks from one central location

E[acute accent]--Reflex Security is announcing the availability of the Reflex IPS 25, extending its suite of network intrusion prevention solutions to branch offices

E[acute accent]--Server Technology is showcasing its Sentry CDU CDU Christlich-Demokratische Union (German: Christian Democratic Party)
CDU Clasificación Decimal Universal (Spanish)
CDU Control & Display Unit
CDU Control Display Unit
 product family including the Enterprise View PDU (Protocol Data Unit) The technical name of a frame of data transmitted over the data link layer (layer 2) in a communications network. Ethernet and Token Ring are examples of this layer.  Manager, Sentry Power Towers, Sentry Commanders and other Sentry devices in IP-based enterprise networks

E[acute accent]--Spirent Communications is introducing the Spirent TestCenter system with capabilities to test Ultra-high Density and Ultra-high Scalability Ethernet Routers and Switches for Enterprise networks

E[acute accent]--Solsoft is introducing its Policy Server v7, which offers centralized management of firewalls, routers, switches, VPN, intrusion prevention and intrusion detection

E[acute accent] is introducing its new Multi Platform Digital KVM Switches and Serial Remote Controls

E[acute accent]--Stampede Technologies is announcing its WebRider(R) Enterprise Application Acceleration System 1.1, technology that accelerates most TCP/IP TCP/IP
 in full Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

Standard Internet communications protocols that allow digital computers to communicate over long distances.

E[acute accent]--Symphoniq is announcing enhancements to its TrueView Web Management Suite

E[acute accent]--SpectraLink is introducing its first WLAN telephones that provide enterprise-grade security and voice quality by supporting Wi-Fi industry standards WPA WPA: see Work Projects Administration.
 in full Works Progress Administration later (1939–43) Work Projects Administration

U.S. work program for the unemployed.
2 and WMM WMM Windows Movie Maker (Microsoft)
WMM Women Make Movies (New York, NY non profit feminist film productions)
WMM Wireless Multimedia
WMM World Magnetic Model
WMM WiFi Multi Media

E[acute accent]--SEI is introducing its JUICE BOX MX a mid-span power injector for Power over Ethernet applications with an integrated battery back-up system

E[acute accent]--Tenable is introducing its updated release of NeVO 2.2, a passive vulnerability monitor

E[acute accent]--Trusted Computing Group is announcing the Trusted Network Connect Trusted Network Connect or TNC is an open architecture for Network Access Control, promulgated by the Trusted Network Connect Work Group (TNC-WG) of the Trusted Computing Group (TCG).  (TNC (hardware) TNC - A threaded version of a BNC. ) architecture for ensuring endpoint integrity on protected networks

E[acute accent]--VeriWave is introducing its VoIP over WLAN Analysis Test Suite

E[acute accent]--Websense is announcing its enhanced client software product providing advanced protection at the employee desktop

E[acute accent]--WildPackets is announcing that it has added real-time expert VoIP analysis to OmniPeek, a software console for its Omni advanced network fault analysis platform

E[acute accent]--Xirrus and the Air Magnet Team announce the Advanced Intrusion Detection on Gigabit-class WLANs

E[acute accent]This year's event continues a long-standing tradition of helping IT professionals learn about the latest technology innovations by focusing on six of the most vital technology trends defining the IT and networking industry today: Network Infrastructure and Services; Wireless; Security; Performance; VoIP and Collaboration; and Data Management and Compliance. NetWorld(SM)+Interop(R) 2005 will be held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, May 1-6.

E[acute accent]For a complete list of exhibitors visit:

E[acute accent] search&showAll=true&name. E[acute accent]NetWorld(SM)+Interop(R) 2005 attendee registration information available at E[acute accent]NetWorld(SM)+Interop(R) 2005 press and analyst registration information available at:

E[acute accent]About NetWorld(R)+Interop(R)

E[acute accent]Part of the MediaLive International, Inc. family of global brands, NetWorld(R)+Interop(R) has led the revolution and evolution in IP networking for the past twenty years TWENTY YEARS. The lapse of twenty years raises a presumption of certain facts, and after such a time, the party against whom the presumption has been raised, will be required to prove a negative to establish his rights.
. NetWorld(R)+Interop(R) 2005 is dedicated to promoting and demonstrating the interoperability of the converged network, applications and devices to seamlessly exchange and use information to address the full range of business challenges facing IT organizations today and tomorrow. As the leading destination for technology buyers and sellers, Interop has fostered the growth and evolution of the IT industry for the past two decades, and remains the most anticipated and only comprehensive IT event. Through in-depth educational programs, workshops, real-world demonstrations and live technology implementations in its unique eNet and iLabs programs, NetWorld(R)+Interop(R) provides the forum for the most powerful innovations and solutions the industry has to offer. NetWorld(R)+Interop(R) Las Vegas 2005 will take place at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, May 1-6, 2005. For more information about the event, please visit

E[acute accent]About MediaLive International, Inc.

E[acute accent]MediaLive International connects companies to the markets they serve through media properties, software tools and marketing solutions that educate buying communities, deepen relationships between buyers and sellers, and fuel market growth. MediaLive International's media brands encompass the IT industry's largest and most well-respected exhibitions, including Interop(R), VoiceCon(R), Next Generation Networks(R), the Web 2.0(R) Conference, Seybold Seminars(R), COMDEX The former, premier computer trade show in the U.S. Although it grew into an end user event, it was originally created for dealers and distributors (it was the COMputer Dealers EXposition). (R), the Collaboration Technologies Conference, Mobile Business Expo, GTEC GTEC Georgia Tech Emory Center
GTEC Technology in Government Week (Canada)
GTEC Governor's Technical Excellence Committee
(SM), NetWorld(R) and respected publications including Business Communications Review(R) and The Seybold Reports(R). The Wingate Studios division delivers the industry's leading end-to-end event management software platform WingateWeb and professional services -- including strategic planning, technical integration, analytics and event programming -- that help companies produce their own live marketing programs. E[acute accent]MediaLive International is a privately held company privately held company

A firm whose shares are held within a relatively small circle of owners and are not traded publicly.
 headquartered in San Francisco, with offices throughout the world. For more information about MediaLive International, visit
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