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Indian women tie Rakhi on the hands of Pakistani jail inmates in Amritsar.

Byline: ANI

Amritsar / Wagah. Aug.5 (ANI): A group of women belonging to the BrahmaKumari Ashram ashram
 or ashrama

In Hinduism, any of the four stages of life through which a “twice-born” (see upanayana) Hindu ideally will pass.
 here, tied Rakhis on the wrists of several jail inmates, including Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Nigerian nationals.

Bright Basit, a Nigerian national, felt so overwhelmed by this show of love and affection by Indian women, that his excitement was palpable.

Farhat Ali, a native of Faislabad in Pakistan, who has been in the Amritsar jail since March 2006 on charges of spying in India, was emotionally moved when a Rakhi was tied on his wrist by a BrahmaKumari.

Ali said he it wouldn't be possible for him to ever forget the love and affection he had received from his Indian sister. He said he was aware of the significance of Raksha Bandhan, as the festival is also celebrated in Pakistan.

On the occasion, G. S. Sidhu, Superintendent of the Amritsar Central Jail, said there were about 125 foreign nationals in the jail.

The celebration of Raksha Bandhanspreads brotherhood and harmony among inmates, he added.

Meanwhile, at the Wagah border, over a 100 young girls from different schools and colleges tied 'Rakhis' on the wrists of Border Security Force (BSF BSF B lymphocyte stimulatory factor. ) personnel.

National Cadet Core (NCC NCC

See National Clearing Corporation (NCC).
) cadets also greeted the paramilitary par·a·mil·i·tar·y  
Of, relating to, or being a group of civilians organized in a military fashion, especially to operate in place of or assist regular army troops.

n. pl.
 personnel on the occasion.

Sweets and fruits were distributed. Some of them performed Gidda, a traditional Punjabi folk dance folk dance, primitive, tribal, or ethnic form of the dance, sometimes the survival of some ancient ceremony or festival. The term is used also to include characteristic national dances, country dances, and figure dances in costume to folk tunes. .

"We have come to the border to tie Rakhis to soldiers and to tell the soldiers that the country has not forgotten their acts of bravery and remember them on every occasion," said Kirandeep Kaur, a student.

Raksha Bandhan heralds the bond between a brother and a sister.

Appreciating the gesture, H.S.Dillon, Commandant, Border Security Force (BSF), said that majority of the soldiers were from far-flung places and by celebrating Raksha Bandhan here with local girls, their loneliness was reduced.

Hardeep Singh a BSF soldier, said: "It is a matter of immense pleasure for all of us here that sisters from various parts of the nation arrived to tie us Rakhi. It has made me emotional today."

Celebrated on the full moon day during Shravan month as per Hindu almanac almanac, originally, a calendar with notations of astronomical and other data. Almanacs have been known in simple form almost since the invention of writing, for they served to record religious feasts, seasonal changes, and the like. , the festival is eagerly looked forward by all brothers and sisters.

In Circa 1303, when Alauddin Khilji Ala-ud-din Khilji (Arabic: علاء الدين الخلجي) (real name Juna Khan) (b. ? - d. 1316), was the second ruler of the Khilji dynasty in India. He reigned from 1296–1316. , the Turk Afghan Delhi ruler invaded Chittorgarh (in Rajasthan), Rani Padmini Rani Padmini was the queen of Chittor, and the wife of king Rawal Ratan Singh. Today she is one of the epitomes of Indian woman-hood and a saga of sacrifice and valour. , the King's wife sent out Rakhis to the Kings of neighbouring states. By doing so she implied their sister was in danger and they should rush their forces to protect her.

This festival is more popular in the North. Since most of India's battle with foreign invaders, be it Alexander or the Mughals, were fought in the North, Raksha or security of women folk was needed more in the North than else where. By Ravinder Singh Robin (ANI)

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Publication:Asian News International
Date:Aug 5, 2009
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