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"Area Array Connectors: Transition to Lead-Free"

Authors: Heather McCormick, Alex Chan Alex Chan (born December 22 1974 in Auckland, New Zealand) is a New Zealand rugby league player for the Catalans Dragons in the Super League competition. His usual position is prop. , Richard Coyle Richard Coyle (b. 27 February, 1972 in Sheffield, England) is an English actor. He began his acting career when, studying politics at the University of York (1991-1994), he became interested in amateur dramatics.  and Donald Harper;

Abstract: The Metro2 test vehicle aimed to assess the reliability of some new, Pb-free area array connectors. This paper summarizes findings in three key areas: the reliability of Pb-free area array connectors as compared with SnPb area array connectors, the effect of TV design variables on the reliability of the Pb-free connectors, and finally, the impact of repeated mating and unmating on the performance of the connectors in accelerated thermal cycling. Two different Pb-free mezzanine connectors and two versions of Pb-free area array backplane An interconnecting device that has sockets for printed circuit boards to plug into.

Passive and Active
Although resistors may be used, a "passive" backplane adds no processing in the circuit.
 connectors were included on the Metro2 TV, which was subjected to 6000 cycles of accelerated thermal cycling from 0[degrees]C to 100[degrees]C in accordance with IPC-9701A. The results for the two mezzanine connectors are compared with the results from the original Metro TV Metro TV is Indonesia's first 24-hour news channel based in West Jakarta. The station was established on November 25, 2000 and now has over 53 transmission sites all over the country. It is owned by Surya Paloh who also owns the Media Indonesia daily. , which used SnPb versions of these same connectors. Results from the original Metro TV suggested that design parameters may impact the reliability and/or failure mode of mezzanine connectors. The Metro2 TV was designed to assess the impact of changing the total stack height of the connector from 4 to 6 mm, and also the impact of changing the thickness of the daughtercard See daughterboard.

daughtercard - daughterdboard
 from 0.062" to 0.093". Thermal cycling results and failure modes are discussed. In some cases, such as high I/O (Input/Output) The transfer of data between the CPU and a peripheral device. Every transfer is an output from one device and an input to another. See PC input/output.

I/O - Input/Output
 connectors and multiple connectors, the mating and unmating forces on connectors can be substantial. A subset of TVs were subject to 25 mating and unmating cycles on the daughtercard, and 50 mating and unmating cycles on the backplane prior to being added to the chamber for thermal cycling to determine if the connector reliability was degraded by the forces experienced by the solder joints -in- the mating and unmating processes. (SMTA SMTA Surface Mount Technology Association
SMTA Standard Material Transfer Agreement
SMTA Subordinate Message Transfer Agent
SMTA Sewing Machine Trade Association (UK)
SMTA Sekolah Menengah Tingkat Atas
 Pan Pac Microelectronics Symposium, February 2009)
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Title Annotation:Technical Abstracts
Publication:Circuits Assembly
Date:Apr 1, 2009
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