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In brief: The Queen's McCrory takes Potter role

Helen McCrory Helen McCrory (born 17 August 1968) is an English actress known primarily for her stage and television work. She studied acting at the Drama Centre, part of the University of the Arts London. has been cast as Narcissa Malfoy, mother of Harry Potter's enemy Draco Malfoy Draco Malfoy is a fictional character in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. He is a Slytherin student in Harry Potter's year, and his house's most visible adolescent representative. , in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the next of JK Rowling's books about the boy wizard to be adapted for the big screen. According to according to
1. As stated or indicated by; on the authority of: according to historians.

2. In keeping with: according to instructions.

 the BBC's Newsround, McCrory had originally been cast to play Death Eater Beatrix Lestrange in the most recent Potter film, Order of the Phoenix, but had to drop out because she was pregnant (the role was eventually taken by Helena Bonham-Carter). Now McCrory, most recently seen on the big screen as Cherie Blair in Stephen Frears's The Queen, will portray Lestrange's sister.

Basic Instinct film-maker Paul Verhoeven will direct Pierce Brosnan in a sequel to the 1999 remake of The Thomas Crown Affair, in which the former 007 took the Steve McQueen role. Set in Europe and the Middle East, the story follows Crown - a self-made billionaire - as he becomes entangled en·tan·gle  
tr.v. en·tan·gled, en·tan·gling, en·tan·gles
1. To twist together or entwine into a confusing mass; snarl.

2. To complicate; confuse.

3. To involve in or as if in a tangle.
 in a centuries-old feud and must decide how much he's willing to risk for love. Rene Russo, Brosnan's co-star from the first film, will not return.

Rapper Xzibit - real name Alvin Nathaniel Joiner join·er  
1. A carpenter, especially a cabinetmaker.

2. Informal A person given to joining groups, organizations, or causes.
 - has joined the cast of Oliver Stone's Pinkville, a movie about the 1968 My Lai massacre My Lai Massacre

(March 16, 1968) Mass killing of as many as 500 unarmed villagers by U.S. soldiers in the hamlet of My Lai during the Vietnam War. A company of U.S. soldiers on a search-and-destroy mission against the hamlet found no armed Viet Cong there but nonetheless
, which saw US forces torture and kill hundreds of Vietnam civilians in the village of the same name. Xzibit will portray a soldier who is convinced he carried out his orders in a moral way. Bruce Willis and Woody Harrelson co-star.
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Date:Nov 13, 2007
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