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Improving the EV to grid dialogue.

Electric vehicles and the grid still aren't on good speaking terms. Semiconductor firm Renesas Electronics Corp. (, powerline communications maker Ariane Controls (, and grid software company Grid2Home ( have teamed up to supply a platform to help manage the discussion between EVs and utilities.

The key elements of the platform, known as SE-CPM, are Renesas' V850 microcontrollers, Ariane Controls PLM-1 core and Grid2Horne SE 2.0 software. The companies say the system is designed to help reduce grid disruption from (presumably wide-scale) EV battery charging. The platform can act as a translator from a home area network to the meter, with the goal of managing the load and potentially using the car battery as a backup energy source during an outage or high electrical demand. The firms are offering the solution as a development platform for automakers and charging station manufacturers for testing and evaluation.

The platform will help to establish a new SAE ( communications standard between EVs and Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSEs), according to Rich Scholer, the chairman of the SAE Communication Task Force.
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Title Annotation:ON ELECTRONICS
Publication:Automotive Design & Production
Date:May 1, 2012
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