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Improved TOC analysis for organic contamination monitoring.

Emerson Process Management has introduced the Model TOC 2100C Total Organic Carbon analyser, as part of the Rosemount Analytical family of next generation analysers.

The new unit measures the organic contamination in a process liquid, waste water stream or condensate return lines. This can indicate the loss of raw material, environmental hazards or damage to capital equipment. Typical applications would occur in the food and beverage industries, amongst others,

The TOC 2100C offers real time continuous analysis of process streams, with high reliability and low maintenance.

The monitoring system uses ultra-violet promoted persulphate oxidation to convert the organic carbon present in the sample stream into carbon dioxide. A highly accurate non-dispersive BINOS 100 infrared detector then measures the level of carbon dioxide produced. Output is calibrated to read in parts per million of carbon, with sensitivity adjustable between 0-2 ppm and 0-5000 ppm, to 3% accuracy.

The unit also features programmable alarm set points, and improved self-monitoring diagnostics. Optionally, the unit can be supplied as a total carbon analyser, also measuring the inorganic and purgeable carbon levels.

The 2100C is an improved version of the Rosemount TOC analyser, with a lightweight, easy to install dual cabinet wall-mount enclosure and lower corrosion resistant polyester cabinet.

Contact: Emerson on tel: 0800 55 6000 or visit:
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Date:May 1, 2003
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