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Imperva Prevents Fraud with Fine Grained Visibility into Database Changes.

SecureSphere Provides Row-Level Auditing and Alerts for Changes to Data Including Before and After Values; Does not Require Any Changes to Database or Applications

FOSTER CITY, Calif. -- Imperva([R]), the leader in application data security and compliance, today announced that its SecureSphere Database Security Gateways now automatically identify and alert organizations to suspicious changes to sensitive database values right down to the row level. Unlike trigger-based approaches that require intrusive in·tru·sive  
1. Intruding or tending to intrude.

2. Geology Of or relating to igneous rock that is forced while molten into cracks or between other layers of rock.

3. Linguistics Epenthetic.
 modifications to the database, SecureSphere uses Redo logs In the Oracle RDBMS environment, redo logs comprise files in a proprietary format which log a history of all changes made to the database. Each redo log file consists of redo records.  to transparently monitor even the most fine-grained changes and pinpoint the users who executed them.

Tracking the most minute changes to database values is imperative for security, compliance, and fraud prevention purposes. The Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX (1) (Schema for Object-oriented XML) An XML schema developed by Veo Systems and Muzino Communications, which was submitted to the W3C. SOX is based on DTD, but adds data typing and reuse mechanisms. ) Act specifically mandates that publicly-traded companies control changes to financial information. Unauthorized changes to databases can lead to long and complex forensic investigations to uncover what data changed and restore the original values. For example, unauthorized changes to financial controls might expose an organization to undue risk due to the actions of rogue Rogue, river, c.200 mi (320 km) long, rising in SW Oreg., in the Cascade Range N of Crater Lake. It flows southwest and west through a fertile valley (noted for its orchard fruits) and then across the Coast Range to the Pacific Ocean at Gold Beach.  employees.

With its Track Value Changes capability, SecureSphere monitors and audits the values of a specific record or a subset A group of commands or functions that do not include all the capabilities of the original specification. Software or hardware components designed for the subset will also work with the original.  of table rows both before and after changes are made. Combined with this granular granular /gran·u·lar/ (gran´u-lar) made up of or marked by presence of granules or grains.

1. Composed or appearing to be composed of granules or grains.

 visibility, SecureSphere allows organizations to set independent controls that generate alerts when changes made to data values violate pre-established policies or thresholds. For example, SecureSphere can recognize potentially fraudulent activity such as unusually large changes in credit card limits, excessive discounts in sales invoices, or dramatic decreases in product inventory levels.

"With Track Value Changes, SecureSphere makes it easy to implement controls that can detect fraud and enforce security policies as well as regulatory requirements Regulatory requirements are part of the process of drug discovery and drug development. Regulatory requirements describe what is necessary for a new drug to be approved for marketing in any particular country. ," said Amichai Shulman, CTO (Chief Technical Officer) The executive responsible for the technical direction of an organization. See CIO and salary survey.  of Imperva. "Unlike conventional approaches for tracking value changes, SecureSphere does not force organizations to write invasive triggers, and can alert based on threshold or other policy violations in addition to recording before and after values."

Maintaining Imperva's goal of delivering simple, transparent security solutions, the SecureSphere Track Value Changes capability requires no changes to existing databases, no invasive database triggers See trigger. , and no disruption to application processes. Alternative approaches to monitoring before and after values entail intrusive database changes. SecureSphere stores tracked changes in a secure, tamper-resistant repository, ensuring separation of duties.

Pricing and availability

The Track Value Changes module is available immediately with SecureSphere version 6.0. It is provided free of charge to all SecureSphere customers with current maintenance agreements.

About SecureSphere

Imperva SecureSphere award-winning products deliver activity monitoring, audit and security for business applications and databases. SecureSphere products offer proven, automated capabilities for achieving, maintaining and documenting regulatory compliance. SecureSphere is the industry's only complete business-critical data security and compliance solution that provides full visibility into data usage by the end-user, through the application and into the database. Automated feeds from the security and compliance experts at the Imperva Application Defense Center (ADC (1) See A/D converter.

(2) (Apple Display Connector) A peripheral connector from Apple that combines digital video display, USB and power in one cable.
) ensure that SecureSphere is always armed with the latest defenses against new threats, and the most recent regulatory compliance best practices.

About Imperva

Imperva is the leader in application data security and compliance. Leading enterprise and government organizations worldwide rely on Imperva to prevent data theft and abuse, and ensure data integrity. The company's SecureSphere products provide data governance Data governance encompasses the people, processes and procedures required to create a consistent, enterprise view of an organisation's data in order to:
  • Increase consistency & confidence in decision making
  • Decrease the risk of regulatory fines
 and protection solutions that monitor, audit and secure business applications and databases. For more information, visit

Imperva and SecureSphere are registered trademarks of Imperva, Inc. All other brand or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Mar 11, 2008
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