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Imagining Holiness.

Imagining Holiness

Justin Justin (Marcus Junianus Justinus), fl. 3d cent., Roman historian. He made a collection of excerpts from Trogus, which gives many facts not recounted elsewhere.  Jaron Lewis

McGill-Queen's University Press

3430 McTavish Street, Montreal Montreal (mŏn'trēôl`), Fr. Montréal (môNrāäl`), city (1991 pop. 1,017,666), S Que., Canada, on Montreal island, surrounded by St. Lawrence River and Rivière des Prairies. , QC, Canada Canada (kăn`ədə), independent nation (2001 pop. 30,007,094), 3,851,787 sq mi (9,976,128 sq km), N North America. Canada occupies all of North America N of the United States (and E of Alaska) except for Greenland and the French islands of , H3A 1X9

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A story has little purpose if it cannot be applied to modern times. "Imagining Holiness: Classic Hasidic Ha·sid or Has·sid also Chas·sid  
n. pl. Ha·si·dim or Has·si·dim also Chas·si·dim
A member of a Jewish mystic movement founded in the 18th century in eastern Europe by Baal Shem Tov that reacted against
 Tales in Modern Times" is an analysis of classical Hasidic tales of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century and how they still hold relevance roughly one hundred years later for Hasidism. By studying the literature of this sect, readers will gain a greater understanding of Hasidic culture through their works. Discussing the common themes in the works, their origins, and their impact on society, "Imagining Holiness' is a must for anyone who wants to better understand these classical works.
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