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Igaea Launches IP Communications Services Powered by Cisco; Nashville-based IP Company Earns Cisco Powered Network Status.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 23, 2000

Igaea, a Nashville-based Internet Protocol See Internet and TCP/IP.

(networking) Internet Protocol - (IP) The network layer for the TCP/IP protocol suite widely used on Ethernet networks, defined in STD 5, RFC 791. IP is a connectionless, best-effort packet switching protocol.
 (IP) services provider, today announced it will use networking solutions from Cisco Systems “Cisco” redirects here. For other uses, see Cisco (disambiguation).
Cisco System,Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO, HKSE: 4333 ) is an American multinational corporation with 54,000 employees and annual revenue of US $28.48 billion as of 2006.
 to deliver next-generation communications services over its global IP network to individual and business retail customers. With the deployment of its new network, Igaea will become the first Cisco Powered Network provider in Tennessee. The announcements mark Igaea's entry into the global IP market as a consumer-focused VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) start-up company start-up company

A new business.

Igaea employs a worldwide network of experienced telecommunications agents and re-sellers to bring consumers on every continent long distance telephony, data and fax transmission, conference calling and other enhanced services Enhanced service is service offered over commercial carrier transmission facilities used in interstate communications, that employs computer processing applications that act on the format, content, code, protocol, or similar aspects of the subscriber's transmitted information; , including "one number follow me," unified messaging Having access to e-mail, voice mail and faxes via a common computer application or by telephone. For example, unified messaging may send faxes and digitized voice mail to a mail server that turns them into e-mail attachments.  and basic Internet access See how to access the Internet. .

"Igaea's strategic decision to work with Cisco enhances our ability to deploy a global VoIP network, shortening our time to market and accelerating our emergence as a state-of-the-art IP services provider," said Kirk Manz, chief executive officer of Igaea.

Igaea's network is based on a powerful combination of Cisco equipment including the Cisco VCO/4K open programmable switch for building a scalable, cost-effective network that supports the rapid deployment of wireline and wireless voice services; the award-winning, feature-rich Cisco AS5300/Voice Gateway for quickly and easily deploying revenue-generating voice and fax services; Cisco Access Path - VS3, a carrier class integrated voice gateway that leverages the flexibility of the Cisco Dial Access Stacking Architecture to deliver increasing density and performance; Cisco 3600 modular multiservice access platforms; and Cisco 7200 series multiservice routers.

VoIP technology enables the transmission of voice and fax over data networks, such as the Internet, by transforming the information into digitized packets and routing those packets over the network to their final destination. The packets are created, shipped and reconfigured by Cisco-built routers and gateways, providing seamless quality communications at a fraction of the cost of traditional circuit-switched networks.

"VoIP is revolutionizing the telecommunications industry," Manz said. "Using Cisco's New World products and technology, service providers now have tremendous opportunities to expand the quality and diversity of their product lines, offer both voice and data services, increase profitability and dramatically improve the speed at which personalized per·son·al·ize  
tr.v. per·son·al·ized, per·son·al·iz·ing, per·son·al·iz·es
1. To take (a general remark or characterization) in a personal manner.

2. To attribute human or personal qualities to; personify.
 services reach consumers."

"Cisco is proud to work with Igaea - a company that understands the global importance of IP technology and that shares Cisco's vision to bring value-added services A value-added service (VAS) is a telecommunications industry term for non-core services or, in short, all services beyond standard voice calls and fax transmissions.  to consumers all over the world," said Kevin Outcalt, senior director of service provider marketing for Cisco. "Igaea customers and partners can be certain that they will receive industry-leading network services built on Cisco's high-performance, reliable and secure components."

Igaea has secured a commitment from Cisco for a loan facility of up to $60 million, to be used for the integration of Cisco networking products and services into their next generation IP network. The company is currently concluding its second round of funding and will have its first IP gateways installed in New York New York, state, United States
New York, Middle Atlantic state of the United States. It is bordered by Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and the Atlantic Ocean (E), New Jersey and Pennsylvania (S), Lakes Erie and Ontario and the Canadian province of
, Los Angeles Los Angeles (lôs ăn`jələs, lŏs, ăn`jəlēz'), city (1990 pop. 3,485,398), seat of Los Angeles co., S Calif.; inc. 1850.  and Miami by the end of the summer. Within the next 24 months, Igaea plans to deploy more than 100 additional points of presence (POPs), domestically and abroad, projecting that its network will be capable of processing one billion minutes a month of VoIP traffic.

Igaea's participation in the Cisco Powered Network program will demonstrate its ability to provide industry-leading solutions and services that are based on Cisco equipment. Through the program, Igaea can take advantage of joint marketing, technology sharing and selling activities with Cisco.

"Igaea has brought together a group of people who not only understand the potential of technology, but have the marketing experience and savvy to hit the ground running with a substantial and expandable retail customer base," Manz said. "Our customers can look forward to packaged services at decreased rates - tailored to specific habits and lifestyle choices.

"Anyone can deliver bandwidth. The power of this company is its vision: the deployment of a global IP network as a platform for connecting and informing people around the world," Manz said. "This company is about people, bringing technology to people and helping them harness it for themselves. We are going to do more than just participate in the global communications marketplace, we're going to help create it."

About Igaea:

Igaea (eye-JEE-uh) is an emerging leader in IP communications A general term for networks that use the IP protocol for voice (VoIP) and video traffic. See IP telephony.  services. A certified Cisco Powered Network provider, Igaea will offer customers an extensive array of carrier grade, phone-to-phone IP products and services including long distance, fax over IP, Internet access, data transmission, prepaid pre·pay  
tr.v. pre·paid, pre·pay·ing, pre·pays
To pay or pay for beforehand.

pre·payment n.
 calling services, video conferencing See videoconferencing.

(communications) video conferencing - A discussion between two or more groups of people who are in different places but can see and hear each other using electronic communications.
, unified messaging and call-back services. For more information about Igaea, please visit:
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 23, 2000
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