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Ian D Skennerton. .577 Pattern 1853 Rifle Musket & Snider-Enfields: Parts identification lists, Patt. '53 & Snider notes, exploded parts drawings, armourers instructions, accessories and fittings.

Ian D Skennerton. .577 Pattern 1853 Rifle Musket musket: see small arms.

Muzzle-loading shoulder firearm developed in 16th-century Spain. Designed as a larger version of the harquebus, muskets were fired with matchlocks until flintlocks were developed in the 17th century; flintlocks were
 & Snider-Enfields: Parts identification lists, Part. '53 & Snider notes, exploded parts drawings, armourers instructions, accessories and fittings, Ian Skennerton Publishing, PO Box 80, Labrador Qld 4215, (07) 5594 7911,, 2005, ISBN ISBN
International Standard Book Number

ISBN International Standard Book Number

ISBN n abbr (= International Standard Book Number) → ISBN m 
 0-949749-63-X. paperback, 48 pp, 100 plus b. & w. line drawings and photos, 21 x 27 era, $11.00 plus p&p.

This is the latest publication (No 20) in the Small Arms small arms, firearms designed primarily to be carried and fired by one person and, generally, held in the hands, as distinguished from heavy arms, or artillery. Early Small Arms

The first small arms came into general use at the end of the 14th cent.
 Identification Series and is a welcome and worthy addition to the line. If there is any more information to be had on the subject from a 48-page publication, please may I have a copy?

As is normal in this series, the genealogy genealogy (jē'nēŏl`əjē, –ăl`–, jĕ–), the study of family lineage. Genealogies have existed since ancient times.  or lineage of both weapon systems is outlined with all service variations listed (7 for the Enfield and 21 for the Snider). Volunteer and extra-service patterns in their profusion are also discussed. Part of this text deals with an unexpected manufacturer, viz. the Nakku Arsenal in Nepal. The number of nations using and/or manufacturing Snider-type weapons also makes for interesting reading.

Bayonets, scabbards, and markings on metal and woodwork round out an education on the subject, while the section on stripping and assembly are for those willing to undertake tender loving care of these heritage items.

In short, the profusion of illustrations of models and component parts should leave the collector in no doubt as to what kind of Enfield muzzle muzzle

1. the part of the face supported by the maxillae and nasal bones; the part of a dog's head anterior to the stop and cheeks, containing the nasal passages and bearing the nosepad. Longer in dolichocephalics and practically nonexistent in brachycephalics.
 loader A program routine that copies a program into memory for execution.  or Snider he owns.

Syd Wigzell
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Author:Wigzell, Syd
Article Type:Book review
Date:Dec 1, 2005
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