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IT'S MISSION IMBOSSIBLE; Mullingar council to invite rock legend Bruce to his ancestral home for concert..

Byline: SARAH Sarah or Sarai: see Sara.

(flourished early 2nd millennium BC) In the Hebrew scriptures, the wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac. She was childless until age 90.

ROCK legend Bruce Springsteen has been invited to play a one-off gig in his ancestral home The Ancestral Home (Dom Ojczysty) is a political party in Poland, founded after the elections. It is a splinter of the League of Polish Families and led by Piotr Krutul.  of Mullingar.

The local council has written to The Boss to persuade him to rock his army of fans in a tiny market square - following confirmation the Co Westmeath town was home to his great-great-grandmother.

Chairwoman Ruth Illingworth said: "We had a town council meeting and we decided to extend a formal invitation to Bruce Springsteen to come to the home of his ancestral roots.

"We are hoping to send the letter His great-off this week. I was delighted to hear that Bruce Springsteen has ancestral roots here.

"His great-great grandmother spent her childhood and young adulthood here in Mullingar.

"It would be fabulous if he was to do a concert as he has plenty of fans in the town.

"So if he was to add a date in Mullingar during his next European tour, we would be delighted." Bruce is currently on tour in the US playing in New York's Madison Square Garden Coordinates:

Current arenas in the National Hockey League

Western Conference Eastern Conference
 and Giants Stadium in New Jersey over the next few weeks.

If he does make it to Mullingar, Belvedere House and Gardens Belvedere House and Gardens is a famous country house located near Mullingar, in county Westmeath, Ireland. Its gardens which include The Jealous Wall and many acres of forest, attract thousands of visitors annually for their beauty.  is being hailed as a possible venue for the gig - but Market Square is also in the ring.

Cllr Illingworth said: "There has been talk of a concert in the Market Square, though that might be a tight squeeze.

"Mullingar, like every other town in the country, has had a hard year of it. This would be a great opportunity to showcase the town."

HERITAGE A new book entitled Land Of Hope And Dreams: Celebrating 25 Years of Bruce Springsteen In Ireland discovered that Springsteen's great-great-grandmother Ann Garrity grew up in the Mullingar area and later crossed the Atlantic for a better life.

She arrived in the US in 1852 and settled in Freehold, New Jersey Freehold, New Jersey is made up of two municipalities.
  • The downtown area is Freehold Borough.
  • The surrounding area is Freehold Township.
, where Springsteen was born 60 years ago.

Author Moira Sharkey said: "This is the first time the full extent of Springsteen's Irish roots has been uncovered. Bruce's paternal lineage is made up of generation after generation of Irishmen and women.

"Springsteen has an incredible connection with Irish audiences. Perhaps this family history reveals why that connection is so strong."

Irish Mirror Comment: Page 10


SLEEPY Mullingar town centre may be tight squeeze for Verb 1. squeeze for - squeeze someone for money, information, etc.
coerce, force, hale, pressure, squeeze - to cause to do through pressure or necessity, by physical, moral or intellectual means :"She forced him to take a job in the city"; "He squeezed her for
 crowds VENUE Belvedere House Belvedere House may mean:
  • Belvedere House and Gardens, a famous country house in county Westmeath, Ireland
  • Belvedere House on Belvedere Estate, a house in Calcutta, India that housed government officials in the colonial era
 has more scope for outside concert PICTURESQUE Belvedere House overlooking Lough Lough (lŏkh, lŏk). For names of Irish lakes and inlets beginning with "Lough," see second part of element; e.g., for Lough Corrib, see Corrib, Lough. See lake.  Ennel WORKING ON A DREAM Officials are hoping Bruce Springsteen will rock Co Westmeath
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 28, 2009
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